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12 aug. — 19 aug.1
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Vlucht van Amsterdam Schiphol naar Biarritz Parme
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  • Op zoek naar goedkope vliegtickets naar Biarritz? 25% van onze gebruikers heeft tickets naar Biarritz gevonden voor de volgende prijs of minder: Vanuit Eindhoven € 54 enkele reis - € 178 retour, vanuit Amsterdam € 134 enkele reis - € 323 retour
  • Het hoogseizoen is in oktober, november en december. De goedkoopst vliegmaand naar Nederland is september.
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Top 4 airlines voor vluchten naar Biarritz Parme

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SWISSGemiddelde score op basis van 9329 beoordelingen
Vliegmaatschappij beoordeling
Nadelen: "Check-in!!"
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Nadelen: "Check-in!!"
Voordelen: "The crew was friendly and helpful."
Nadelen: "The aircraft looked new. However the seat widths seemed small. Awkward recline as well. The seats were just not comfortable."
Voordelen: "Great flight"
Voordelen: "The airline is top notch and treated you great like it should be."
Nadelen: "The sears where a little tight but not bad and the movie options were ok not great."
Voordelen: "The crew was nice, the food was really good, the plane was clean, and they used reusable silverware and plates to avoid waste."
Voordelen: "The boarding process was easy"
Nadelen: "Some of the crew members were rude and inconsiderate - if you see that someone is sleeping, you don’t stand at their seat and lean on it and shake it while you’re waiting to give the security demo before take off."
Voordelen: "The crew was very professional and helpful. If you travel Business Class it is very pleasant. But if you are traveling Economy the boarding management and economy seats suck! Many people were complaining about how narrow the economy seats are on the A320/330 aircraft."
Nadelen: "Swiss has finally done it! If you are a person who is large framed, around 225 lbs or higher you will not fit into their economy seats. I'm quite athletic and not obese but large framed (ex- football player), I could not sit squarely in the seat as my hips were severely pinched. Misery :("
Voordelen: "Geweldige luchtvaartmaatschappij, geweldige service!"
Nadelen: "Flight was delayed and missed 2nd flight due to delay"
Voordelen: "The seat was much better than other airlines' economy seats. Great food and lots of it. Excellent attendants. Zurich is the best planned airport for changing to next flight. I'm going to try to use Swiss as often as I can."
Nadelen: "Free Wifi."
Voordelen: "The food was the best I've had on any airline in recent times. On the first flight it was a croissant and a swiss chocolate, on the second flight it was a hot danish pastry."
Nadelen: "The first flight was late so I was worried I'd miss my connection (however connection was delayed too so I made it). Also, I was asked to check in my bag because "the aircraft was full" however when I got on the plane I noticed it was half-empty and there would have been ample overhead room."
Voordelen: "Swiss is aways good"
Voordelen: "Short flight, no entertainment. They still offer free snacks on short flights, a plus, but it was an almost frozen cheese sandwich. A Little bag of pretzels would be better. The crew was very friendly."
Nadelen: "Boarding is confusing. Bad lines, unorganized, and people pushing. They should probably come up with a better system."
Nadelen: "45min of delay due to defrosting of the wings and crowded airspace at the destintion"
Voordelen: "Left on time"
Nadelen: "I wanted to get some work done on.y flight but I couldn't even open my laptop screen more than a few inches."
Voordelen: "Enjoyed the surprisingly good vegetarian hot meal, wine, and chocolate! (And silverware) Said to us they cared for passengers and the environment. A much better overall experience than with United!"
Nadelen: "Plane did not have a place to switch to the other aisle without disturbing passengers or crew! You need to move a tad bit on such a long flight!"
Voordelen: "nice flight"
Nadelen: "Too hot. Too late. Staff could have been more accommodating. Online checkin was impossible."
Voordelen: "Customer service excellent even though I was in the economic class they made me feel first class!"
Voordelen: "Nothing about it"
Nadelen: "They didn't even take us!"
Voordelen: "Hard working on board crew"
Nadelen: "check in procedure in Berlin: That airport is different. You drive right to the gate from which you board the plane. I showed up early and was told that I had to take by suitcase to another location if I wanted to check in 3 hours early. After lugging the suitcase a quarter of a mile, I was told that they don't do that and I had to return to the designated gate at the appropriate time."
Nadelen: "carry-on baggage procedure not clear. deal with this issue upfront, not at end when cost is 3x more so Swiss can make more money this way."
Voordelen: "Missed this flight because the first one was late"
Nadelen: "Delayed again"
Voordelen: "Friendly service and food"
Nadelen: "Older plane with no entertainment"
Voordelen: "staff was very nice"
Voordelen: "Friendly and high quality service"
Voordelen: "Swiss took care of your mistake, booked on subsequent flight."
