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Baggage charge is nothing short of obscene, especially w/ lack of service provided

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Baggage charge is nothing short of obscene, especially w/ lack of service provided

Nadelen: "Check-in!!"
Voordelen: "Swiss doesn't"t always have comfortable planes but this one was super comfortable"
Voordelen: "The crew was nice, the food was really good, the plane was clean, and they used reusable silverware and plates to avoid waste."
Voordelen: "Geweldige luchtvaartmaatschappij, geweldige service!"
Voordelen: "Lost the luggage"
Voordelen: "The crew were outstanding. They fulfil my needs when I need it and they were very polite and professional. Smooth boarding and flight."
Nadelen: "Nothing"
Voordelen: "The food was the best I've had on any airline in recent times. On the first flight it was a croissant and a swiss chocolate, on the second flight it was a hot danish pastry."
Nadelen: "The first flight was late so I was worried I'd miss my connection (however connection was delayed too so I made it). Also, I was asked to check in my bag because "the aircraft was full" however when I got on the plane I noticed it was half-empty and there would have been ample overhead room."
Voordelen: "Short flight, no entertainment. They still offer free snacks on short flights, a plus, but it was an almost frozen cheese sandwich. A Little bag of pretzels would be better. The crew was very friendly."
Nadelen: "Boarding is confusing. Bad lines, unorganized, and people pushing. They should probably come up with a better system."
Nadelen: "45min of delay due to defrosting of the wings and crowded airspace at the destintion"
Nadelen: "Too hot. Too late. Staff could have been more accommodating. Online checkin was impossible."
Voordelen: "The service"
Nadelen: "No entertainment"
Voordelen: "Excellent service all around and great flight timing with delays and awaiting for transfer flights to land"
Nadelen: "I travel a least 5 times a year and Kayak is always my option."
Voordelen: "Excellent service all around and great flight timing with delays and awaiting for transfer flights to land"
Nadelen: "I travel a least 5 times a year and Kayak is always my option."
Voordelen: "Nothing about it"
Nadelen: "They didn't even take us!"
Nadelen: "carry-on baggage procedure not clear. deal with this issue upfront, not at end when cost is 3x more so Swiss can make more money this way."
Voordelen: "Sandwiches"
Nadelen: "The flight was delayed 30 minutes. Not once did we hear an apology. They also changed the gate on us last minute and didn’t communicate. We discovered accidentally"
Voordelen: "Good flight"
Voordelen: "Nice experience."
Nadelen: "Seats are not so comfortable. Crew is nice, but not too nice"
Voordelen: "100% the best flight experience I've ever had flying. Wish I flew to Europe more so I could fly with Swiss more often. Thanks!"
Nadelen: "Very little space- I thought I was in economy plus having paid extra for seat reservation. When person infrint put seat back it was very difficult to view screen"
Voordelen: "staff was very nice"
Nadelen: "30 mins late both ways"
Voordelen: "The hospitality & staff were impeccable."
Voordelen: "Friendly and high quality service"
Voordelen: "Swiss choclade"
Voordelen: "Excellent food."
Nadelen: "Yet again, was "randomly" chosen for extra security. Flight was delayed for over an hour because of mechanical failure. A/C set at polar temperatures."
Voordelen: "Swiss took care of your mistake, booked on subsequent flight."
Nadelen: "No idea a you never actually delivered a ticket. Flight over sold, Swiss had no record of the booking. KAYAK screwed up."
Voordelen: "not enough room, everything hastily delivered"
Voordelen: "-"
Nadelen: "- late in arrival - 2h late in departure - lost my luggage"
Voordelen: "Very short flight so little to write about."
Nadelen: "We've got no complaints."
Voordelen: "Great entertainment system"
Nadelen: "Leg room space was a bit restricted compared to what I am used to"
Voordelen: "Crew and people were fabulous!"
Nadelen: "LONG lines at check in. Almost missed flight even being there 90 mins early."
Nadelen: "1 hr 50'' delay"
Voordelen: "The price, the timing, friendly yet professional staff & crew"
Nadelen: "Seats are way too close together for comfort."
