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Vlucht van Amsterdam naar New Delhi
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  • Op zoek naar een goedkope vlucht? 25% van onze gebruikers heeft vluchten voor deze route gevonden voor € 914 of minder voor een retour.
  • De goedkoopste vlucht vanaf Amsterdam naar New Delhi werd gemiddeld 87 dagen voor vertrek gevonden.
  • Boek minstens 7 weken voor vertrek als je een ticket voor minder dan de gemiddelde prijs wilt boeken.
  • Het hoogseizoen is in juni, juli en augustus. De goedkoopste vliegmaand is september.
  • Een ochtendvlucht is gemiddeld* 30% duurder dan een avondvlucht.
  • Vanuit Amsterdam reis je eenvoudig met de trein naar Schiphol (AMS). Uiteraard vanaf het Amsterdam Centraal Station, maar Schiphol is ook goed te bereiken vanaf Amsterdam-Zuid en station Sloterdijk. Met de trein ben je ongeveer 15 tot 20 minuten onderweg van deze stations naar het vliegveld.
  • Schiphol Airport heeft tegenwoordig de beschikking heeft over de nieuwste CT-scan technologie. Zo wordt de securitycheck een stuk makkelijker, want je hoeft niet meer alle handbagage eruit te halen voor controle. Zo kunnen vloeistoffen en elektronica gewoon in je handbagage blijven zitten.
  • Vanaf Schiphol airport vliegen er vliegmaatschappijen rechtstreeks naar New Dehli (DEL). Met name KLM. Direct vliegen is heel prettig, maar een vlucht met overstap scheelt ook geld. British Airways vliegt met een tussenstop in Londen en IndiGo stopt in Istanboel.
*Het gemiddelde van de laagste prijzen in de zoekresultaten van KAYAK, voor een vertrek binnen de komende 30 dagen.

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SWISSGemiddelde score op basis van 8951 beoordelingen
Vliegmaatschappij beoordeling
Nadelen: "I fell sick and my doctor advised against flying. Tried calling Swiss Air and 6 calls back and forth and 7 hours on hold, no help. Finally got advised on driving to the airport to make the flight change at the Swiss Air counter at O’Hare. The representative told me to bring a note from doctor to switch flights. I did the next day. The same representative looked me in the eye after advising the day before and said there’s nothing she could do. Why make an elderly sick person drive to the airport again if you know already you cannot help??Absolutely terrible experience, no help from the airline or travel agency. Total loss of the full price of the ticket."
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Nadelen: "I fell sick and my doctor advised against flying. Tried calling Swiss Air and 6 calls back and forth and 7 hours on hold, no help. Finally got advised on driving to the airport to make the flight change at the Swiss Air counter at O’Hare. The representative told me to bring a note from doctor to switch flights. I did the next day. The same representative looked me in the eye after advising the day before and said there’s nothing she could do. Why make an elderly sick person drive to the airport again if you know already you cannot help??Absolutely terrible experience, no help from the airline or travel agency. Total loss of the full price of the ticket."
Voordelen: "Wonderful on board service from the crew"
Voordelen: "The crew was nice, the food was really good, the plane was clean, and they used reusable silverware and plates to avoid waste."
Voordelen: "Food was ok"
Nadelen: "AC was not turned on until flight was up in air. That means for 30 minutes passengers were sweating sitting in a suffocating cabin. Crew refused to give Green Tea, saying only available in business class Inflight screen size was very small ...5-6 inches only"
Voordelen: "Geweldige luchtvaartmaatschappij, geweldige service!"
Nadelen: "Delayed"
Voordelen: "Lots of room on the flight, fresh warm bread, lots of water, nice cabin crew"
Nadelen: "How do I book a vegetarian meal??"
Voordelen: "The food was the best I've had on any airline in recent times. On the first flight it was a croissant and a swiss chocolate, on the second flight it was a hot danish pastry."
Nadelen: "The first flight was late so I was worried I'd miss my connection (however connection was delayed too so I made it). Also, I was asked to check in my bag because "the aircraft was full" however when I got on the plane I noticed it was half-empty and there would have been ample overhead room."
Voordelen: "Swiss is always excellent"
Voordelen: "Everyone was friendly, pleasant and very helpful. Upon arrival in Delhi our suitcase handle was broken."
Voordelen: "Short flight, no entertainment. They still offer free snacks on short flights, a plus, but it was an almost frozen cheese sandwich. A Little bag of pretzels would be better. The crew was very friendly."
Nadelen: "Boarding is confusing. Bad lines, unorganized, and people pushing. They should probably come up with a better system."
Nadelen: "45min of delay due to defrosting of the wings and crowded airspace at the destintion"
Voordelen: "Food and drink service were excellent and big choice of entertainment"
Nadelen: "seat row spacing in economy was too tight for a 10+ hour flight"
Voordelen: "nice flight"
Voordelen: "Nothing!"
Nadelen: "Food was horribly salty. I got the middle seat between 2 men. One of the attendant s was taunting most of the people who asked him for anything."
Nadelen: "Too hot. Too late. Staff could have been more accommodating. Online checkin was impossible."
Voordelen: "Nothing about it"
Nadelen: "They didn't even take us!"
Nadelen: "carry-on baggage procedure not clear. deal with this issue upfront, not at end when cost is 3x more so Swiss can make more money this way."
Voordelen: "Everything"
Nadelen: "That it wasn’t a flight to Denver"
Voordelen: "The breakfast quiche was a pleasant surprise. Crew was very welcoming and professional."
Nadelen: "I was surprised to be charged for 1 piece of checked baggage. I was never informed I would be required to pay for 1 piece of checked baggage. I would have paid ahead of time, had I known. I tried to check-in online but was denied access to my ticket because Swiss Air thought I might be a robot. I kept following instructions for positive access but after about 10 attempts I quit. Very irritating!"