Nadelen: "No idea a you never actually delivered a ticket. Flight over sold, Swiss had no record of the booking. KAYAK screwed up."
Nadelen: "The flight was 1:20 hours delay so it arrived at midnight to Vienna. Even they refused to accept all the cabin bags on board. Very disspointed with Swiss. I’m flying twice time a week and I never experience so frustating experience like Swiss Air"
Voordelen: "not enough room, everything hastily delivered"
Voordelen: "-"
Nadelen: "- late in arrival - 2h late in departure - lost my luggage"
Voordelen: "Loved the smoked salmon!!"
Nadelen: "No wifi or tv"
Voordelen: "Great entertainment system"
Nadelen: "Leg room space was a bit restricted compared to what I am used to"
Voordelen: "Crew and people were fabulous!"
Nadelen: "LONG lines at check in. Almost missed flight even being there 90 mins early."
Voordelen: "-Comfortable Leather seats -Snacks were delicious -Legroom (6 foot person here) -Kind Staff"
Nadelen: "-That I can't always fly Swiss"
Voordelen: "Staff was very courteous; they fed us well"
Voordelen: "Relaxed check-in"
Nadelen: "Seats"
Nadelen: "Very tight seating in economy for a transcontinental flight"
Nadelen: "1 hr 50'' delay"
Voordelen: "It was an uneventful trip, which is what you want in a trip by air. Boarding was easy, seats are pretty comfortable, staff friendly and helpful."
Voordelen: "Nice staff"
Nadelen: "Old business class, old enterior, cabin too hot, seat uncomfortable due to permanent deflation of cushion."
Voordelen: "They put us in a nice hotel"
Nadelen: "Flight was delayed for more than 1 hour and it was overbooked. So they put us on a united flight for today. This flight is also overbooked."
Voordelen: "The quiches are so yummy, and very compact and easy."
Voordelen: "On time"
Nadelen: "The airport at Vienna airport checked my hand luggage (and many others as well) on a scale. My was ok and I got a red tape stating that it was checked. At check in it was checked again. I have a very small roll on that I specifically bought for flying in Europe. I never had that in the US."
Voordelen: "crew very excellent- thai curry vegetables, snacks. the flight arrived ahead of schedule despite slight delay. I appreciated that this was Swiss operated so no charge for skis, boots and poles."
Nadelen: "Not sure why loading is not by aisles, seems not that efficient"
Voordelen: "I don't think I'd ever experienced such a friendly and empathetic crew."
Nadelen: "Security was a disaster in Amsterdam. Lines were long and they were checking everything - e.g. My bag had to be screened 2x because of my Kindle, which never happens. But the crew was Extremely accommodating and helpful."
Voordelen: "Vlucht was snel naar NL, maar"
Nadelen: "boarden duurt altijd zolang."
Voordelen: "Mooi vliegtuig, met alle gemakken voorzien."
Nadelen: "Helaas, helaas, heel veel turbulentie gehad."
Voordelen: "What I liked is that they didn't really focus on the weight I had little more weight and they didn't really make an issue for me"
Nadelen: "Geneva airport is so busy on the weekend I had to stay in the line for 20 minutes it's a little annoying"
Voordelen: "Plane was held for us for the late arrival of a previous flight. Extremely professional crew."
Nadelen: "Entertainment system fairly dated."

too hot and too tight, no even small cup of water.


it was exelent

Voordelen: "It was a very nice, standard flight. Nothing remarkable good or bad."
Voordelen: "The was not confortable"
Nadelen: "Having more entertaiment"
Voordelen: "On time"
Nadelen: "Seats and legroom"
Nadelen: "Transa ia could start by respecting the law and actually enforcing car seats for small children instead of forbidding families to take their car seats in their airplanes."
Nadelen: "Baggage claim was nearly one hour long"
Nadelen: "The flight was delayed more than 30 minutes and it took the crew too long to address the issue. It left the passengers wondering what was going on. While we waited the air conditioner did not work and we were left in intense heat. I still don’t know the reason why the flight was delayed because it ."
Nadelen: "Not even water is offered to people"
Voordelen: "Seats and plane looked a little bit run-down definitely on the lower budget of airline brands."
Voordelen: "Quick and convenient"
Nadelen: "Delays are always an issue"
Nadelen: "Limited seating online Made you stand in long checking line 2.50 for a cup of Nescafé"
Voordelen: "Everything was fine"
Nadelen: "No problems"
Voordelen: "Not full flight"
Nadelen: "Norwegian nickle and dimes everything seats, foods, luggage entertainment non existent"
Voordelen: "We departed on time It was cheap to check a bag"
Nadelen: "No one in orly is here to communicate with passengers. Neither airline ground personnel nor airport staff"
Voordelen: "The crew were very nice"
Nadelen: "Uncomfortable, no entertainment, have to pay for everything, arrived late, bathroom smelled like pee"
Voordelen: "All went well with no interference."