Voordelen: "Fast and efficient transport option to Berlin"
Nadelen: "All good"
Voordelen: "They put us in a nice hotel"
Nadelen: "Flight was delayed for more than 1 hour and it was overbooked. So they put us on a united flight for today. This flight is also overbooked."
Voordelen: "Everything"
Nadelen: "Nothing"
Voordelen: "I don't think I'd ever experienced such a friendly and empathetic crew."
Nadelen: "Security was a disaster in Amsterdam. Lines were long and they were checking everything - e.g. My bag had to be screened 2x because of my Kindle, which never happens. But the crew was Extremely accommodating and helpful."
Voordelen: "Vlucht was snel naar NL, maar"
Nadelen: "boarden duurt altijd zolang."
Voordelen: "Mooi vliegtuig, met alle gemakken voorzien."
Nadelen: "Helaas, helaas, heel veel turbulentie gehad."
Voordelen: "Great service and flight. Thank you kayak for the great price!!"
Voordelen: "my wife needed a wheelchair, so we were whisked between terminals. but if we had had to negotiate that long distance by ourselves we would probably have missed the connection because there was only an hour layover and the distance between gates was great"
Nadelen: "Very uncomfortable seats, very hard. The cabin was cold and there was no possibility to adjust blowers. Old entertainment sets with poor variety of choices to watch."
Voordelen: "the entertainment system was perfect, there were lots of movies and shows to entertain you, including newly release films. there were games and music also availble. the seating was comfortable we had blankets and pillows. The beverage service great and the food was good to. although there could have been better options in terms of the dessert ( ice cream taht was provided)"
Nadelen: "the boarding was poor, we waited in line to board and they did not announce to us that we need to have our ticket stamped before we got to the door, as a result we were sent out of line once the ticket was stamped we had to rejoin the line from the back. When i got through they then said something was wrong with my ticket in which they took it and I was pulled out of the line. they should try to the ticket check and the boarding line at the same time"
Nadelen: "our flight attendant was impatient and bossy two days after the flight my husband had to be taken to the emergency room - diagnosed with pulmonary embolism SWISS MUST DO A WAY BETTER JOB CALLING ATTENTION TO REGULAR EXERCISE ON THE PLANE!!"
Voordelen: "I like that this plane had more leg room then other airlines."
Nadelen: "Once again, my flight was late. Four out of the last five trips to Barcelona Swiss had a significant delay (longer than the duration of the trip itself) on at least one of the segments. It's getting a bit hard to believe actually."

Utter chaos boarding in Athens.

Voordelen: "food is amazing"
Nadelen: "seat is outdated, but new seat for biz is coming very soon"
Voordelen: "In general service was great and professional"
Nadelen: "I honestly don’t any complains about the fly. It was an outstanding fly"
Voordelen: "Entertainment the most. Movie selection was fairly good for a 3 or so hours flight"
Nadelen: "The food. Same selection as my flight from the US to Istanbul. Please change menus once in a while. One of the Male flight attendants was not too friendly."
Nadelen: "Entertainment device was broken, and there was no crew passing by (without food or drinks) to ask him/her about it."
Voordelen: "Turkish got us on board although our incoming flight was delayed."
Nadelen: "Food of poor quality and possibly unhygienic as I developed tummy problems."
Voordelen: "The staff the staff the staff. They made the trip so enjoyable. The A330-300 aircraft was smooth and silent. Very impressed"
Nadelen: "The seats in business class were not as soft as they could be but very impressed overall and good value for the cost of the business class ticket"
Voordelen: "Airplane was clean, well-stocked with blankets and pillows, good in-flight entertainment. Staff was friendly and the flight was not crowded which made for a more comfortable experience."
Nadelen: "Limited meal options for someone with food allergies."
Voordelen: "The planets and stars we're aligned to provide an optimal trip. Price was a huge determinant for me...$800 RT Houston to Delhi just can't be beat. And, their arrival time into Delhi is so early (5: 20 am) that customs and immigration is a breeze."
Nadelen: "All good."
Voordelen: "Food, comfort, wifi, entertainment."
Nadelen: "The flight left an hour late. But the crew never explained why the delay."
Voordelen: "Vree"
Nadelen: "A little late"
Nadelen: "flight was delayed 90 minutes and I had to sit next to a screaming baby the whole flight."