Voordelen: "Crew were good, apart from forgetting at breakfast time that I had ordered gluten free food. Food was OK but not memorable."
Nadelen: "Business class is not as roomy as other airlines. My partner had to climb over me to reach the aisle, there is very little storage space and seat size is quite small. Choice of movies is limited."
Nadelen: "Delayed again"
Voordelen: "The flight itself was very enjoyable. The only negative aspect was that the first leg of the flight was delayed long enough that I almost missed my connecting flight and my baggage was lost."
Nadelen: "The real reason for the negative review is a combination of the cost of this flight, loss of my baggage and poor service after the flight. I paid nearly $4,500 for an economy ticket from New York to New Delhi. The first leg of the flight, from New York to Zurich was delayed long enough that I made my connecting flight to Delhi within seconds of them closing the gate and as a result my baggage was lost. Once I got to Delhi I had to take a connecting flight to Goa and then drive an hour to my destination, where I was attending a good friend's wedding. All of my baggage was lost during transit by the airline, and unfortunately they never delivered by baggage to my I was without formal clothes and normal clothes for the wedding for 4 days. The customer service line was no help, and the airline refused to deliver the baggage to me...the closest they would bring it was the Goa airport which was an hour and a half away."
Voordelen: "Fast flight and crew was amazing."
Nadelen: "Seats are terrible. Food is just ok, could me better, I remember 2012 when I was flying first time with Swiss (same route), food was excellent and seats were much more comfortable. I’m thinking to get back on Turkish Airlines although the trip is much longer, they are much better in both above mentioned segments."
Voordelen: "staff was very nice"
Voordelen: "Friendly and high quality service"
Voordelen: "Swiss took care of your mistake, booked on subsequent flight."
Nadelen: "No idea a you never actually delivered a ticket. Flight over sold, Swiss had no record of the booking. KAYAK screwed up."
Voordelen: "not enough room, everything hastily delivered"
Voordelen: "-"
Nadelen: "- late in arrival - 2h late in departure - lost my luggage"
Voordelen: "Swiss has the most cheerful crews I've seen, and their enthusiasm is infectious which makes it easier to tolerate being cramped in a plane for hours. Also, I love that they give you a Swiss chocolate at the en of the flight."
Voordelen: "The staff was very attentive."
Voordelen: "Seats just as small as US carriers, but in better shape, cleaner, less ratty overall. I also like that Swiss Air doesn't fuss with boarding everyone in 8 different classes. First class through one door and everyone else through the other, nice and easy."
Voordelen: "Everything"
Nadelen: "Check in"
Voordelen: "Crew and people were fabulous!"
Nadelen: "LONG lines at check in. Almost missed flight even being there 90 mins early."
Voordelen: "The punctuality."
Nadelen: "The food was not up to the mark."
Nadelen: "1 hr 50'' delay"
Voordelen: "It was an uneventful trip, which is what you want in a trip by air. Boarding was easy, seats are pretty comfortable, staff friendly and helpful."
Nadelen: "Cervise was not so good was waiting almost 3 hours on check in"
Voordelen: "They put us in a nice hotel"
Nadelen: "Flight was delayed for more than 1 hour and it was overbooked. So they put us on a united flight for today. This flight is also overbooked."
Voordelen: "I don't think I'd ever experienced such a friendly and empathetic crew."
Nadelen: "Security was a disaster in Amsterdam. Lines were long and they were checking everything - e.g. My bag had to be screened 2x because of my Kindle, which never happens. But the crew was Extremely accommodating and helpful."
Voordelen: "Vlucht was snel naar NL, maar"
Nadelen: "boarden duurt altijd zolang."
Voordelen: "Mooi vliegtuig, met alle gemakken voorzien."
Nadelen: "Helaas, helaas, heel veel turbulentie gehad."
Voordelen: "Just a comment that the flight is short and I understand that the company does not provide any food except for chicolate"
Nadelen: "Not enough leg room"
Voordelen: "Same as on top"
Nadelen: "The seats"
Voordelen: "Crew"
Nadelen: "Passengers crowding the lane"
Voordelen: "I like that this plane had more leg room then other airlines."
Voordelen: "Easy and comfortable. Service was good and with a smile. The planes were clean and arrived on time for my connection."
Nadelen: "The WC was so small I could barely even stand in it."
Voordelen: "Friendly crew, decent-ish food"
Nadelen: "Def could have been more entertainment options, movie and TV selection felt thin relative to other carriers."
Voordelen: "Ok food and ok entertainment"
Nadelen: "Plane was very hot and there were no air conditioner valves so we had to sit in a hot plane for thirty minutes. Seats didn't recline at all so sleep was out of the question. Just a very miserable flight overall."
Nadelen: "We were not allowed to board our connecting flight and are stranded currently at the Istanbul airport and had to book our next flight with indigo as the staff closed the boarding ahead of time even though we were on time. Lot of shouting and crying by other passengers happening for the same reason."
Voordelen: "Food and entertainment was great."
Nadelen: "N/A"
Voordelen: "food is amazing"
Nadelen: "seat is outdated, but new seat for biz is coming very soon"
Nadelen: "Better seat."
Voordelen: "Entertainment the most. Movie selection was fairly good for a 3 or so hours flight"
Nadelen: "The food. Same selection as my flight from the US to Istanbul. Please change menus once in a while. One of the Male flight attendants was not too friendly."
Voordelen: "Sam."
Nadelen: "Same.."
Voordelen: "NOTHING!"
Nadelen: "Too exhausted from the long flight. But really wanted to say - Never flying them again after my itinerary is completed. They have just lost any revenue they would ever have gained from me in the future."
Nadelen: "Entertainment device was broken, and there was no crew passing by (without food or drinks) to ask him/her about it."
