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  • Op zoek naar goedkope vliegtickets naar Azië? 25% van onze gebruikers heeft tickets naar Azië gevonden voor de volgende prijs of minder: Vanuit Amsterdam € 450 enkele reis - € 538 retour
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Japan AirlinesGemiddelde score op basis van 4647 beoordelingen
Vliegmaatschappij beoordeling

There were about 20 people on the flight. It was like getting business-class service from the crew.

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There were about 20 people on the flight. It was like getting business-class service from the crew.

Excellent JAL!!

Voordelen: "The seat was comfortable, the food was delicious and the aircraft was clean."
Nadelen: "Boarding was awful. The staff definitely need better training at adapting with the Covid 19 situation. Especially, when it comes to unexpected occurrences regarding test certificates and sudden new regulations. Not everything is always black and white and not everyone has the same capacity to afford rebooking flights or re-testing. Treatment of foreigners in general at the LAX airport, on my flight at least, were unprofessional and inconsiderate. I generally like flying with Japan Airlines but after what I have seen and experienced personally I’m not so sure it is still one of my number one airlines to fly with anymore."
Voordelen: "The experience was really good. I’ll be using JAL again."
Nadelen: "Keep doing a good job."
Voordelen: "Seat super comfy"
Nadelen: "All okay"
Voordelen: "JAL operates with incredible efficiency."
Nadelen: "Boarding in New York could have been better organized"
Voordelen: "friendliness"
Nadelen: "food"
Voordelen: "Lots of Leg room"
Voordelen: "The crew members polite and nice."
Nadelen: "To time the food service more evenly. Left side passengers were served a meal and finished before the right side was served food."
Voordelen: "JAL services on the plane is great. Food is much better than other companies. Ice Cream after dinner is great. Flight attendants are polite and nicer than other companies. Interior of the airplane was newer and comfortable."
Nadelen: "N/A"
Voordelen: "The crew were very friendly."
Nadelen: "The entertainment selection is really small."
Nadelen: "Check in and apps stuck in 80'"
Voordelen: "Good efficiency for boarding an good in air entertainment"
Nadelen: "Delayed for an hour while already boarded"
Voordelen: "The level of care and attention that was given to my comfort during the flight was extraordinary. Also the economy was much better than any economy i've ever come to expect from other airlines."
Nadelen: "The boarding I didn't know at first where to go to get to the gate. Having to exit and then re-enter the airport was a pain and further complicated my boarding. But that was not JAL's fault and is on SFO."
Voordelen: "Sitting in my seat I felt that I had wiggle room for my feet and my arms/elbows. Usually on American flights, I feel like a sardine packed in a can. Even though I was in economy I had plenty of space and was very comfortable during 9 hour flight from BKK to Tokyo."
Voordelen: "Rebooked me because I went to wrong airport — thanks"
Nadelen: "The business meal was just okay this time. Not as good as before."
Voordelen: "Friendly and attentive staff with excellent amenities ie: check in, seat space, food quality, movies to watch, music, ...etc."
Nadelen: "Nothing to complain about here. Both trips to Tokyo, Japan--to and from Japan have been enjoyable and drama free."
Nadelen: "The crew kept accidentally bumping my chair and never apologized"
Voordelen: "Crew members on board were very attentive and offered the best service in the most polite manner. Food was great. Great options and portion for lunch. Well respected brand for ice cream was served as dessert. A wide variety of overnight snack was provided for passenger's own selection. Breakfast was great with variety of food on the tray. Personal screen was modern and provided a great variety to keep me entertain during the very long flight. Seats are unexpectedly big and very comfortable together with functional well designed pockets beside the screen, where I could put my personal items. New and clean cabin."
Nadelen: "Nothing."
Voordelen: "Lots of room, generous checked luggage policy, great airline."
Nadelen: "Nothing"
Voordelen: "Excellent service, excellent seats and comfort . Good food"
Voordelen: "Flight was comfortable enough"
Nadelen: "4 stars for food and entertainment as it was only an hour flight."
Voordelen: "Very clean and modern aircraft. Staff were friendly and attentive. They provided directions and a guide for travelers transitioning from domestic to international flights. Strongly recommend Japan Airlines."
Nadelen: "Nothing, well done."
Voordelen: "Amazing service and amazing food! For such a long flight I was extremely comfortable! Loved that the crew members kept me informed since I was spotty with Japanese they were very good!"
Nadelen: "Can't really say anything bad! It was great!"
Voordelen: "The meals. The attention to service details. The seats are better."
Nadelen: "Ticket reservation follow up."
Voordelen: "JAL is a great airline. Love flying on them. great crew. roomy and comfortable."
Voordelen: "Boarding and crew"
Nadelen: "Lost luggage"
Voordelen: "Superb services!"
Nadelen: "I don't think there's anything I didn't like during my journey"
Voordelen: "Good quality food. Between-meal snacks. Great selection of media entertainment. Convenient power available at each seat including USB right in front of you. Many handy pockets in front of you for storing various items."