Voordelen: "Everything was so great cabin crew was so nice and so friendly"
Voordelen: "The food and the entertainment was excellent!"
Nadelen: "There was no boarding announcement. I was given a boarding zone for no reason; boarding was a free for all. Our flight was delayed by almost an hour. We sat on the plane, by the gate, while the crew called the Istanbul Flight Control to figure out when our plane could arrive. This flight had been scheduled for weeks; I would think they could plan the arrival time to be the ACTUAL arrival time."
Voordelen: "Excellent food"
Nadelen: "Boarding was a bit chaotic"
Voordelen: "I would recommend Turkish Airlines to anyone. Excellent food and personnel"
Nadelen: "Nothing"
Voordelen: "Staff was very helpful and kind. Very delicious food."
Voordelen: "The service and the cleanse up to the tope"
Voordelen: "The check in process was good. The agent was very helpful and pleasant. The food was actually just as good as the Delta flight from Minneapolis to Amsterdam."
Nadelen: "Older equipment. A little bit tight. But not too bad."
Voordelen: "Same as from London to Istanbul"
Nadelen: "Same as from London to Istanbul."
Voordelen: "the flight was comfortable and the crew as very warm"
Nadelen: "since i had a connecting flight and in changing timezones i as served breakfast in both flights in a duration of 12 hours. the food was also not according to my taste buds."
Voordelen: "Good servies"
Voordelen: "Friendly and at tentative staff. Being timely."
Nadelen: "That there was nowhere at the Berlin airport that we were told to drop luggage at B25....all we saw was to board at A4 which is where we sat until it was time to board. Then they guy said I could not carry on my bag, I had done so coming to Berlin from SFO, so made no sense to me. So we had to dash to B 25 and then back to A4. The other thing, having an extremely painful back, there was nowhere for me to sit during the time of going through security etc. All caused stress and enormous pain."
Voordelen: "Smooth flight, comfortable seats, crew was very catering and kind"
Nadelen: "The equipment on the plane needs some tuning up such as the screens tilting on their own (like falling down)"
Voordelen: "Quick check in. Nice staff."
Voordelen: "Information was given on time regarding schedule. The flight itself was good, and in flight crew were attentive and provided you with enough attention"
Nadelen: "food could be a bit better. Scrambled eggs were too undercooked and the kofte was very dry."
Voordelen: "Food is other word is fitted. All the rest is good."
Voordelen: "good entertainment system good legroom new airplane"
Nadelen: "lowered the food standards compared to previous flights flight was late"
Voordelen: "Free wifi for business class HD movies + good quality DENON headseat"
Nadelen: "Terrible foods taste Zero hospitality crews Lack of food and deink service during 13hour flight No airconditiiner at gate 230 and queue like hell!"
Voordelen: "Very comfortable seats and high quality staff."
Nadelen: "Boarding procedures, especially owing to TSA requirements. difficult."
Nadelen: "We end up spending almost 1,200 use extra to reach Washington and return to Yaounde."
Voordelen: "Just entertainment system and crew makes your life easier on aircraft."
Nadelen: "Long boarding time from Amsterdam to Istanbul. No explanation of delay and THY wants you to wait miserably on gate. On Schipol airport there is screens everywhere and they do not bother to update the status of boarding. Instead, they behave like everything is normal you are the person making the problem."
Voordelen: "Friendly crew. Good food."
Voordelen: "service always good"
Nadelen: "on the last flight didn't even have a personal monitor"
Voordelen: "The Turkish airline staff was great and very helpful"
Nadelen: "Itinerary on the way to Amsterdam was not correct and made me miss my first connection No option to pick vegetarian food ."
Nadelen: "to hot, very hot!!! ו suffered too much"
Voordelen: "The personal is always very very friendly."
Nadelen: "We did not have any TV"
Voordelen: "Muy buena aerolínea. Todo estuvo bien. 100% recomendada."
Nadelen: "They just fly without waiting us We arrived hour and half before the flight, and they diecied to close the check in, Choce any other flying compeny but them!!!"
Voordelen: "food + entertainment"
Voordelen: "I liked the food and the Entertainment on board. The board crew was friendly and had always a smile."