Nadelen: "The boarding and bad experience at the departing gate was unprecedented!!! I am a gold & platinum traveler, due to millions of mileage flown for over 40 years. This experience that I experienced at the departing gate was unprecedented, worse than the worse charter flight from a third world country decades ago!!! Apparently Transavia has "Sky Serv" employees doing their departing gate work, and they are the worse I have encountered in my life. Rude, irresponsible, talking back to customers when they dared ask them a question, not caring about anything let alone the comfort of the customers, or advising them of status of departure. As a result, they allowed a line to form for boarding, with all the relevant shoving and pushing, including older people standing and being pushed in line, as the Shy Serv employee went behind the departure desk and THE TIME OF DEPARTURE HAD COME, so it was natural for all to stand up in line thinking they will board, while the ARRIVING PLANE HAD NOT EVEN ARRIVED. And when I realized that (also in line) I asked the Sky Serv employee who appeared as the supervisor, why are they not telling the people that so they can sit down, the answer was "we didn't tell them to stand up"!!! When I told them that I thought it was just considerate to do that, he was joined in defence by his colleagues saying "no-one told you or anybody else to stand up, you and they did". As if this was not enough, when finally the plane came, people debarked, and plane was made ready to board, we were asked to board, only to stop us on the middle of the the boarding bridge and stand there for 15 minutes with no one to tell us anything, until a member of the plane crew came out to advise us of the delay and allow us to proceed to the plane. NEVER AGAIN WILL I FLY TRANSAVIA, or any airline that has "Sky Serv" as it's ground handlers!!!!"
Nadelen: "Free tea & coffee would be ideal"
Voordelen: "The crew was personable. Flight was on time."
Nadelen: "Boarding at Orly airport was unorganized and cluttered. Flight was delayed (took too long to depart)."
Voordelen: "Everyone was happy trip went great price aircraft clean crew nice!"
Voordelen: "very nice crew"
Nadelen: "no pre-checkin on my return flight"
Voordelen: "I was stranded in Budapest due to weather and was thrilled to find this flight for same day travel, a few hours later and have a decent price!"
Nadelen: "I liked it all!"
Voordelen: "Cheap ticket"
Nadelen: "Not even complimentary tap water offered. Horrific boarding method and rude staff shouting at people who were waiting patiently. Very likely they will take your carryon even if you comply with requirements, but after you go through the process of security, which is irritating. If they need space they should offer upon check in."
Voordelen: "great crew and exellent service"
Voordelen: "Cheap. Gets you from one stop to the next."
Nadelen: "Took forever to check in. I know they were under strike at that time but then after waiting for so long and just making our flight, they sent my luggage to Seville Spain. It took 3 full days for me to get my luggage. I contacted via Facebook and email and basically just got the response of I have to wait until it arrives at the airport and the best advice they could give was to call the Seville airport. I mentioned multiple times in my email and message that I did not have phone service. I showed up to the airport everyday to see if it made it in finally it did on day 3. It wasn’t until 5 days later that they even contacted me to say it had arrived but I had already picked it up. Very disappointing."
Voordelen: "Plane comfort was normal to good."
Nadelen: "Boarding staff at Orly was disgustingly rude."
Voordelen: "That I could finally land in Madrid, actually a quick flight!"
Nadelen: "The delay in the flight, a mess at the time of boarding the plane, just terrible!"
Nadelen: "1 hour delay."
Nadelen: "Nacing."
Voordelen: "Overall good experience. Simple flight. Staff at ORY we’re noce and helpful (I had read negative reviews on them. None of them proven right in this flight)."
Nadelen: "Despite hold baggage was within allowed measures, it was sent as checked baggage (for free). But, to be fair, they do warn you in advance about this."
Voordelen: "Terrible experience. From sub par USA style security lines to delays, poor boarding.... Gong show."
Nadelen: "See above"
Voordelen: "We were sent to Kiwi booking to complete the ticket booking. Flight was canceled due to strike but we weren’t informed this till at the airport. This is likely because airline only has Kiwi contact info and never reached to us. Kiwi also didn’t inform us. We were stuck at airport for 6 hours trying to contact airline. Phone can’t be reached. We talked ied WhatsApp Facebook tweeter. All takes like one hour to get response. In the end flights can’t be rescheduled we had to book new flights ourselves and find hotel to stay. They won’t cover for hotel either. The flights refund is now funded to Kiwi which we also need to find time to argue with Kiwi to get back. DOnt know how long that may take. The overall experience has been terrible"
Nadelen: "Transavia should have more capacity to hold customers requests. The representative from Transavia at airport provide absolutely no help. Just told us to WhatsApp Transavia. If that’s the approach then more people should be there responding WhatsApp comments not like no response within one hour. Kiwi is of no help as well. If flights get canceled agents should provide us updates as well. When we contacted kiwi in the airport Kiwi even denied flight cancel."