Nadelen: "Little surprised that the attendants were a little difficult to understand in English. I imagined their English would be pretty good."
Nadelen: "This is a kayak feedback - I thought I bought a cathay/jal flight. Well I was out of luck when I tried to fix situation. Broker in between introduce by website made it impossible to rebook flight in practice. Those website are very practical to look for flights but unless they give you the company direct you are better off switching to company site and book it there. Broker not equipped to be of any help."
Voordelen: "Nice and quick flight, had a free space next to me on plane"
Voordelen: "I liked the overall service and professionalism."
Nadelen: "The entertainment selection was limited, it was an older system I assume as the screen was not touchscreen."
Voordelen: "Check-in was swift and painless. Crews were pleasant. They gave my daughter a small toy before take off which made her happy. The seat was noticeably wider than any other airline I had taken before."
Nadelen: "Food was so so...although my daughter liked her kids meal (tater tots, chicken nuggests, veges, jam sandwitch, fruits, ice cream.)"
Voordelen: "Very efficient boarding. Using two doors and a twin aisle plane made boarding very efficient despite the size of the plane and the number of people. Free WiFi worked surprisingly well - I was able to make a video call to my family. The plane was clean and tidy . Not really much more to say as it was a very short flight."
Nadelen: "No food offered, not even a biscuit, only very basic drink selection."
Voordelen: "The food was excellent and the stewardesses were extremely attentive and helpful."
Voordelen: "Food served was actually pretty good."
Nadelen: "Movie selection, should've had more recent releases instead of flicks from the 90's. Makes for a long flight."
Voordelen: "The flight went well and the 3 meals were interesting. The staff was professional."
Nadelen: "It's kinda hard to sleep. Some of the food could taste a bit fresher and less microwaved."
Voordelen: "The airplane and all crevices"
Nadelen: "None"
Voordelen: "The food and plum wine. The entertainment packet was nice too!"
Nadelen: "The folks coughing on the plane."
Voordelen: "Service and polite staff."
Nadelen: "Not much space between the seats for my long legs."
Voordelen: "The crew were the nicest group of flight attendants I have ever encountered. The offered assortment of snack during my flight. I got a scented warm hand towel before they service me a meal. They even use real silverware in economy"
Nadelen: "The only thing I didn't like was the temperature of the plane. It was quite hot (felt like 75 degrees inside)"
Voordelen: "Very attentive service, very comfortable seats on economy, good food, excellent attention to detail"
Voordelen: "Everything"
Nadelen: "Free Wi-Fi would be nice"
Nadelen: "Some turbulence awoke us midway through the overnight flight."
Voordelen: "JAL is the best airline I've ever flown."
Nadelen: "Food isn't to my liking but was good."
Nadelen: "too little legroom seating is designed shorter legged Japanese"
Voordelen: "Love Jan service!!!"
Nadelen: "Some crew members from Hong Kong better make more effort to improve service skills."
Voordelen: "Wonderful crew..nice plane and comfortable seats!"
Nadelen: "No inseat power or usb on the monitor"
Nadelen: "I did not fly out that night due to the covid testing needed. We bought the ticket November 11 it did not say we needed to get tested before flying When we went to check in there was a long line because a lot of people that was flying out did not know also about getting tested before flying Eva employees said that this protocol started December 1st if that’s the case why didn’t they email travelers that bought tickets before December 1st And let them know that covid19 test needed. Also at check in we were inline for 2 hours just to let us know we couldn’t fly out they should have a Monitor saying “ ATTENTION PASSENGERS IF YOU DON’T HAVE COVID-19 TEST RESULTS IN HAND YOU CANNOT A BOARD.” So that people didn’t half to stay in line for so long."
Voordelen: "Food"
Nadelen: "Seats"
Voordelen: "Crew was very friendly and plane was on time. Food was good and also had various snacks in between meals. One of the things I liked most was that they had nitenacks in the restroom."
Voordelen: "Boarding process and take off was the most efficient - truly impressive! I don’t think this had anything to do with the airline, but every flight with them was so quiet (no crying babies/children, loud adult conversations), I thought I could hear the pin drop! Their safety demonstration was uniquely done by dancer, which made it interesting to watch every time! I left my jacket on one of my flights, but they returned it to me when I boarded the next flight - I was gratefully surprised! They had complementary tooth brush/toothpaste, ear plugs and eye masks in the restrooms. I thought this was a good way to reduce passing out items not all passengers wanted. I wish all airlines could copy these amazing features from them."
Nadelen: "Their meals were underwhelming- in four flights on my trip, they were basically the same main course. The rolls with margarine, same fruit and strongly cultural seasoned vegetables that were served every time, all of which I could not eat. I have liked every airline meals and hospital food, but their food was below institutional food quality. For an Asian airline, the flight attendants were rather crude in their speech and mannerisms. I could barely hear and understand the announcements in spite the fact that passengers were extremely quiet. Their choices of movies were very poor; it seemed that 3 out of 4 flights had similar options."