Nadelen: "The crew wasn't able to speak in German, even though they spoke perfect English."
Voordelen: "Service when it was done"
Nadelen: "Infrequent service Crowded Entertainment system bad"
Voordelen: "All perfect this time. Food was so tasty as always:) crew is very kind."
Nadelen: "Always delay flight"
Voordelen: "I love the comfort and hospitality offered by the Turkish"
Nadelen: "boarding was horrible of both legs of my Turkish Airline. The Istanbul Airport is a total disaster and dysfunctional. Experience delays in both baggage and flights."
Nadelen: "Entwrtainment Audio was noisy"
Nadelen: "There was a gate change shortly before boarding but it wasn't ever announced on the loudspeaker. I was sitting at the original gate and by sheer lucK happened to get up and walk past the departures info screens only to see that my flight was listed at a totally different gate. I feel I could've easily missed my flight even though I was sitting right there at the gate that had been listed when I first arrived to the airport."
Voordelen: "The service was excellent The Pullman Hotel was an excellent choice for dissatisfied customers. The staff was friendly and understanding."
Nadelen: "Only an hour between connection so the connection was missed.Also the airline only gave a food vouchers for one restaurant. That restaurant has poor choices of items to select from ,food quality was substandard ,the choices of the items was to limited, and the people in the restaurant was rude."
Voordelen: "excellent services provided by the crew members, nice food, great entertainment (up to date),"

The original flight on 15th canceled but not informed the passenger. The next flight allocated was for 20th. Why 5 days later. This is unacceptable

I would never book Etihad ever again.

3hr delay with severly lacking communication

Voordelen: "had to cnx due to covid-19"
Nadelen: "had to cnx due to covid-19"
Voordelen: "did not get the flight,because of no not given correct notice"
Nadelen: "don't know,flight missed..virgi s fault 100%"
Voordelen: "Crew were responsive. 787 has more legroom & better recliner, window shading was amazing"
Nadelen: "Vegetarian food quality needs improvement"
Voordelen: "Food varieties are not that good"
Nadelen: "Make the food quality, quantity and varieties to be improved"
Nadelen: "aren't all the passengers on the flight same? how come economy passengers denied Biryani, while premium and Business class gets it?"
Voordelen: "every thing from the new plane until arrive it was amazing"
Nadelen: "nothing every thing i like it"
Voordelen: "Food"
Nadelen: "Please stop overbooking...."
Voordelen: "This crew was better that last flight overall"
Nadelen: "Better seating arrangements"
Nadelen: "More cabin staff only 3 attendants for a packed flight Long wait for another plane to land so people could get on Late landing Generally uncomfortable due to full plane and inconsiderate people May not use again"
Nadelen: "The crew is the most arrogant and ill mannered from all the other international airlines I have flown with - so please be ready for a very unwelcome experience. I had also worded this out as a complain to them, but received a very lukewarm and uninterested reply."
Nadelen: "No sweets were served in any meals. Not even a chocolate candy."
Voordelen: "I was impressed they gave us a full meal for only a 3.5 hr fought"
Nadelen: "Crew was a little rude"
Nadelen: "Ook voor economy is de seating aan de krappe kant."
Nadelen: "Ook voor economy is de seating voor iemand van 1.85m aan de krappe kant."
Voordelen: "The staff were great and very nice and helpful. It was very quiet in business class and we enjoyed that as economy was really crowded. The business class lounge was nice but needs a quiet area where people who have long layovers (like us) can lay down and have a darkened room for a bit of rest."
Nadelen: "The seat I was in was very hard and definitely needs more padding. My but was killing me during the flight but the cabin crew helped me by gin I got me 2blankets to fold up and sit on. The pillows are way too big and hard. I recommend paring them down the size they currently are. I was in seat 7-E. The business class bus was last to come so we waited for a long time to get to the plane. Most of economy was boarded before us. But not really a big problem as we did get on the plane with no problem."
Voordelen: "Flight attendants were super ultra professional."
Nadelen: "Flight attendants were super ultra professional."
Voordelen: "Charging for devices at the seat, not too cramped."