Nadelen: "Crew were very rude"
Voordelen: "Gets the job done. Quick flight, well managed. Crew members were nice."
Nadelen: "The plane looked worn. There's nothing else but a seat. Obviously no food or anything."
Nadelen: "I did'' that we have to pay for have water to drink !"
Nadelen: "water is not complimentary"
Nadelen: "Poor attitude from ground service at the boarding gate"
Voordelen: "Quick boarding comfortable"
Nadelen: "Flight was delayed by 4 hours and we were informed about the delay until 20 mins before boarding. The service was all round horrible"
Voordelen: "Cheap"
Nadelen: "Awful customer service, no way to handle issues or problems. Their website had a glitch that didn't allow us to pay ahead of time for checked luggage. Calling them didn't help as the call center has no ability to change anything on your booking. At the kiosk they charged us double to check our bags because that's just how that works, even though their website ate our credit card information and didn't give us an ability to pay for luggage before check in online. The whole experience has made me decide to never use them ever again."
Voordelen: "Staff in the plane and food options"
Nadelen: "The major slowness and inefficiency to board and the major delays. Trapped in te plane when they would clearly know that the destination airport would not receive the plane late because of the airport space limitations."
Voordelen: "Lines and delays and shuttles and more delays."
Voordelen: "The crew was helpful and happy to ask any questions we had when not all announcements came through in English, so we couldn't quite understand them."
Nadelen: "The check in process was very slow and we spent almost an hour waiting in line. We boarded on time, but then sat on the plane for over an hour because of technical issues. I would rather wait in the airport during those issues, as there is more room to stretch and move about."
Voordelen: "EAsy boarding, staff, comfort, cleanliness, everything."
Nadelen: "Everything was good."
Voordelen: "Nice surprise. I like this airline"
Voordelen: "Boarding was quick and efficient"
Nadelen: "Carry on baggage allowance - I had a tiny backpack and purse and wasn't able to bring both"
Voordelen: "Leather seats and plenty of leg room. Flight was on time."
Voordelen: "Everything except ridiculous baggage fee"
Nadelen: "The fee to pay when I was forced to check-in a carry on size small piece of luggage. 52 euros is a bit insane. I do not mind paying a fee, but that amount is insane"
Nadelen: "long delays"
Nadelen: "The crew could have shown up on time."
Voordelen: "Seats were comfortable."
Nadelen: "Online layout of the plane is deceiving. The plane isn't separated into classes is just a standard set up throughout the plane. Also the more leg room seats that your party for is almost not worth it as the additional leg room wasn't even noticeable. Again the layout of the plane was standard."
Nadelen: "Vertraging"
Voordelen: "Mijn 7 jarige zoon zat in zijn eentje. Bizar dat Easyjet niet automatisch gezinnen bij elkaar zet. Vrouw en dochter op rij 1, zoon en vader op 21 en 22. Echt not nooit zo’n slechte ervaring gehad op een vlucht"
Nadelen: "30 minute delay"
Nadelen: "We stayed a bit long in the plane before takeoff, very long walk after check out the plane toward the imagination, too long time for the baggage to come out, my bag was broken. Over all bad experience"
Voordelen: "Nice crew"
Nadelen: "45 minute delay"
Voordelen: "We zijn op tijd vertrokken, het was een vlotte vlucht (3u45)"
Nadelen: "Er zijn geen dingen die ik vervelend vond, al zou ik het als EasyJet Plus lid wel fijn vinden om ook tijdens de vlucht iets van mijn lidmaatschap te merken, zoals bijvoorbeeld een gratis blikje fris, nootjes o.i.d."
Voordelen: "Fast flight"
Nadelen: "Standing around 30 minutes in gate before boarding."
Nadelen: "Male flight attendant on Easyjet physically hurt me, invading my personal space multiple times and touching me while I slept. Under NO circumstances is it appropriate for flight attendants to physically jab at passengers, especially given the power imbalance in this case of a white male flight attendants being physically inappropriate with women of color passengers. I will not be flying with Easyjet again and will tell everyone I know of my experience with Easyjet's physically invasive, inappropriate staff."
Voordelen: "Aardige man die hielp bij aanschaffen van een horloge. Top dat jullie dit zo doen, zo snel en makkelijk feedback vragen. Heeft indruk gemaakt."