Voordelen: "The quality of the ground handling is very good and the attitude is friendly! Handling things quickly"
Nadelen: "Children's meals can be changed a little more, then the amount is a little less!"
Voordelen: "There was so much good food."
Nadelen: "It was lovely to have a meal but there was no beverage service. Not even water. It may have been because of the strike."
Voordelen: "Food."
Nadelen: "The economy seat is too cramped!"
Voordelen: "I enjoyed their seafood and lactó ovo meals. There are many vegetarian options i can choose."
Voordelen: "I saw Sanrio, the character goods all over like pillows and meals, which was good for Sanrio lovers."
Voordelen: "Great service"
Nadelen: "Not much I did not like"
Voordelen: "The specifically enjoy the 1st class treatment and excellent foods served by the flight attendants. By pure coincident, a passenger fainted near me, I was able to see the professionalism displayed by the flight attendents."
Voordelen: "The 1st class treatment by the flight attendants. And the excellent meals served."
Voordelen: "The crew were nice & the flight was on time."
Nadelen: "Food was ok but I was in the Economy class. I do agree with a review that no water was served during a long flight. Drinks were served only after a meal."
Voordelen: "Crew was very kind"
Nadelen: "Food was not the greatest"
Voordelen: "Great fried fish for pre-ordered meal. Comfortable crew service for whole flight."
Voordelen: "Very helpful and very friendly. I never saw it happen in United or any American Airlines."
Voordelen: "Food served were delicious. Great customer service."
Voordelen: "Flights attendants were helpful. Washrooms were regularly checked for cleanliness."
Voordelen: "Trip was on time, food was decent, restrooms were kept clean, very friendly crew"
Nadelen: "Chairs in economy are not the most comfortable"
Voordelen: "Nothing to like about."
Voordelen: "eva airlines has the best flights and routes to Vietnam. the best cabin service clean airplanes and nice cabin attendees"
Nadelen: "united airlines China airlines"
Voordelen: "Very professional and efficient Crew as always, horrible seat comfort,"
Nadelen: "there was absolutely no room to even lay down your arm beside you. This was for the flight segment from Taiwan To Vancouver. An almost 11 hour flight. Narrow tight seat I would never ride EVA air for this segment again. Terrible !"
Voordelen: "Loading and unloading was quick and easy. There was sufficient room for our overhead luggages."
Nadelen: "There was no entertainment available. The cheeseburger was very low quality."
Voordelen: "Crew and service were great."
Nadelen: "Food to asian. Entertainment limited and to asian."
Nadelen: "Some provided movies showed no subtitles as movie setting."
Voordelen: "I love the meals, complimentary drinks and the entertainment."
Nadelen: "Not enough space to rest comfortably"
Nadelen: "Wasn't able to confirm seats ahead of time. The option to order a vegetarian meal would have been good. Wasn't able to do either of these things through kayak or eva websites and there were no option once on board."
Voordelen: "Best airline I have been on for several years and I have over 500K miles on AA."
Nadelen: "Flight attendant made my glass of water and starter fall down. She gave me a dessert extra (!) as a replacement and promised to come and clean it up and to bring a new cover. She never came. Eventually, I asked another attendant who put me in another chair and cleaned up. During the flight, NO water was distributed at all. Normally, this is done every 1-2 hours."
Voordelen: "The best I was ever treated in economy class. New equipment less than-year-old 777 300. nice flight attendants that seem to be concerned about your comfort.The food was actually decent and legroom for this 15 hour flight. American flag carriers watch out.learn from your nationalist Chinese masters"
Nadelen: "Our first leg of the trip started at JFK with a one year old 777 300, economy was 3-3-3 seating arrangement The second leg from Taipei to BKK was a 3-4-3 seating arrangement on a one month young 777 that was certainly not as desirable"
Voordelen: "Plus points: Boarding slightly late but OK once it got going. They seemed to have a reasonable drinks selection on board. Cute safety videos."
Nadelen: "Once boarded some people move around and "re-allocate" their seat. Some recline seats during the meal service and staff are reluctant to tell them off depending on their age. Food unimaginative. A321 narrow-body - only one movie on main screen (inaudible but with Chinese-only subtitles) and no seat-back TV on a 3-hour flight. Overall not so good but another flight I took, widebody (A330) service, has seat-back TV and so is more tolerable."
Voordelen: "Staffs are all very polite and well mannered"
Nadelen: "Nothing"
Voordelen: "The crew were friendly"
Nadelen: "The smell from the bathroom."
Voordelen: "helpful staff at check in in jfk airport. flights were not too crowded. only one stop to final destination."
Nadelen: "delay for more than one hour from jfk airport"
Voordelen: "When we were stranded in Manila due to a Lightning Storm and they closed the runway, EVA Air eventually gave every passenger waiting a bottle of water and snack buns! It was great! Also appreciated that they held the flight in Taipei so we could make our connection:"
Nadelen: "Very tight seats, mounted closer to wall so you couldn't really lean over and rest. Strange food listed as Western. Not food I had ever combined together....."