Voordelen: "Turkish got us on board although our incoming flight was delayed."
Nadelen: "Food of poor quality and possibly unhygienic as I developed tummy problems."
Nadelen: "I will never forget Turkish airlines again. They stole our money. We were at our flight on time but they wouldn't let us board. They then said we were no shows and cancelled all our remaining flights with no refund. This ended up costing us around $3000. We don't have this kind of money and I don't know how we will pay rent next month."
Voordelen: "The planets and stars we're aligned to provide an optimal trip. Price was a huge determinant for me...$800 RT Houston to Delhi just can't be beat. And, their arrival time into Delhi is so early (5: 20 am) that customs and immigration is a breeze."
Nadelen: "All good."
Voordelen: "Food, comfort, wifi, entertainment."
Nadelen: "The flight left an hour late. But the crew never explained why the delay."
Voordelen: "Probably best economy class service and amenities and timings."
Voordelen: "The food and the entertainment was excellent!"
Nadelen: "There was no boarding announcement. I was given a boarding zone for no reason; boarding was a free for all. Our flight was delayed by almost an hour. We sat on the plane, by the gate, while the crew called the Istanbul Flight Control to figure out when our plane could arrive. This flight had been scheduled for weeks; I would think they could plan the arrival time to be the ACTUAL arrival time."
Voordelen: "Excellent food"
Nadelen: "Boarding was a bit chaotic"
Nadelen: "Turkish Air lot my suitcase. I will never travel with them again"
Nadelen: "Nothing"
Voordelen: "The food was better than on the flight from LA. But wine was bad to say the least. Rest same as in the Flight from LA."
Nadelen: "The same as above and misguided by crew with regards to connecting flight. We had a bad time catching this connection. Even after disembarking the crew outside sent us on a wild goose chase. Airline representatives should be informed and helpful, which was not the case. Insufficient helping of food. Poor quality of wine and Vodka."
Nadelen: "boarding was messy at IST"
Nadelen: "Delhi International Airport: Unhelpful representatives at both: Baggage Claim and at Operations center."
Voordelen: "The service and the cleanse up to the tope"
Voordelen: "Polite crew, comfortable enough"
Nadelen: "Pack a meal and don’t rely on the airport at Istanbul for a grab and go meal beyond prepacked sandwiches. No options for lactose-free meals beyond the potato chips at the bar. In-flight food was awful- we had the no lactose meals."
Voordelen: "The check in process was good. The agent was very helpful and pleasant. The food was actually just as good as the Delta flight from Minneapolis to Amsterdam."
Nadelen: "Older equipment. A little bit tight. But not too bad."
Voordelen: "The route"
Nadelen: "No one gave me water even if I asked, nobody came to me to ask my problem"
Voordelen: "Turkish airlines have always been perfect for me. This was yet another fulfilling experience with the services, the food and other stuff being extremely satisfying."
Voordelen: "the flight was comfortable and the crew as very warm"
Nadelen: "since i had a connecting flight and in changing timezones i as served breakfast in both flights in a duration of 12 hours. the food was also not according to my taste buds."
Voordelen: "Quick check in. Nice staff."
Voordelen: "I hated it"
Nadelen: "I am a non veg guy and during serving the foood they said ...they don't have Non veg meal ..I have to eat Veg only ..what the hell is this .. For water also ..I had to ask 3 times then they gave me when I request fourth was terribly bad experience and I hated this trip."
Voordelen: "Information was given on time regarding schedule. The flight itself was good, and in flight crew were attentive and provided you with enough attention"
Nadelen: "food could be a bit better. Scrambled eggs were too undercooked and the kofte was very dry."
Voordelen: "Food is other word is fitted. All the rest is good."
Voordelen: "good entertainment system good legroom new airplane"
Nadelen: "lowered the food standards compared to previous flights flight was late"
Voordelen: "Just entertainment system and crew makes your life easier on aircraft."
Nadelen: "Long boarding time from Amsterdam to Istanbul. No explanation of delay and THY wants you to wait miserably on gate. On Schipol airport there is screens everywhere and they do not bother to update the status of boarding. Instead, they behave like everything is normal you are the person making the problem."
Voordelen: "Friendly crew. Good food."
Voordelen: "service always good"
Nadelen: "on the last flight didn't even have a personal monitor"
Voordelen: "The Turkish airline staff was great and very helpful"
Nadelen: "Itinerary on the way to Amsterdam was not correct and made me miss my first connection No option to pick vegetarian food ."
Nadelen: "to hot, very hot!!! ו suffered too much"
Voordelen: "Muy buena aerolínea. Todo estuvo bien. 100% recomendada."
Voordelen: "food + entertainment"
Voordelen: "Very comfortable. The best flight i ever had."
Nadelen: "There was a problem with conecting the headphones. The chicken dish wasnt good."
Voordelen: "The food and entertainment were great. The crew was good but..."
Nadelen: "...I could not feel the air conditioning at all where I was sitting in the back of the plane. I was literally sweating the entire flight. When I asked the flight attendants about it they muttered that they would take care of it and then never did. It was a very uncomfortable flight."
Voordelen: "All perfect this time. Food was so tasty as always:) crew is very kind."
Nadelen: "Always delay flight"
Nadelen: "NA"
Voordelen: "I love the comfort and hospitality offered by the Turkish"
Voordelen: "The service was excellent The Pullman Hotel was an excellent choice for dissatisfied customers. The staff was friendly and understanding."
Nadelen: "Only an hour between connection so the connection was missed.Also the airline only gave a food vouchers for one restaurant. That restaurant has poor choices of items to select from ,food quality was substandard ,the choices of the items was to limited, and the people in the restaurant was rude."