Nadelen: "Out of DC, they weighed every carryon item both at check in and at the gate. I couldn’t fill my water bottle before boarding or I would have been overweight... I’ve never had an airline be so picky. And then they lost one of my bags - ironic given the precision about baggage weight."
Nadelen: "food was bad in taste ,they present us just like give to baggers there was no serving in trays .pictures show in add. are all falls we did not get that kind of food in our whole trip . for exps .in dinner they serve 2 small buns filled with 2 leave of spinch 1 bean barito 1small piece of chocolate for desert. for breakfast was lentel,with mashed patatos.when I asked for somthing else.reply was we do not have anything i did not have anything in my 15 houre flight."
Nadelen: "Carry on baggage space was very limited, or passengers were allowed to take more than they should. Also, the sitting and boarding at the Abu Dhabi airport was very insufficient for a full flight."
Voordelen: "Excellent flight crew, remarkably comfortable seating—every aspect of the trip was above my expectations"
Nadelen: "Absolutely nothing"
Voordelen: "Not much. Free shower at the airport was welcome."
Nadelen: "Abu Dhabi airport is poorly designed, crowded and confusing. For some bizarre reason, we had to exit the boarding area (we had arrived very early), and then re-enter at the end of a VERY long line, then dispose of the water we had bought AFTER we had already gone through one set of security checks, to have another bag search inside the boarding area. (???) For a 14 hour flight, you might expect a bit more in the line of amenities (like the Singapore Airlines pamper kit). It’s also nice to know on a long haul what you might be eating (a la Singapore Airlines menu card), but not on Etihad. Also the movies on offer through the entertainment system were a bit stale and dated. They also had no arrivals cards in English, and finding them at Sydney Airport is a nightmare. (Why do we still do the stupid things, anyway?) Then, to top it all off, after a tiring flight, Sydney Airport put on their best demonstration of appalling and confusing crowd control at the baggage carousels and getting through customs. Used to think Etihad was a quality experience, but it doesn’t seem so any more."
Nadelen: "Crew needs to be more polite to passengers. I witnessed the crew being rude to multiple customers. Also the good needs work. I've traveled Etihad multiple times before and this experience has made me want to not fly them again"
Nadelen: "Same type of food. They ran out dinner so served the previous entree. Turn the crew light on for water. No air hostesses showed up."
Voordelen: "Direct flight from JFK to Dubai"
Nadelen: "Strong uncomfortable smell coming out"
Nadelen: "Flight delay with no reason for two hours which made me cancel another flight and wait for another five hours in transit and pay a huge amount of money to reschedule flight. Medicore plane on a long flight of seven hours from abu dhabi to kuala lampur. Cabin crew not helping. Bad toilets."
Voordelen: "Good service. Excellent food"
Nadelen: "No complain"
Voordelen: "Decent plane Decent food Decent service"
Nadelen: "Abu Dhabi Airport Is The worst! Going through the transit area is hell. The wall of people extended out of the hall and up the stairs. Shear hell"
Voordelen: "Liked the cabin"
Nadelen: "The crew was standoffish and disengaged. This is on a buisiness class ticket where I paid $8000 for two tickets."
Voordelen: "Kind of similar to Indian food if possible. Thanks"
Voordelen: "مجال الكراسى"
Nadelen: "المضيفين"
Voordelen: "crew"
Nadelen: "bed"
Nadelen: "This plane was quite noisy. Noise cancelling earphones helped but it was noticeably different to the next flight with air Berlin. That cabin was significantly quieter."
Voordelen: "Food again"
Nadelen: "old entertainment system"
Nadelen: "Not enough vegetarian food"
Nadelen: "All but one of the flight attendants, who unfortunately was not in my section, seemed rather terse and far less than kind. Simple requests from fellow passengers were regarded as inconvenient intrusions. The gal in my section would act like she had not heard the requests and then when the passengers would repeat themselves, she would snap, "Please wait till I've finished my service." She rarely would make eye contact with anyone while doing, "her service" and acted like it was a major inconvenience. It was a long flight but the crew on the way to New Delhi on Jet Airways were exceptional and made the flight as pleasant as possible. The Eithad crew lacked this attitude."