Voordelen: "I don't have kids, other people do. The attendants give each child a play package to keep them busy and bring out their food early to keep them from making a fuss. There's more than enough to keep adults busy; movies, games, shows, food"
Voordelen: "Seats are comfortable and the crew was friendly."
Nadelen: "No meal choice."
Nadelen: "It is not good service because they didn't have fast the declaration later"
Voordelen: "Responsive flight attendants to requests for water, drinks, snacks. Great movie selections. Clean washrooms."
Nadelen: "Online reservation has no low salt option. Congee was too salty."
Nadelen: "When checking-in online it tells you to print your boarding pass to bypass the front desk and to go to security when I got the security they told me I had to go back to the front desk I'm going back to the front desk they told me yes it's true so I don't know why they asked you not to go to the front desk. I had great customer service from the lady who check me in at the front desk and my perception of my experience change great."
Voordelen: "Liked the service and inflight movie and such"
Nadelen: "Nothing"
Voordelen: "Flight attendents were very good."
Nadelen: "The stupid Manager @ LAX wanted me to buy a additional ticket back to LAX when I was returning home to Cebu. Or she would not let me fly !!! The Immigration Cebu, said that was crazy. I even showed her my PAL LAX in Dec.I was allowed in no problem.."
Nadelen: "The seats are terribly small."
Voordelen: "Great flight and polite crew. The aircraft was clean and comfortable."
Voordelen: "Good 3 hour flight"
Voordelen: "Large selection of free movies"
Voordelen: "Comfortable."
Nadelen: "Kids should be provided with kids meals and served ahead of other passengers if possible. More choices of food would be better."
Voordelen: "The service staff really go out of their way to help."
Nadelen: "The food is alright. Equivalent to a TV dinner"
Nadelen: "It's very good. I like the flight! The price is very reasonable and the service is not bad at all!!! The lady in the airplane are very polite to the passengers and they always provide their best service and smile. It makes people feel like home and comfortable taking the flight!"
Voordelen: "Wifi !!!!"
Nadelen: "Bigger seats"
Voordelen: "Tripulación muy atenta"
Voordelen: "One of the best airlines in the world. Nothing to add here!"
Voordelen: "One of the best airlines in the world. Nothing to add here!"
Voordelen: "One of the best airlines in the world. Nothing to add here!"
Voordelen: "One of the best airlines in the world. Nothing to add here!"
Voordelen: "Too crowded"
Nadelen: "One more staff will be better"
Voordelen: "The service as usual on Qatar is excellent"
Nadelen: "2-2-2 setup is old style for business class and while the seats were nice it means either you are stuck by the window or need to move to let others out in the aisle"
Voordelen: "All crews are helpful especially to parents traveling with young kid."
Nadelen: "More variety of food would be great"
Voordelen: "Good Service.Efficient"
Nadelen: "No Phone charging facilities on back of the seat unlike other Qatar aircraft."
Voordelen: "The Crew was amazing. The Seat were the best Selling point fort business class"
Nadelen: "More space for the arm rest ans legs space"
Nadelen: "Very poor meal for vegetarians on one flight (toasted veggies on a tiny round bun)."
Voordelen: "Good service/Crew food quality and choice good."
Nadelen: "Need more choice of British TV Programmes rather than American"
Voordelen: "Everything"
Nadelen: "Non"
Voordelen: "Modern plane and great crew."
Voordelen: "Good entertainment."
Nadelen: "Very cramped seating."
Voordelen: "Good leg space, friendly crew, excellent plane."
Nadelen: "This is for ALL airlines: It takes so long to get off the plane!"
Voordelen: "Plane was very empty so it allowed us to spread out."
Nadelen: "Cabin noise was loud. There was a high pitched whine throughout the whole trip."
Voordelen: "Went out of their way to be helpful"
Voordelen: "Gave food vouchers due to extended layover. Marché food quality is average at best."
Nadelen: "Biggest problem was late arrival, missing connection. Lateness caused by them at first, then a departing passenger caused further delay. But they were late to begin with. Next problem was their REFUSAL to give me an aisle seat. I reserved an aisle seat originally, aisle seats were available when I tried to change, but agent REFUSED to accommodate me with either aisle or window. Sat in middle with huge guy next to me. Very uncomfortable. Food was mediocre on this leg. Oh, and late departing AGAIN. Will seriously look for other options on next trip."
Voordelen: "Plane was clean and modern. Staff was very courteous. An overall pleasant flight."
Voordelen: "Crew were good, food was decent"
Nadelen: "Equipment/electronics was a bit dated."
Voordelen: "Video on Demand at each seat in coach. Friendly staff. Also patient staff, what with the languages they have to cover with each flight. The airline goes everywhere so it’s impossible to say what anyone will be speaking."