Voordelen: "Professional yet very friendly staff"
Voordelen: "I won't fly this airline e"
Nadelen: "Everything was substandard"
Voordelen: "great food, great wine, great service"
Nadelen: "Most of the movies are missing english subtitles. That makes them almost impossible to watch for whom English is not their native language"
Voordelen: "On-board chef was excellent. Movie selection was excellent. Crew was very friendly and prompt."
Nadelen: "Economy class was very tight. Hard to rest."
Nadelen: "The tv did`nt work, both mine and my hosband. The seats were small and crowded."
Voordelen: "The flight from Amsterdam to Istanbul was amazing and one of the best one I have ever had. Although I was too late to ask for vegan food, for this particular flight our of 4 flights (2 from Amsterdam to Tel-Aviv and 2 back), I had a vegan option, which was excellent."
Nadelen: "The ear phones. They are poorly designed. and although they are given for free, I think it would be better to order the next stock from a different provider."
Nadelen: "The passenger sitting next to me smelled REALLY bad. Like he hadn't washed himself in weeks. Other passengers around me got a whiff too and also reacted the same. I asked the main crew member from my aisle for a seat change but he came back 10 mins later saying there was nothing else available. Later when I was walking around to stretch my legs, I saw there were AT LEAST 10 seats open in the next cabin. Why lie? The entertainment system touch-screen was not working properly and the headphones kept falling out of my ear."
Voordelen: "nothing"
Nadelen: "the flight was delayed, boarding was the slowest ever and we received something to drink after 1,5h of flight"
Voordelen: "Crew was ok, But seats so tight, Economy size seats fitted in Business Class and so much wastage of space around seat, very little quantity and quality of food available.The flights to Delhi and Amritsar has more than 60 % Punjab Travelers and there is not even a single movie in Punjabi movie. Poor."
Nadelen: "Economy size seats fitted in Business Class and so much wastage of space around seat, very little quantity and quality of food available.The flights to Delhi and Amritsar has more than 60 % Punjab Travelers and there is not even a single movie in Punjabi, Please learn from Qatar Airways."
Voordelen: "Wel veel keuze in films etc.. eten redelijk. Vriendelijk personeel."
Nadelen: "De ruimte van de toch grote airbus 350-900 vond ik tegenvallen. Niet veel groter dan een europese vlucht."
Voordelen: "Comfortable"
Nadelen: "Quite narrow seats and seat pitch in economy, but the price was right. Poor quality seatback screens but a good selection of films and tv"
Nadelen: "More scandinavian flair needed"
Nadelen: "The only reason this flight was not excellent is my bag was left in Helsinki and not transferred with final flight leg to Manchester"
Voordelen: "Crew was great."
Nadelen: "Delay of almost 24 hours."
Voordelen: "Smooth flight"
Nadelen: "Better leg room, better food, friendlier crew. Today you only get good treatment if you pay extra for it... Something is wrong with the pay-for-good-service model most airlines follow"
Voordelen: "I wish I found somebody to take me around"
Nadelen: "No complains"
Voordelen: "I will recommend to my friends and families."
Voordelen: "Free movies, TV shows, ok seats (but hey, it's a plane), great meals and service, and a pillow, blanket and water for each person. I really enjoyed both flights with Finnair and would gladly pick them again!"
Voordelen: "The staff were exceptional , good food."
Nadelen: "Not really business class seats."
Nadelen: "I hurt my knee. The legroom is too small."
Voordelen: "Nice crew that were helpful."
Nadelen: "Small plane, cramped seating."
Voordelen: "calming environment, finnish style"
Nadelen: "on the flight to new york i got a game sandwich. i like that. brining finnish culture to us. but on the way from new york to helsinki i got a boring bagel."
Nadelen: "They have no charging points for the phone"
Voordelen: "I like Finnair, the crew, the service."
Nadelen: "I was not able to check in online within the 24 hrs prior to the flight as the Iberia system kept flashing and "error"message. Therefore, I was not able to pick a seat, which I would have paid to upgrade if necessary, but instead I was assigned a middle seat as a last option, at the counter, and paid for an exit row which, except for the leg room, was just as uncomfortable!"
Voordelen: "Friendly attendants who made the flight very pleasant with their smiles and their service"
Nadelen: "Aging interior and seats of plane were not good at all."
Nadelen: "Security service in Helsinki is quite unprofessional. It does not understand EU Security Rules for liquids at airports. Where do they find such guys?"
Voordelen: "Decent flight from SFO to HEL, friendly staff ..."
Nadelen: "Ran out of food options from SFO to HEL. I was sitting towards the end of the plane ... and no more chicken so got stuck with the pork and mashed potatoes options. Need more coffee aboard the flight. ANA cleans the bathroom periodically, and wouldn't be bad to do the same on long flights. The arm rest between seats don't go all the way up, only half way. If the person in front of you is asleep during meal service, the FA (flight attendant) won't lift the seat and it may be a very uncomfortable meal experience. Other airlines will have the FA do it themselves. ...and you need to be careful about staying awake to get food (otherwise you can get forgotten)."
Voordelen: "Great service, good legroom, huge screens for entertainment, and nice Marimekko designed blankets and other items. Overall a very nice experience"
Voordelen: "Movies."
Nadelen: "No leg room."
Voordelen: "Stuff"
Nadelen: "Lack of snacks"
Voordelen: "I'm alive. The plane did not implode. No crashes! The crew was polite. Plane was very late leaving. Not a good thing."
Nadelen: "Had to pay more for extra baggage than a person with the "right" ticket #'s. How to know this trivia in Feb. when buying ticket? My starting #'s did not allow me to prepay online. Instead, rush to airport, pay more by having to pay in person. 2. I also could NOT get my boarding pass online. Instead, forced to drive to airport day before just to be sure I'd be on plane! Finnair counter, Hannele politely double-checked all's well, handed me boarding pass. Hannele told to buy extra baggage online being cheaper. This promise, not accurate. Absurd!"