Voordelen: "The seats reclined in a better way giving more room. Crew were very happy, engaging and helpful to the Extra Mile when it came to kids and the older passengers. Always polite too."
Voordelen: "The aircraft and leg space in rare seats."
Nadelen: "The boarding and getting off the aircraft was mess and no proper arrangement for transportation at Abu Dhabi. The ground staff was not cordial enough."
Nadelen: "I called eitahd, very nice man told me they will arrange hotel but when we reached there they kept lingarinf ro provide hotel and at last they took us to co seleepibg area which was so horrible"
Nadelen: "I dislike how early the entertainment system shuts off"
Voordelen: "Very old and not up to date . Not enough choice ."
Nadelen: "Wider choice more current content especially movies ."
Nadelen: "Food was too salty! Crew needs to be more helpful if passengers are non English speaking; they could show them how to stretch the chair and pull it up while eating. Crew could also ask passengers what kind of movies or entertainment they like and show them how to operate!"
Voordelen: "Great staff"
Voordelen: "Lots of legroom!"
Nadelen: "Not attending to call button and not providing coffee or tea when I needed"
Nadelen: "The boarding and check in crew are terrible. They don't inform or check luggage policies during check-in and force you just before boarding to pay extra money for unknowing people. This was completely frustrating and terrible experience. If only the crew were knowledgeable and friendly. Customer service is really bad."
Voordelen: "The email info The on board entertainment The food The delivery of luggage due to change of planes"
Nadelen: "3 hours delay without information Seat size Leg room"
Nadelen: "Your airline lost my baggage. I missed my connecting flight in Paris to Bordeaux and had to pay 200 euros to get another flight. I am very disappointed"

The flight was good, no complaints

Internet service very bad and there is no option to refund

Voordelen: "The crew was very kind and attentive."
Nadelen: "We waited over an hour at the new terminal to be bussed to the old terminal where the business lounge was."
Nadelen: "Connecting in Jeddah is a mightmare."
Voordelen: "Excellent service and ontime takeoff"
Voordelen: "The new Boeing airplane. Business class is truly business class."
Nadelen: "More professional flight attendants."
Voordelen: "water cold"
Nadelen: "no need more time"
Voordelen: "The crew was very professional and the coffee was great."
Nadelen: "Boarding was unorganized and late, the bus drive to the plane took 15 minutes to get to, the seats and cabin looked old and frayed, the flight departed late, one of my luggage did not make it to my destination. This is the worst airline I have traveled on."
Voordelen: "The Saudia crew were friendly as they have always been on my flights - regional in the Middle East. They are efficient and will help you out as much as possible"
Nadelen: "The airline overall is mediocre to good. The seat selection process is a joke. I was assigned a middle seat on the return trip along with my outbound seat selection. I had no idea I even had a seat selection as neither the app nor the site gave me any indication that I even had a seat."
Voordelen: "Flight duratiom"
Nadelen: "Worn off aircrafts being used on this route. IFE could have been better."
Voordelen: "I liked the professionalisim and food and hospitality, OUTSTANDING AND SURPRISING!!!"
Nadelen: "Saudi Airlines is developing rapidly and quickly, OUTSTANDING!!!"
Nadelen: "Seats have thin padding with vinyl covers like bus seats. Rather than serve snacks, they set the cart in front of the emergency exit (!!) and made it self-serve. Most of the people on the flight are from countries where people do not queue, so it was a scrum. I've done this flight three times in the past four months. The movies haven't changed AT ALL. I was seated next to two terrible, nasty little boys who were apparently flying unattended! Isn't there a policy for children traveling alone? More to the point, they were literally wrestling at 3 am and infuriating everyone within earshot, yet the crew did nothing. An omelette is not folded scrambled eggs. If you fly through Saudi Arabia, you have to claim your baggage, take a 20 minute BUS ride between terminals and then check your bags again. Ridiculous."
Nadelen: "The airport in Jeddah was overcrowded, dirty, chaotic and the men’s room was not clean and was stinky"
Nadelen: "I did not get my laguage and no information was given to me on when I will get it"
Nadelen: "The flight was postponed several times. and service at the plane was poor. It was a 12 hours flight and we was supposed to have one meal and a snack! Thank god I had some extra food for my kid."