Voordelen: "The visit to the lounge is always refreshing. The service at the shower area is great however policing of people using phones in the quiet zone should be enforced"
Nadelen: "The good got used a bus gate which is acceptable however this typically takes additional time if there is a connection flight"
Voordelen: "Seats were comfortable, they were aware of alternative meal requests, professional, comfortable temperature"
Nadelen: "When dropping my bag at check in counter, the employee at the counter asked, somewhat intrusively, what the extra fee I paid was for. When I told her it was for the Al Mourjan lounge in Doha, her facial response and attitude came across as judgemental, and was not appropriate"
Voordelen: "Individual service, happy and natural looking crew, comfort and company aim."
Voordelen: "The flight attendants were very friendly. On the flight, snacks and drinks were bright by every hour or so and the meals were plenty of food and tasted good. I was given a bag with eye cover, earplugs, socks, face wipes and ear phones. Entertainment was good as well. Qatar is an amazing airline. Wish we had something like this in the States!"
Voordelen: "everything went smoothly, no delays, boarding was easy and quick"
Voordelen: "All around great airline. Comfortable for super long flights and completely accommodating."
Voordelen: "Flight attendants very nice"
Nadelen: "Boarding at JFK. PHONEY wheel chair users. Saw a woman with one leg who.REALLY needed one tough it out while others were just lazy. I saw them walking after wards. They just don't want to wait in.line. Handicapped should have wheelchairs but once they have them they should wait like everyone.else"
Voordelen: "Films Service"
Nadelen: "Not enough films"
Voordelen: "Heavenly for an airplane ride!"
Voordelen: "see above"
Nadelen: "see above"
Voordelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "Crew is meek and doesn’t smile or try very hard. Flight was FULL of nasty Russian tourists. Miserable experience"
Voordelen: "Good, drinks, service and entertainment system."
Voordelen: "Although we flew economy, we received excellent service from an attendant from the Philippines."
Nadelen: "We have no complaints."
Voordelen: "i do like service in plane and at the counter no problem with baggage.all ok.thank for good service.sincerly vladimir hodan"
Voordelen: "Loved the food and entertainment."
Nadelen: "Not enough leg room and space between the chair in front."
Voordelen: "All"
Nadelen: "None"
Voordelen: "Stopover in Doha fun. The people are so friendly."
Voordelen: "Enterment"
Nadelen: "Crew nice alway take care customer"
Voordelen: "The flight attendants was nicer on this flight then the US to Doha flight"
Nadelen: "Seats were not comfortable"
Voordelen: "Could not be more impressed with the airline, absolutely would recommend to anyone!"
Voordelen: "Comfortable seat and good service"
Nadelen: "None"
Voordelen: "In-flight entertainment is excellent. Some of the grew also excellent. Had excellent seat 68d. Lots of leg room. Aircraft looked brand new."
Nadelen: "6 hour delay with no explanation. No apology. Stuck in transit with nothing to do. Not impressed at all. Boarding also delayed. Food on this flight was very poor."
Voordelen: "Nice and spacious aircraft."
Nadelen: "Some confusion on Hindu meal and vegetarian meals."
Voordelen: "Qatar airlines was awesome! Comfy seat, great headrest, lots of entertainment options and decent food all on a very short flight. Would definitely fly this airline again!"
Voordelen: "Overall, an excellent short flight. I was flying with oversize luggage (bicycle), which is offer a hassle. The ticket agent took care of it without issue, and it arrived safely. Food was OK. I would try Qatar for a long flight if the opportunity arises."
Nadelen: "Boarding was chaotic. Everyone just queued up instead of using zones, etc."
Voordelen: "The staff"
Nadelen: "I thought the flight was fine :)"
Voordelen: "Newer aircraft, good crew"
Nadelen: "Food was average. Poor movie selection"

Customer service was lacking when we missed our connection

Nadelen: "Check-in!!"
Voordelen: "The crew was nice, the food was really good, the plane was clean, and they used reusable silverware and plates to avoid waste."
Voordelen: "vegan sweeties for the kids, so nice as my daughter usually has to say no. Also swiss chocolate - so good! Our veggie meals booked hadn't gone through on the system but we were found some they had anyway - wasn't very nice though."
Voordelen: "Food was good and plentiful."
Nadelen: "There was no way for us to reserve seats with extra leg room 48 hours before the flight. Had to sit in agony for a 9 hour flight because of height"
Voordelen: "Geweldige luchtvaartmaatschappij, geweldige service!"
Voordelen: "The food was the best I've had on any airline in recent times. On the first flight it was a croissant and a swiss chocolate, on the second flight it was a hot danish pastry."
Nadelen: "The first flight was late so I was worried I'd miss my connection (however connection was delayed too so I made it). Also, I was asked to check in my bag because "the aircraft was full" however when I got on the plane I noticed it was half-empty and there would have been ample overhead room."
Voordelen: "Everything was perfect."
Voordelen: "Short flight, no entertainment. They still offer free snacks on short flights, a plus, but it was an almost frozen cheese sandwich. A Little bag of pretzels would be better. The crew was very friendly."