Voordelen: "Selection of many movie choices"
Nadelen: "Late. Late. Always late !! Because there is always delay , missed connecting flight obviously never wait."
Voordelen: "1)Magazine says you under need for modern communication and aiming to improve. There are no chRging ports and no internet. That would help. A little behind the times on that one, do t you think? 2) Getting gangway attached after landing appeared to be very innefficient. Thanks for trying"
Nadelen: "Crew great!"
Voordelen: "рейсы точно по расписанию, без задержек, персонал внимателный"
Nadelen: "заказала и оплатила билеты за 4 месяца до перелета, а получила место в самолпте на самом последнем ряду у туалета"
Voordelen: "No frills but efficient"
Nadelen: "Food choice limited"
Nadelen: "Wifi spotty"
Nadelen: "I have traveled all over the world and never had an issue with luggage but finnair lost my bags and have little information on how to help other than a $70 credit which doesn't cover anything."
Voordelen: "Flight was not packed, plenty of overhead space and seamless boarding process getting on. Crew was attentive. Food not bad."
Nadelen: "Entertainment selection was very poor and I sat there bored. Plane seemed a little old."
Nadelen: "A very very small plane. Cold staff"
Voordelen: "Good movie selection"
Nadelen: "Only drinks with dinner, other airlines serve the whole time. Limited selection of drinks. Other airlines do not limit. Not enough leg room and I'm only 5'7. Seat in front leaned back to far."
Voordelen: "Great service, great food, and comfortable seats."
Voordelen: "Flight attendants were courteous and efficient, boarding flowed smoothly."
Voordelen: "Breakfast was good"
Nadelen: "Air conditioning was blasting down on me too powerfully"
Nadelen: "It is ridiculous that they would not allow you to select a seat for free at check-in. There were many unoccupied seats, but some families with children were seated separately, so there was a lot of seat changing before the take off."
Nadelen: "very little leg room for anyone over 6 feet"
Voordelen: "None of it."
Nadelen: "Not getting aisle seat, unpleasant passengers sitting next to me (making faces when I wanted to go to the lavatory from the window seat), group of noisy, drunk and rude young women behind.."
Voordelen: "Polite crew.. 2 meals.. very smooth overall"
Nadelen: "Not enough leg room.. had to physically climb over neighbor to get to the aisle"
Voordelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "Small plane incredibly cramped for8 hour flight"
Nadelen: "I wanted to go home early..... They wanted to charge me 400 dollars to change my booking"
Nadelen: "I booked this through Finnair and it was a British Airways code share .I was unable to get the record locator for BA and could not check in prior to getting to the airport ."
Voordelen: "Crew staff pleasant although did not particularly take the initiative to help customers."
Nadelen: "Boarding process at Heathrow was chaotic. Could not hear announcements and the response was a large crowd pushing towards an unclear entrance point. The seats are quite small and recline a minimal amount My biggest complaint is that four of us traveling together could not be seated in close proximity to each other, despite making that request over four months before the flight. Extremely frustrating to deal with check-in process as well--because we booked on Finnair, we could not use online system. This was an aggravation considering we were traveling. And--one of our bags was left behind in London. \"
Voordelen: "The fact that I got home in one piece I really like."
Nadelen: "Planes are old, small tv screens in aisles, older seats and headrests. I had requested Gluten Free meals and on the way to Amsterdam they did okay (besides the snacks). On the way back they didn't even offer me the second meal GF, I had to ask another flight attendant who went looking for it and found one.. so it was there, they just hadn't bothered to look for it. I also never understand why you wouldn't start boarding with the last rows? Is that just me? The aisles are always so crowded when the last rows walk in and there's always a line."
Voordelen: "I thought the BA/American/Finnair flight was excellent. The food was delicious both ways, much superior to United, American or Continental which I often fly. Excellent food, legroom, inflight entertainment (going out my row of seats - well, nobody could get any entertainment access) all was very good. Loved the newspaper choice when leaving Gatwick. I would definitely recommend again."
Voordelen: "The plane was not full"
Nadelen: "I wish it truly were Finnair instead of American: The seat, the legroom, the fact that you have to pay 20% more to have the same rotten seat 12 rows further up front, the food that's barely fit for human consumption, the presence of 20 year old cathode screens that can't be watched but do prevent the cabin being dark, etc."
Voordelen: "it was fine"
Voordelen: "The flight was very late taking off meaning I had to literally run across the airport at Krakow to make my connecting flight to London Heathrow which was over an hour late arriving at Heathrow Airport."
Voordelen: "Very clean. Also, the crew members were so nice."
Voordelen: "Good crew."
Nadelen: "Install AirShow for flight tracking."
Voordelen: "A very average experience. Nothing amazing."
Nadelen: "Flight was very delayed, crew at the counter would not give updates or be kind enough with the situation."
Voordelen: "The connecting flight from Milan was almost an hour late. But the ground staff were very helpful and professional and help me to board the flight, in a haste. The flight crew were friendly and professional. The food was delicious and sufficient. Overall very happy with my first flight in LOT."
Nadelen: "Knowing that the incoming was late ground crew could have been better prepared with a motorised transport in the airport (instead of me running out of my breadth). The onboard entertainment could have been better. WiFi in plane would be nice. But these are suggestions. I was overall very happy."