Nadelen: "An hour late without excuses and a 50 min wait for the luggage. Ridiculous!"
Voordelen: "Niks. Kost weinig, je krijgt nog veel minder. Toch?"
Nadelen: "De automatische stoeltoewijzing is klantje pesten. Heb je samen geboekt wordt je uit elkaar gehaald. Niet omdat er geen plek is, maar gewoon omdat het kan. Pesterij. Boarden: je word zo snel mogelijk de gate in geveegd en dan mag je daar wachten tot het blijkbaar echt nodig was dat je er was."
Voordelen: "The plane was ok."
Nadelen: "To start we were told by the check in agent that our carry on luggage would be fine, but then at the gate we were told that our luggage was to big for the overhead bins. We were charged an extra 94 euros so like $120 USD. We get on the plane and people were putting away carry on luggage that were a lot bigger than what we had. I am sure it was because we were Americans.. This was the first and last time I fly with this airline..."
Voordelen: "Easy boarding. I like having to wait in lounge and they tell you which gate to go to board."
Nadelen: "Nothing just know 1 bag only carry on. Pay for anything more. 1 bag means purse daypack etc."
Voordelen: "Only crew was good, everything else was horrible"
Nadelen: "Dirty plain, delay"
Voordelen: "Boarding was quick and efficient. Flight left on time. Arrived early. What's not to like?"
Nadelen: "Nuthin'."
Nadelen: "One hour delay"
Voordelen: "That I could buy a ticket on the day (EasyJet said they were sold out at the desk but Kayak had one online - well done Kayak)."
Nadelen: "The queue to check in that was caused partly by weighing cases for the cargo hold and trying to charge extra at a higher 'desk rate' forcing people to either pay the desk rate or open their bags and transfer stuff to their carry on bag. The lack of room for carry on bags, requiring that some bags be transferred to the hold (caused by the above 'luggage transferring fiasco). The two people at the desk with a queue of hundreds waiting to check in. The one hour delay in the flight. The marathon walk to the other end of the airport to board the plane."
Voordelen: "nothing"
Nadelen: "The plane had a hole in the wing. we sat for an hour on our sits till we got an engineer to look at it and put sticky tape. It was very stressfull flight. we couldnt go to the toilets while we were sitting on the tarmac for 1 hr"
Voordelen: "Fought was in time and the boarding process occurred quickly."
Nadelen: "I'm not a fan of queuing for the plane after the entry gate. But at least no additional bus was needed to get to the plane on the tarmack"
Voordelen: "Usual practical easyJet service."
Nadelen: "Long queue for passport control in Basel. What's going on with that?"
Nadelen: "No notice of delayed flight, food was rushed and plane very dated"
Nadelen: "Flight 1.5 hour delay"
Nadelen: "Veel turbulentie, en vreemd dat ze voetbalsupporters toelaten met blikken bier in de gate"
Voordelen: "vlucht en alles wat daarbij hoort prima"
Nadelen: "jammer dat link van Kayak niet werkte"
Nadelen: "late departure"
Nadelen: "Ik moest rennen naar de gate omdat de schermen te laat waren. Er waren meer reizigers die onvriendelijk gewezen werden op het feit dat ze “te laat” waren."
Voordelen: "I like the ease of this airline"
Nadelen: "Schiphol is eigenlijk te groot. Alles kost veel tijd. Vlucht was half uur te laat"
Nadelen: "Bus ticket sold on plane was quite restrictive and left every 50-60min not every hour as stated onboard."
Voordelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "I received a flight delay notification saying that my flight is delayed by 37 minutes. But I still did arrive airport 2 hours before my flight, checked bag On time and went through security clearance 1.5 hrs before. The gate number was not assigned and later I found out that my flight took off on time. So I had to come out by front desk and rebook the flight to different airport which cost my extra taxi fare half day and too much Hassel. Never ever flying again in easy jet."
Nadelen: "Their check in system is not clear.. We have a reservation for 2 passengers, and in the system I paid for an extra luggage... considering the price I paid I didnt realize that that was only an extra piece only for one passenger, so we had to pay 57 euros for the additional piece of the second passenger at the counter... considering the total ticket for 2 passenger was 120 euros, that increased the total price for almost 50%... Not even in Mexico the ticket for these kind of low budget airlines are so confuse and "tricky"."
Voordelen: "Nothing special to mention"
Nadelen: "No luggage room above our head, we had to leave our luggage somewhere else far from our seats and the crew should help us promptly to get those luggage back but no, we had to get it ourselves and had to wait till the very end after all the other passengers have already got off the plane. Not fair on us when we were sat next to exit but had to anxiously wait. Shame!"