Nadelen: "Boarding is confusing. Bad lines, unorganized, and people pushing. They should probably come up with a better system."
Nadelen: "45min of delay due to defrosting of the wings and crowded airspace at the destintion"
Voordelen: "Flight share with another airline so we couldn’t book our seats in advance."
Nadelen: "Space is cramped. Very professional and courteous crew."
Voordelen: "Great cabin crew!"
Nadelen: "While waiting to board SFO-ZRH flight Swissair personnel walked around and randomly pulled out passengers from line to check luggage dimensions. Since manufacturers adhere to airline baggage standards, no violations were found during checks. This misguided effort only resulted in publicly humiliating Swissair customers. Boarding process was pure pandemonium...this was the first time in recent memory, where all coach passengers were invited to board at the same time! Very inefficient! Crowded seating in coach,with ten passengers sandwiched in across Boeing 767 aircraft. Competing airlines flying identical aircraft have nine across seatings Thin seat cushions cause leg cramps after a few hours."
Nadelen: "Too hot. Too late. Staff could have been more accommodating. Online checkin was impossible."
Voordelen: "Nothing about it"
Nadelen: "They didn't even take us!"
Nadelen: "carry-on baggage procedure not clear. deal with this issue upfront, not at end when cost is 3x more so Swiss can make more money this way."
Nadelen: "We didn't even make this flight."
Voordelen: "Mobile check in worked well. Onboard service is very good, with decent food and complimentary beverages including beer and wine. Seats are relatively comfortable. Extensive selection of TV and movie entertainment."
Nadelen: "Boarding was a bit helter skelter. It’s a rather annoying that selecting seats is only available for an extra fee. The A340s used on this route are getting a little on the old side, and the once state of the art in seat entertainment system has a tendency to crash frequently and require lengthy reboots."
Voordelen: "A good airline and a good flight. Lots of entertainment options."
Nadelen: "Zurich is a confusing Airport, where signs are not obvious, and the queues are poorly formed. They should improve that for sure."
Voordelen: "Loved the food, the comfort, the movies and the staff. They took EXCELLENT care of my bike, which I traveled with, and they we traveled safely to Switzerland!"
Nadelen: "Nothing. It was a quick and easy trip!"
Voordelen: "Nice breakfast treat and chocolate is always appreciated"
Nadelen: "Not a specific complaint about this flight but boarding in general is not smooth No online check-in that I could find."
Voordelen: "Comfortable flight."
Voordelen: "Fast flight and crew was amazing."
Nadelen: "Seats are terrible. Food is just ok, could me better, I remember 2012 when I was flying first time with Swiss (same route), food was excellent and seats were much more comfortable. I’m thinking to get back on Turkish Airlines although the trip is much longer, they are much better in both above mentioned segments."
Voordelen: "Very professional!"
Voordelen: "staff was very nice"
Voordelen: "Everything was great"
Nadelen: "Service was perfect Food was incredible Movies and entertainment high level"
Voordelen: "Friendly and high quality service"
Voordelen: "Swiss took care of your mistake, booked on subsequent flight."
Nadelen: "No idea a you never actually delivered a ticket. Flight over sold, Swiss had no record of the booking. KAYAK screwed up."
Voordelen: "Swiss being swiss, great service and food was quite nice."
Nadelen: "Airplane felt old, entertainment system is small and outdated."
Voordelen: "not enough room, everything hastily delivered"
Voordelen: "-"
Nadelen: "- late in arrival - 2h late in departure - lost my luggage"
Voordelen: "On time departure. Nice crew Meals were fine for airline food. Would take again."
Nadelen: "Tight connection on Zurich."
Voordelen: "Well managed flow of services, polite and helpful staff, quiet environment, good air in the cabin."
Voordelen: "Crew and people were fabulous!"
Nadelen: "LONG lines at check in. Almost missed flight even being there 90 mins early."
Voordelen: "The staff was just fabulous! Very nice and sincere. Beautiful smiles. I admired the lipstick on one and she came back and had the name of it written down for me. MAC here I come."
Nadelen: "1 hr 50'' delay"
Voordelen: "Food"
Nadelen: "Lack of screen for watching movies."
Voordelen: "They put us in a nice hotel"
Nadelen: "Flight was delayed for more than 1 hour and it was overbooked. So they put us on a united flight for today. This flight is also overbooked."
Nadelen: "In order to board we were requested to line up at gate according to seating group. And then had to wait there in line standing for almost 45 minutes before we were finally told we could proceed to board. No reason for lining up so far ahead of time....and had to stand....."
Voordelen: "Food was good. Service was attentive."
Nadelen: "The seats reclined a little too far, or the screens didn't tilt enough. End result being when the passenger in front reclines, it's hard to view the screen at a comfortable angle. This wasn't a huge problem for me, but a taller passenger would be rendered unable to watch anything on the in-seat entertaniment system if the person in front of them was reclined."
Voordelen: "I don't think I'd ever experienced such a friendly and empathetic crew."