Voordelen: "Nothing because your partner FlightNetwork didnt pay the ticket and I wasted my time going to the airport"
Nadelen: "Calling me and leave a voicemail if there is an issue with the ticket. I dont respond to 888-*** phone numbers from overseas! Horrible experience"
Voordelen: "Airplane meal was certainly above average"
Voordelen: "The crew was good"
Nadelen: "Our flight was delayed both ways and we were late for connecting flight and stayed at hotel for 1 night"
Nadelen: "Flight delayed for 5 hr"
Nadelen: "We had seats not together. As more of passengers. Only asking to change seats helped"
Voordelen: "Quick Flight"
Nadelen: "Faster service"
Voordelen: "Seat was ok"
Voordelen: "The food, crew, entertainment"
Nadelen: "Boarding was completely awful"
Voordelen: "Hello, The plane was one hour late because the plane engine has some problem. Thats what the Crew said . This is crazy and scary to fly that airline. And no friendly Crew at all"
Nadelen: "everything . first they have to learn English"
Nadelen: "Toronto airport disappointing. We arrived one hour esrly, but the gate the toronto airport told us to go to was broken so we had to wait for over one hour on the plane. Then the plane was moved aside and we walked to the bus that drove us to the airport. No luggage information given airport Toronto"
Voordelen: "All was fine."
Nadelen: "All was fine."
Nadelen: "Fly was 1 hours late.and same thing returning.never on time."
Nadelen: "Bad flight over all was delayed 3 times for no reason No one tells you anything"
Voordelen: "Arrived on Time"
Voordelen: "The flight itself was not bad"
Nadelen: "Customer service was horrible at the airport from staff . They did not let us board , even though we got there on time from Chicago and people were still in line. We waiting 6 hours , and the flight was delayed another 1 hour and a 1/2.. customer service did not accommodate us in our time in Poland . We had to pay additional fees for transportation from airport to hotel"
Nadelen: "Delayed flight from Toronto to warsaw by 2 hours, then delayed flight from Warsaw to Rzeszow by 7 hours due to no room on the plane."
Voordelen: "The Boeing 787 "Dreamliner" proved to be a great plane. The noise level inside the cabin was low, the legroom and width of the seats was excellent,"
Nadelen: "The flight attendant was rather "bossy" than customer oriented."
Nadelen: "Incomfortable chairs"
Voordelen: "The flight was good. Budapest is an easy enough airport to deal with though why LOT only has one desk available at check in for economy passengers is questionable. The second desk for important passengers did become available when there was no one in line there, but still. Flight crew, staff were all helpful and approachable. Captain gave passengers relevant information and cabin crew did the same. The Flight was problem free no turbulence no delays just well run and well organized."
Nadelen: "All good."
Voordelen: "Ok"
Nadelen: "Ok"
Voordelen: "Could check my suitcase earlier (arrived at airport too early). I had a bit off over 23 kg but that did not pose any problem. Boarding was quiet fast and almost with timetable. The food was good and service provided pleasant. I was happy that we landed safely providing bad weather in Toronto that evening."
Voordelen: "Your crew manager was being very arrogant.. No tolerance at all"
Voordelen: "NOTHING...!!!!!! ZEROOO STARS....very unprofesionall...., this was my first and last time traveling with this aholes..........!!!"
Nadelen: "I don’t wana waste my time anymore talking about this f...... joke of company.......necer again"
Voordelen: "Overall very good - no complaints. LOT is comparable with Lufthansa and KLM (the airlines I have most experience with) in terms of service and space. Boarding in Warsaw was chaotic - no announcements it just sort of started, I was in Zone 3 but there were only lines for Zones 1 and 2. The usual Central European pushing into the line. Flight was nice, smooth and good service. Leg room is limited but that is to be expected on any airline and flight. Would fly LOT again happily. On time, Captain made regular announcements. I arrived safely, as did my luggage. Can't wait for the direct service between Chicago and Budapest."
Voordelen: "Ik kan eigenlijk niet echt objectief een beoordeling geven want ik werk voor deze maatschappij dus vind uiteraard alles fantastisch (behalve het salaris haha)."
Nadelen: "Niets!"
Voordelen: "Both flights I was on were somewhat empty, so I had an open seat next to me. Despite some delays taking off, each arrival was not too late."
Nadelen: "Had to check a bag at the gate, despite being under the two-bag limit. However I was not charged (as my destination was intercontinental)."
Nadelen: "When boarding the crew wasn't inviting they were acting like they did not care at all about the people no smile no hi whatsoever. When I addressed one crew member he was not only occupied watching something in his phone but responded plain rudely to me. Its quite obvious that on the airplane the crew is working. Ukrainian airlines was offering the same trip cheaper but I decided to take LOT. Also I was surprised that I had to pay my luggage in my fly back. Next time I'll try Ukrainian airlines"
Voordelen: "Service in business class."
Voordelen: "Excellent service better than expected accommodations. On time."
Nadelen: "We could not board at the gate, but had to go down stairs to the tarmac and board a super crowded bus. The bus then took us out farther onto the tarmac to the plane."
Nadelen: "I was forced to check in my hand luggage, but the Amsterdam personnel attached to it a tag without any flight information, so this luggage missed my plane in Warsaw on the connecting flight and arrived later that day as misplaced piece. LOT needs to fix the hand luggage tagging system on connecting flights."
Nadelen: "Late boarding and terrible boarding process with no proper announcements or procedures. Everyone just piling up at gate like cattle. Couldn't bother seating us together even though we booked under same ticket. Super cramped seats. Broken entertainment system on 787. Not very friendly crew."
Nadelen: "This plane is never on time. Count at least 45 min delay. I avoid this airline. Take their tickets only if they are significantly cheaper than the competitors."
Voordelen: "The boarding and the flight itself was fast as there were a lot of people for connecting flights in Warsaw."
Nadelen: "The flight was delayed for 1.5h which is not ok. I see that for LOT is a standard practice unfortunately."
Voordelen: "Decent new airplane. Nothing else really stands out"
Nadelen: "Economy class is not as comfy as Turkish. Food is decent, not good. No free beer :'( Too few movies and some equipment doesn't function well"
Voordelen: "Since we lost our second plane due to an emergeny on the first flight, the airline put us on a nice hotel to spend the night and got us new tickets to our final destination."