Nadelen: "Easyjet behandeld je als vee. Je hebt als passagiers niets te vertellen en als je protesteert beroept het personeel zich op policy. Handbagage is zo'n policy. Elke keer moet je je handbagage achterlaten bij de trap en als je dan in het vliegtuig komt zie je overal lege vakken."
Voordelen: "Fares were very low, boarding was smooth, several seats were empty."
Nadelen: "We were told that we could only carry on one item, unless we upgraded to Easyjet plus, but we were not able to upgrade because no seats were available, even though the plane was only ~2/3 full. Our 'extra' items were a knitting bag and a laptop bag, but the checkin agents persuaded us that we would need to check the carry ons anyway, which slowed our departure enough that we missed our bus and had to get a taxi (for 200 pounds). Our flight had plenty of empty seats, and there was more than enough room for us to have had our carryons and personal items (which I would have been willing to pay the upgrade fee for, as the total price would still have been competitive."
Voordelen: "Staff were pleasant, eager to help, efficient. Flight arrived early."
Nadelen: "A long time standing waiting for boarding - no seats."
Voordelen: "The prompt staff"
Nadelen: "It was SO hot and when you're cramped like that, the temperature can make you panic a little bit. Did not get cooler in the air, and they made you pay for drinks!!! Even water! Nothing "easy" about this jet."
Voordelen: "The allocated seating system avoids having to rush onboard to claim your seat. In the past it became quite chaotic when boarding the plane."
Nadelen: "The long wait to board our plane especially when it was so hot and clammy."
Voordelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "2 hours delayed"
Voordelen: "The online booking & check in saved time. Process from baggage check in to boarding were smooth & hassle-free. That's what I need for a short flight. Will recommend to my brother when he & his wife travel to Europe end of this year"
Nadelen: "No time so approached the counter staff at the airport about baggage hold, info provided was not complete. Luckily found some time to double check online, saved €€€ on baggage hold. Also, pls ignore rating on the food & entertainment, there were none. Overall, experience good enough for my short flight."
Voordelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "Flight due at 1550. At 1500 boards said now boarding. The plane hadn't even landed! Kept waiting over an hour in airless crowded room with no seats. Silly notices about wonderful easyJet service on screen added to insult. Eventually took off 1625. Crew said sorry for 10 minute delay - actually 35 minutes."
Nadelen: "Drink /food trolley didn't make it to row 18 during the flight"
Voordelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "Why the crew disnt tell us at the check in desk that we are not allowed to bring ladies hand baggage. If they told us at the first place. We could put our stuffs in our luggage. Does easy jet try to earn more money???!??"
Nadelen: "There's no lifts to board the planes. So with your on-board luggage, a buggy and a baby it is really hard with the stairs and there's no one around to help"
Voordelen: "The service in the same day I bought the tickets was great. Extended my trip in 1 day with no additional cost."
Nadelen: "The cost of luggage is ridiculous and evan once i was told that doing ut throgh the website wil cost me much less (reasonable 30€) i didnt find how i could do it. anded up paying x3 fir the luggage making all that low-cost pretty expensive all together. I dont like being hoaxed."
Voordelen: "The flight was very late over an hour late and as a results I have to take taxi from schipol airport to Amersfoort which cost me a lot"

Niets is leuk aan Ryanair en alles kan veel beter. Anderhalf uur vertraging terwijl we al in het vliegtuig zaten. Glaasje water?! Ryanair geeft niets weg, ook geen glaasje water bij een lange vertraging. Dit was eens maar nooit meer Ryanair

I like the whole process very convenient.

Het instappen, prioriteit is niet echt prioriteit bij inchecken

Nadelen: "They Said I can t fly . Wtf !"
Voordelen: "Vriendelijk personeel"
Nadelen: "Wisselen van gate net voor instappen. Kleine chaos. En lang buiten moeten staan wachten omdat vliegtuig nog niet geland wad. Je betasld voir priority en dan is meer dan 40 minuten buiten in kou te STAAN geen service"
Voordelen: "Fast flight with no issues"
Nadelen: "Check In- as the airport was so busy, I nearly missed my flight due to queuing in lines for long times and poor communication form airport staff as to priority boarding etc"
Nadelen: "Travelers need to be informed better about Ryanair's baggage restrictions."
Voordelen: "Destroyed one of our suitcases after charging us 50 to carry it. Baggage people were less than helpful. Will avoid them in the future"
Voordelen: "Trip went well easy check in Know problems"
Nadelen: "The stay was too short would like to have had more time in Copenhagen"
Voordelen: "Leuke crew."
Nadelen: "Doordat iedereen in een soort ‘corridor’ terecht komt, na het boarden is er nauwelijks meer priority-gevoel ;-)"
Nadelen: "Entertainment niet aanwezig."