Nadelen: "Security was a disaster in Amsterdam. Lines were long and they were checking everything - e.g. My bag had to be screened 2x because of my Kindle, which never happens. But the crew was Extremely accommodating and helpful."
Voordelen: "Vlucht was snel naar NL, maar"
Nadelen: "boarden duurt altijd zolang."
Voordelen: "Mooi vliegtuig, met alle gemakken voorzien."
Nadelen: "Helaas, helaas, heel veel turbulentie gehad."
Voordelen: "Flight attendants were polite and very nice."
Nadelen: "Flight was delayed, as a result i missed the next flight to Washington DC. My whole schedule was messed up as i had to fly through Chicago. My luggage was lost and i only received it 2 days later. Will file the complaint."
Voordelen: "The crew did a great job of handling our 2-hour delay in starting from Zurich - we were kept updated on what was happening, the aircraft was at a comfortable temperature (not too hot, not too cold), and we were given water during the wait. Also, during the flight, the crew kept coming through with more water, which was VERY NICE! Plus, the moist towels prior to landing. It makes a big difference in comfort levels for such a long flight."
Nadelen: "The on-board entertainment system was old and very clumsy to handle (with the embedded control in the arm rest). Also, it crashed on me two times and had to be re-booted, which was frustrating and took a long time every time it happened."
Voordelen: "everything, the crew, the journey, the food and the entertainment as well"
Nadelen: "-"
Nadelen: "I had a lot damaged luggage!"
Voordelen: "In general it was perfect. Chocolate from Suiss at the end of the flight is just amazing!"
Nadelen: "Because it was a long flight, we would have liked to see a bit more the staff passing around slowly, so we could have asked for water in the night. The seats were not as incredible than the first flight from Spain to Zurich."
Voordelen: "I like that this plane had more leg room then other airlines."
Voordelen: "Nothing."
Nadelen: "Communication was terrible."
Voordelen: "I like Swiss in general"
Nadelen: "Although on time for boarding, there was a long delay before take off, which made our connection very close!"
Nadelen: "They fed us expired food. Expired ice cream and expired yogurt. They could not put my wife and me together and I believe that it violates a new law passed by Senator Chuck Shummer. It made it difficult for me to get her medicine to her. On a short flight it wouldn’t matter as much. But we had to endure it for 15 hours. They only fed us two meals instead of 3. Other airlines put a sticker in front of you if you slept through the meal time."
Voordelen: "The crew was helpful and nice"
Nadelen: "Better seats and cost should be less"
Voordelen: "Yes & yes"
Voordelen: "Seat worked as designed Got some sleep Crew was helpful"
Nadelen: "Better selection of movies; too much violence, foul language, sex and nudity - a better reflection of the food life."
Nadelen: "One of the lady flight attendant in the economy class seemed to be not in a good mood and was quite rude."
Voordelen: "Crew are very kind and seat are fabulous as i was able to sleep since i dont have a seat meate :-)"
Voordelen: "Plane from Hong Kong to Chicago was full but the crew did their best to meet everyone's needs. The food was very good."
Nadelen: "Tried to check in online but the system would not allow me to submit my data. So check-in was not as smooth as it could be."
Voordelen: "Entertainment"
Nadelen: "The accommodation/attendance from the flight crews. They looked like they have just been deployed from training."
Voordelen: "They serve Baileys. I had a treble and then slept for 8 hours."
Nadelen: "I was served by the sassiest member of cabin crew. I think he thinks he’s doing us a favour by giving us such luxuries as water and food"
Nadelen: "flight delayed as always"
Voordelen: "The crew was nice but that’s about it"
Nadelen: "Maybe a 333 in economy rather than a 343 Seats were too congested. Hardly any place to move"
Nadelen: "The flight crew was courteous and very accommodating"
Voordelen: "Very professional"
Voordelen: "Seat uncomfortable even though there was plenty of leg room"
Voordelen: "Excellent service for wheelchair passengers"
Nadelen: "Turbulence"
Voordelen: "Smooth and pleasant flight with no interruptions which enabled sleep on a long overnight flight. The plane was older than on the previous flight from Melbourne to Hong Kong and was noticably short on toilets for the number of passengers."
Nadelen: "Food was mediocre in flavour and variety."
Nadelen: "The plane couldn’t take off on time. Delayed arrival at HK and our connecting flight didn’t want to wait for us."
Voordelen: "Efficient service."
Nadelen: "The sound jack on my seat was dysfunctional and the sound kept cutting out unless I had my hand on the jack for 12 hours. It was CX806 flight."
Voordelen: "The crew was polite, caring and friendly towards passengers. I had a pleasant time during the long flight. The food options were good."
Nadelen: "Cup noodles were not really a good snack idea given the fact that we were sitting in a closed environment. The smell was too much for such a long flight..."
Voordelen: "Nothing really. I am not gonna fly Cathay next time. Would like to have a wifi."
Nadelen: "The FA, no WI-Fi for a 15 hr trip."