Nadelen: "There were not many flights available so we had to stop in Stokholm and then fly to Oslo."
Voordelen: "they were not very late - within one hour."
Nadelen: "For three of us we had only one bag to check. They charged us 70 euro for that bag. All their flights were 30-60 minute late."
Voordelen: "Friendly professional crew. Clean aircraft. Very good ticket price."
Nadelen: "Hard to check in online from hotel in Munich. Hard and confusing where and how to check in at Munich airport and very time consuming. Having to pay $20 per bag but not at the check in counter but at another counter and then at the gate counter being call up to get checked that we did pay the $20 for the bags. Made me feel 3rd class."
Voordelen: "Everything was great"
Nadelen: "Nothing to complain Everithing was great thank you"
Voordelen: "I like everything food and the chaires very comfortable thanks"
Nadelen: "Nothing to complain Everithing is excellent easy flight Thankyou"
Voordelen: "Cabin crew were at least apologetic after the delays and shambolic boarding process (see below)."
Nadelen: "Chaotic flight that was delayed due to overbooking and the failure to deal with it in any competent way. An apparently overbooked flight led to a cascade of errors - there seemed to be a total breakdown in communication between the gate/services team and the ground crew, etc. as to where the extra passengers came from and what could be done with them. They even admitted to their being many misunderstandings among the LOT staff themselves as they struggled to rectify the situation. The worst outcome was that we got trapped in the bus, right outside the plane, for 30 minutes. They had sent us to board while back at the gate they were still arguing over who should actually be on the plane. During this time there was no sign of the cabin crew at all. After 10 minutes or so the driver left to go and have a chat with some of the ground ops team and we were left on our own as the windows steamed up and small children started to cry. The whole thing was an appalling exercise in miscommunication - both between staff themselves and between staff and passengers."
Voordelen: "The Dreamliner was a nice aircraft and the entertainment screens were in great condition."
Nadelen: "Seating was tight as usual on all planes. The seat cushion was worn down and was hard. Crew were not overly friendly but weren't rude either. They won't be winning any customer service awards. They didn't offer drinks as often as United has especially on an international flight. They need to offer water more frequently."
Voordelen: "Was ok"
Nadelen: "Lost my luggage"
Voordelen: "N/A"
Nadelen: "Unpleasant crew members"
Voordelen: "Nothing was good."

3hr delay with severly lacking communication

Voordelen: "Ok"
Nadelen: "Comfort"
Nadelen: "The seat was not comfortable in the flight from Toronto to Abu Dhabi. I was served wrong food. The food was tasteless. The crew was giving on half glass of water when asked for. It felt as if they were scared to give water to drink"
Voordelen: "Only cleanilyness inside the plane"
Nadelen: "Customer service at the checkin at the airport and also the service by the flight attendant inside the plane"
Voordelen: "My seat was dripping from the top and I got my shirt wet while I dozed off!! The cabin crew gave a bundle of tissue saying, "pls help yourself""
Nadelen: "The flight condition should have been better and the Etihad should learn how to help guests reach their destinations on time"
Nadelen: "The airplane broke from Abudabi to Delhi with 4 hrs delay."
Voordelen: "Crew excellent,food excellent,was very surprised after reading some bad reviews on the net."
Nadelen: "Having pyjama to wear will have equalised Qatar business class."
Voordelen: "every thing from the new plane until arrive it was amazing"
Nadelen: "nothing every thing i like it"
Voordelen: "Entertainment and food were not bad."
Nadelen: "The plane was an old aircraft, crew could have behaved more kind, and the plane’s seats need to be replaced they felt like sitting on cardboard."
Voordelen: "The crew"
Nadelen: "sea food"
Voordelen: "The flight entertainment system was fantastic."
Nadelen: "The flight had onboard wifi which was awesome to be able to be online during the flight but it did lack the level of service expected. Everything on the flight was fantastic except the wifi which kept dropping out"
Voordelen: "..."
Nadelen: "....."
Voordelen: "Planes were good with good leg room"
Nadelen: "For Asian Veg Meal, they served Paneer for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The spacing between meals was quite large. Entertainment options for adults and kids were quite limited."
Voordelen: "They opened counter till before original traveling time by 30 minutes due to bad traffic conditions and delay of plane ."
Nadelen: "Delay if 1.5 hours to take off , no food was given to me during the 16 hours of flying, part of it I was sleeping, Help bottom was used several time with no response from crew ."
Voordelen: "Seats comfortable especially when plane not too crowded of course!! Blankets large and warm."
Nadelen: "Staff could be a bit friendlier Movie choice is ok but could be better Food can be improved drastically and could be healthier options"
Voordelen: "Service and professionalism of the Etihad Crew"
Nadelen: "Ook voor economy is de seating aan de krappe kant."
Nadelen: "Ook voor economy is de seating voor iemand van 1.85m aan de krappe kant."
Nadelen: "Flight was hot ac not working enough food was horrible."
Voordelen: "More legroom Crew was couteous"
Nadelen: "Poor quality food Old planes"
Voordelen: "The crew took care of their passengers' needs throughout the flight with plenty of food and drinks."
Nadelen: "My headphones or speaker did not work on my TV so I was unable to watch any movies. It was difficult to sleep as I was woken up to see if I wanted food or drink"
Voordelen: "Charging for devices at the seat, not too cramped."
Nadelen: "Out of DC, they weighed every carryon item both at check in and at the gate. I couldn’t fill my water bottle before boarding or I would have been overweight... I’ve never had an airline be so picky. And then they lost one of my bags - ironic given the precision about baggage weight."
Voordelen: "Flight was very comfortable from boarding to landing."
Nadelen: "Food was just very normal and lack variety. Should provide more options."
Voordelen: "Same as Above"
Nadelen: "Same as Above"
Voordelen: "Not much. Free shower at the airport was welcome."