Voordelen: "Once departed, the flight was about as average as any Ryanair flight can get. Crew were friendly and apologised on numerous occasions for the delay, and on arrival deboarding and getting to the terminal was swift and had no delay."
Nadelen: "Ground Crew Blue Handling was trialling a 'new process' of boarding & luggage handling which went into action the day I flew April 26th. This resulted in a passenger boarding the wrong flight and bags loaded onto the wrong plane. This led to a 40-minute delay in departure while they sorted this out."
Nadelen: "Half uur later vertrokken zonder mededeling"
Voordelen: "Snelle boarding en zeer rustig bevolkte vlucht"
Nadelen: "Bewust stoelen ver van elkaar geven als je niet bij betaalt. Na we vroegen of er mogelijkheid was om toch bij elkaar te zitten bij check in, kregen we antwoord van niet. Eenmaal id vlucht bleek 1/3e Vd vlucht leeg. Passagiers zijn dan zelf gewoon gaan schuiven met hun stoelen om toch per 2 te zitten"
Voordelen: "Zitplaats was oké"
Nadelen: "Lang wachten, onvriendelijk"
Voordelen: "De prijs, maar zelfs die was nog hoog voor wat ik er voor terug kreeg."
Nadelen: "Chagerijnig personeel, heel kortaf en onduidelijk! In de vlucht had ik weinig ruimte en alles was helemaal volgepropt met tassen."
Voordelen: "Vond weinig echt leuk. Personeel was aardig."
Nadelen: "Kon niet betalen met ABN kaart"
Nadelen: "Heenvlucht zat er bagage bij terugvlucht niet...vast en zeker hele kleine lettertjes niet gelezen..Dus ergens mijn fout, maar wist niet dat je voor beide reizen moest boeken als je tegelijk een retour boekt. Dus misschien beter aangeven!!! Want 60 euro weer extra bijbetalen is geen fijne terugkomst!"
Voordelen: "Flight was on time."
Nadelen: "Flight to Amsterdam no mention of requiring the passport stamp on the flight ticket was mentioned. On the way back to Dublin the crew member that checked me in informed me of this requirement and I thought she was potentially going to send me back to get it at customs. My husband who had a different crew member check him him, made no mention of the requirement."
Voordelen: "Quick on-time departure. Friendly crew and a spanking new aircraft."
Nadelen: "Paid for baggage and Ryanair lost my bag. No one really seemed to bothered by it, either. Was told to file a claim in 3-4 days."
Nadelen: "wederom vertraging"
Nadelen: "2 x geboekt met ryanair en 2 maal met veel vertraging"
Nadelen: "Die low cost is geen low cost meer als je een stoel moet betalen, priority moet betalen of je koffer vliegt in de ruimte onder vliegtuig en als je maar 10kg gratis mag meenemen voor 3 weken is dat pauver. Dus de volgende keer gewone lijn vlucht even duur meer confort."
Voordelen: "crew was as helpful as they could be"
Nadelen: "not having an assigned seat having to wait in line and wasnt able to board til everyone else boarded, wasnt sure i had a seat for over an hour"
Nadelen: "Door stakingen zaten we meer dan 5h vast aan de luchthaven. Niemand wist van iets, het was chaos. Een duidelijke communicatie had leuk geweest, niet alleen voor ons maar ook voor het personeel van Ryanair zelf"
Voordelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "Everything"
Nadelen: "There’s nowhere to put anything. Usually there’s a pouch to put your stuff in. That would be helpful."
Nadelen: "De bagage normen"
Voordelen: "Eigenlijk niets speciaals was leuk."
Nadelen: "Dat we een uur vertraging hadden voor we vertrokken, en er voor, tijdens en na de vlucht niets over gezegd is. Pas na landen bleek door op te zoeken op internet dat het aan de Franse Verkeersleiders lag. WAAROM VERTELLEN ZE DAT NIET!"
Nadelen: "Veel onduidelijk bij het afgeven van de bagage! Bleek dan dat ik maar alleen voor de heen vlucht de bagage betaald had en moest opnieuw naar de balie en nogmaals 50 euro betalen voor de koffer. Dus in totaal 100 euro voor het transport van 1 koffer van 17 kg en dat vind ik overdreven! Bovendien vond het personeel onvriendelijk hij de incheck!"