Voordelen: "no trouble at all"
Nadelen: "would like more vegetarian food options on the flight. i didn't think to order ahead but it would have been nice if the food choices had offered more options."
Nadelen: "Traveled from London to Hong Kong. Crew was disinterested and disorganised. No snacks available in galley."
Voordelen: "Great customer service. Very attentive"
Nadelen: "Lack of room"
Voordelen: "Clean plane"
Nadelen: "Seat won't recline"
Voordelen: "What you'd expect from a Cathay flight. The abundant entertainment options was a pleasant surprise."
Nadelen: "There was quite a delay, which was a shame."
Voordelen: "professional cabin staff & food selection"
Nadelen: "middle seat because could not book in advance"
Voordelen: "2 full meals and snacks, gave you a little blanket and pillow. A lot of movies and music to choose from. Able to walk around and stretch. Most crew very helpful."
Nadelen: "Middle row every time and difficult to get out. Always out of the Asian meal choice if you weren't Asian. No one followed the directions the crew gave for boarding and crew seemed unable to fix that."
Voordelen: "Arrived 40 minutes ahead of scheduled arrival time. Food and drinks on board were above expectation compared to other airlines like KLM, China Southern. Cathay delivered a smooth and great service throughout this trip as per usual."
Voordelen: "- Crew friendly and helpful"
Nadelen: "- very uncomfortable flight - seated with someone who whined and complained the whole way - could not sleep as the person behind me snored loudly the whole night - Was sitting in the isle seat and kept getting hit in the arm every time the trolley went by"
Nadelen: "In Canton (Guangzhou) aangekomen was er een zeer lamé wachttijd bij de douane van ongeveer anderhalve uur voordat ik aan de beurt was. Dit heeft verder niets met Cathay te maken maar wel met de vluchthaven."
Voordelen: "Vriendelijkheid en flexibiliteit personeel, goeie app van Cathay en keurige aansluiting op vervolgvluxht."
Nadelen: "I lost all my bags. FIXED IT"
Voordelen: "All the Cathay staff members I dealt with were great! At the airport they were very helpful in getting me onto another flight, as my flight had been delayed, which in turn would make me miss my second flight. All the cabin crews were very friendly. I think that the people that work for Cathay make up for a lot of what Cathay lacks in other aspects."
Nadelen: "There was not enough information about the flight delays and the causes for these delays. It was a little stressful and rushed as my layover in HK was quite short. The boarding process could be a lot better if people were boarded according to rows. Food on most Cathay flights in general was pretty disappointing. It would also be great to have wi-fi on the flights. Especially considering how long some of the flights can be."
Nadelen: "Hindi movies not that many choices."
Voordelen: "Great crew. Super friendly."
Nadelen: "International flight delayed after boarding the flight.Flight connection missed. Instead of providing the accommodation, passengers got boarded into flight to Los Angeles. Again another flight to Chicago which dropped the passengers in around midnight. Had to pick them from 4 hour distance from Chicago which was planned early. overall journey was more than 36 hours. No information to the passengers until last minute. Some passengers does know English."
Voordelen: "The friendliness of the crew, noticed I woke up and served me breakfast with only 45 mins till landing.. The flight was delayed and the airline had arranged for an escort to quickly get me to my next flight without even asking"
Nadelen: "The lack of content on the entertainment system, quickly ran out of movies to watch"
Nadelen: "The cabin was very warm and uncomfortable. Water was served after 1hr of the flight"
Nadelen: "Food and crew members was awful i never had such a bad experience with any airline I would never flight with this airline anymore"
Voordelen: "Via scherm goede vlucht info. Waar je je bevond op de wereld in mooie animatie. Camera's naar voren en op de staart. Prachtig."
Nadelen: "when can CX remove those terrible sliding seats?"
Voordelen: "Veel ruimte, fijne zit, goede info waar je hè op welk moment bevind. Veel films te kijken."
Nadelen: "Niets"
Nadelen: "My Son's water bottle was emptied despite my protests that nobody at any airport has ever done such a thing. The water had even been okayed by the Hongkong airport 1st security point after we landed in HKG from Delhi. But the there was additional checking of handluggage again just before boarding and they threw away my Son's water. This is unacceptable. Also the food was not up to quality. I got practically the same food in both meals."
Voordelen: "Entertainment and food are better compared to other international flights."
Nadelen: "The flight was delayed and boarding was a bit chaotic."
Nadelen: "Boarding gate far end of airport"
Voordelen: "Great crew and nice food. Flight was a little quieter than previous which meant faster service and more space aboard."
Nadelen: "Nothing - it was a good flight."
Voordelen: "Shorter flight airplane much nicer"
Voordelen: "It was a long flight, but service was excellent."
Nadelen: "nothing to complain about"
Voordelen: "Food nice, much better than KLM. Typical great Asian service."
Nadelen: "No information as to why boarding was over 30 minutes late, even though last call was announced!"
Voordelen: "Very impressed with the quality of the entire experience."
Nadelen: "Wishing there was free wifi connect."
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