Nadelen: "Abu Dhabi airport is poorly designed, crowded and confusing. For some bizarre reason, we had to exit the boarding area (we had arrived very early), and then re-enter at the end of a VERY long line, then dispose of the water we had bought AFTER we had already gone through one set of security checks, to have another bag search inside the boarding area. (???) For a 14 hour flight, you might expect a bit more in the line of amenities (like the Singapore Airlines pamper kit). It’s also nice to know on a long haul what you might be eating (a la Singapore Airlines menu card), but not on Etihad. Also the movies on offer through the entertainment system were a bit stale and dated. They also had no arrivals cards in English, and finding them at Sydney Airport is a nightmare. (Why do we still do the stupid things, anyway?) Then, to top it all off, after a tiring flight, Sydney Airport put on their best demonstration of appalling and confusing crowd control at the baggage carousels and getting through customs. Used to think Etihad was a quality experience, but it doesn’t seem so any more."
Voordelen: "All the bags were received safe and undamaged."
Voordelen: "Was not rendered the service inspite of being charged"
Nadelen: "Custormer services"
Voordelen: "NOTHING!"
Nadelen: "Shambolic boarding process # Surly Cabin Crew + very slow meal/drink service# Very uncomfortable seats # Inedible food in Economy Class # In-Flight entertainment very limited # Lastly, disgusting state of hygiene in the Toilets! AVOID ETIHAD AT ALL COSTS!"
Nadelen: "The seats never recline. All the 4 leg seats had reclining ossue"
Voordelen: "correct temprature flight crew was good food was good"
Voordelen: "Decent plane Decent food Decent service"
Nadelen: "Abu Dhabi Airport Is The worst! Going through the transit area is hell. The wall of people extended out of the hall and up the stairs. Shear hell"
Voordelen: "Cabin, boarding"
Nadelen: "Transit through Abu Dhabi is a pain"
Voordelen: "It's in time"
Nadelen: "Crew not helpful plus meals not enough when we ask for extra said don't have just one"
Voordelen: "Both of our flight were very comfortable. They gave us pillows, blankets and great food even in economy."
Nadelen: "The second flight took off quite a bit late but we did make up some of the time"
Voordelen: "The Crew was responsive and attentive."
Nadelen: "The On Boarding process, a bit too many checks on the weight of Carry ons (7Kg)and Laptop Bag (5Kg), which was a big inconvenience and I never experienced with any other airlines and believe me I have flown on virtually every airline. The food options were limited and the crew ran out of food choices (Veg) fast."
Nadelen: "The staff at Kathmandu airport Etihad check-in counter was very rude. He asked too many unnecessary personal questions and asked to present the document to verify."
Voordelen: "The plane was fantastic, although my experience is slightly more skewed towards a positive one given the flight was fairly empty and we were free to choose alternative seating after takeoff. The plane itself was fairly comfortable, a noticeable step up from budget lines, and the staff were an absolute dream. Very very friendly, never seemed put out and frequently checking on passengers. The difference of inflight entertainment technology was certainly VERY noticeable & I actually preferred it. Better, clearer, bigger screens. It just changes the experience for the passenger if we can be happily distracted."
Nadelen: "Really only the food. There was one meal which I didn't eat after tasting - it was just tasteless and not worth eating. A scone sandwich would have been more preferable. I still believe the standard of inflight food could be raised a notch or too, even if it was looking at a company like Pret A Manger and offering some nice sandwiches, fruit and soup, that would be more desirable and satisfying."
Voordelen: "Prices were cheap. Flight direct to Dublin."
Nadelen: "Seats are very hard. not a lot of padding. Food was very poor."
Nadelen: "Boarding process,"
Voordelen: "Leg room"
Nadelen: "Boarding was chaotic Crew wss average in service"
Voordelen: "Food and entertainment"
Nadelen: "Bad seats, bad legroom and very cramped isles"
Voordelen: "Excellent crew."
Nadelen: "Seat in front reclined too far back Fewer food options despite pre-requested meal."
Voordelen: "The crew was lovely and the food fitted our needs ."
Nadelen: "The only downside was that when I received my bag after my arrival to Dhaka my luggage was obviously opened and tape back up and I was missing a lot of things in my luggage . It was very upsetting because that has never happened to me before nor did I expect something like that to happen."
Voordelen: "I like their perfect schedule."
Nadelen: "I don't get non veg option. They don't provide blanket at my seat."
Nadelen: "my suitcase plastic zipper was opened by someone in the ground staff at IGI Delhi and a few items were stolen. something needs to be done about this because I am sure other passengers are losing a lot more"
Voordelen: "Staff was accommodating and friendly."
Nadelen: "Aircraft condition, smelly."
Voordelen: "Timeliness of the flight and communication from the flight deck."
Nadelen: "Particularly on the flight from Abu Dahbi to Washington, D.C., attendants were rude with not only me, but other customers. They were short in their responses, forgot requests multiple times, and didn't make the little bit of extra effort to provide translators in Arabic, ensure an elderly lady next to me had the meal she needed, and secure the food options that we asked for. Our row was told us there were no more chicken meals for example, when we saw an attendant on the other side of the plane offer consistent chicken meals for multiple rows to come. They were just being lazy and didn't even want to ask."
Nadelen: "i did not get my luggage yet"
Nadelen: "No person travelling from New York received their luggage in New Delhi. After a frustrating wait in Abu Dhabi terminus for 24 hours to be subjected to another wait & search for luggage & eventually fill the displaced luggage forms was quite an ordeal. The only silver lining was that the luggage was eventually sent home after 72 hours. NEVER EVER RECOMMEND ETIHAD FOR TRAVELLING"

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Amsterdam - New Delhi


Amsterdam (AMS)Nederland


New Delhi (DEL)India

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New Delhi - Amsterdam

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