Voordelen: "niets"
Nadelen: "iets meer dan een uur vertraging, waardoor ik meer eten en drinken moet kopen voor mn vrouw en ik. het verblijf op een luchthaven is erg duur zoals u wel weet. daarna was de snelweg naar Tilburg ook erg druk omdat we te laat waren zaten we in de avondspits!! tevens waren alle vloeistoffen ingenomen, omdat het niet duidelijk was aangegeven dat de kleine koffers als cabinebagage werd beschouwd en wel in het ruim gingen, ook deze kosten hebben we moeten maken. erg slecht"
Voordelen: "We arrived alive"
Nadelen: "Checking in was torture. It was the airline version of "The Trial" with a Dutch Twist (no one in charge). Luckily (?) the plane turned out to be 45 minutes late, so the eternity it took to have the rookie who finally showed up to look blankly at her computer screen, apprently hoping it would receive Divine instructions on how to work her way through the ONE PERSON in line in front of us, in order to stamp our pre-printed boarding passes did not cause us to miss the last flight of the day from Amsterdam to Dublin. Now lets talk about the torture device that Ryanair uses as a passenger seat. . ."
Nadelen: "Een uur vertraging en tergend kang wachten in een rij"
Voordelen: "Het boarden verliep vlot en georganiseerd in Malpensa!! Hierin slagen velen helemaal niet. Vroegtijdig geland!"
Voordelen: "Snel en veilig"
Nadelen: "Alles ok"
Nadelen: "De vlucht was een uur te laat waardoor ik mijn aansluiting heb gemist en uiteindelijk 3 uur te laat op mijn bestemming aankom! Ik ga een klacht indienen bij Ryanair. Daarnaast was mijn koffer kleiner dan anderen in het vliegtuig en werd die van mij als enige in het ruim geplaatst. Je gaat mij niet wijs maken dat iedereen prioriteit tickets heeft gekocht."
Voordelen: "Prima vlucht. Geen extra’s maar dat kan ook niet voor doe prijs."
Nadelen: "We bought our tickets online, and even had the Ryan Air mobile app, yet still SOL. When we arrive at departure airport no mobile bording pass option (for our tickets), no kiosk for printing. Ling line to pay 50 quid for tucket printing, lol."
Nadelen: "Door omstandigheden zijn wij niet geweest"
Nadelen: "Wij zijn uren met Ryanair Bezig geweest om de tenaamstelling op de tickets te herstellen. Het tussenvoegsel in de naam is niet meegekomen in de boeking. Ik ben hier zeer ontevreden over en kon niemand van Kayak bellen. Wij kwamen er pas zaterdag na het inchecken achter! Lag niet aan Ryanair."
Voordelen: "Punctueel"
Nadelen: "Stoelen staan erg dicht op elkaar"
Voordelen: "Ryan Air deed de complete Europese luchtvaart instorten met efficient vliegen maar van efficient boarden hebben ze geen benul. Ook hier is nog grote winst te behalen. Elk vliegtuig 15 minuten korten aan de grond, reken uit de winst voor Ryan en dan toegenomen vlieg plezier voor hun reizigers."
Voordelen: "Comfortable seats and cabin for a short flight and friendly crew"
Voordelen: "Mooi helder weer, snelle afhandeling van de bagage."
Nadelen: "Boarden duurde lang. Onduidelijk waarom 30 minuten vertraging optrad. Veel mensen boeken priority, waardoor dit alleen kostenverhogend werkt en niets meer toevoegd als iedereen het heeft."
Voordelen: "Goedf op tijd"
Nadelen: "Spijtig dat we als koppel niet naast elkaar zaten. Er was nochtans nog een vrije plaats naast mezelf!"
Voordelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "Added way to many costs for EVERYTHING. We were the only ones in line to check a bag and it took 30 minutes to do so because the computers needed to be turned on. The seats were uncomfortable and felt unclean. And we think it was absurd to pay to sit with someone you book a flight with."
Voordelen: "Snel en efficient"
Nadelen: "Rommelige instapprocedure"
Voordelen: "Seat was surprisingly comfortable, even with me being 6'0. Legs had a little room to spread out."
Nadelen: "No free drink. The flight was delayed by 15 minutes, and the board didn't update on boarding time until the plane got there. First time flying ryanair, so I didn't want to leave to get a drink. Ended up paying a few euro's because I was so thirsty on the flight."
Voordelen: "We got to the airport three hours prior to our flight and hey didn’t even have the check in counter open. They only do it an hour prior. So we had to sit there and just wait. Then they do not provide gate number until about it 20 mins before boarding. It’s saves you some peace of mind purchasing priority but the seats are cramped and I just found it to be a blah experience"
Voordelen: "Stewardess die plezier in haar werk had bij het verkopen van een beker soep. Goede humor."
Nadelen: "Ik zat bij de nooduitgang. Normaal wordt je voor het vliegen geïnstrueerd voor wat je moet doen in een noodsituatie. Minimaal wordt je gevraagd om de instructies door te nemen. Zowel op de heen als de terugvlucht is dat door geen van het cabine personeel gedaan."

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