Voordelen: "When checking in, was offered seat at the emergency exit, without asking. Boarding was quick and service on plane excellent."
Voordelen: "The crew was very friendly and the food was good. The entertainment options had too much variety with relatively new movies available."
Nadelen: "The furniture and general interior of the plane was too old and used. Lots of things that don’t work or are loose. The in-flight entertainment had too many useless interruptions for announcements."
Nadelen: "تم الاعتذار عن تقديم الكافيه"
Nadelen: "The seats are very tight and so small"
Voordelen: "Nothing at all"
Nadelen: "The stop was 7:30 hours and next flight got delayed for another 2 hours since the flight captain didn’t arrive from Jeddah airport. The airport crew were not able to answer what was the schedule which kept all passengers in a dilemma. I will never take a risk and reserve SAUDIA for international flights."
Voordelen: "The aircraft was clean and the journey was comfortable. The choice of food served was excellent!"
Nadelen: "The transit at Riyadh. The airport and facilities were poor for international standards."
Voordelen: "The crew was very helpful"
Nadelen: "The flight was on time"
Nadelen: "It is a common practice for the flights to get a regular delay"
Nadelen: "Airport of Jeddah"
Voordelen: "The customs at the end were exceptional. We have never made it thru so fast. Things have been improving at the South Terminal of Jeddah airport."
Nadelen: "No alcohol is served:("
Voordelen: "Clean , comfort , helpful"
Nadelen: "The flight was not on time . Been waited for for more than three hours late for no reason . Thank you"
Voordelen: "Service is excellent"
Nadelen: "Food"
Voordelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "Everything"
Nadelen: "Security check at entrance leading to delay over 2 hrs"
Voordelen: "Entertainment is okay but can be better"
Nadelen: "Lie flat bed was uncomfortable"
Voordelen: "I want to thank everyone for the great service and for the support I got with my back pain situation, everyone was very helpful and they did very good job"
Nadelen: "I liked everything, was very good experience , I was surprised how everyone took good care of me and my needs, they made my long trip less painful"
Nadelen: "Delay"
Voordelen: "The trip is pretty good but the movies need to be increased and the food needs variety."
Voordelen: "Every thing"
Nadelen: "There were a lot of mix ups with our visit about our passports"
Voordelen: "None"
Nadelen: "Airline boarding pass / check in counter behavior is unacceptable. They have very poor knowledge how to handle domestic to international flight passenger. Jeddah counter representative even don't know domestic and international terminal are different location in Ryadh; they even don't know passenger has to collect luggage and go to international terminal for final destination. As per Jeddah airlines counter supervisor, domestic and internation terminals are in same location whereas in reality we need to go with a bus. original flight was 4 hours connecting time but airlines changed to 2 hours. We are lucky that we don't missed our flight because we were 1 minutes late to close check in / collect boarding pass; as per counter representative. one of the biggest issue was as follows: when we went to Jeddah counter, we have requested for both boarding pass (Jeddah to Ryadh to JFK) including baggage to be collected to JFK; unfortunate duty supervisor behavior was unacceptable. He was very rood. He was repeating same word and telling "do you understand english" same word again and again with aggressive mood whereas he is very poor in english."
Voordelen: "Aircrafts"
Nadelen: "Food and Jedah Airport"
Nadelen: "The terminal in Jeddah was the worst. There weren’t sufficient bathrooms for the number of flights/people passing through and the bathrooms were soaking wet. In addition, it rained and there were leaks in the roof all throughout the terminal. The water was literally pouring in non-stop. I advise anyone to avoid long layovers (or any layover) in Jeddah. The only positive aspect is there are a couple of good (small) coffee shapes and reclaimed chairs that are good for sleeping."
Nadelen: "Poor catering services. I was starving whole 21 hour flight from Dhaka to NYC. They don’t sever enough meal to passengers so avoid this airline"
Nadelen: "Had to make an emergency landing in Riyad for some reason, which delayed the flight for over an hour."
Nadelen: "Delays for both flights. Very late luggage handeling. It more than an hour to get my bag."
Nadelen: "Food"
Voordelen: "Much better than the Ethiopian flight I took all day"
Voordelen: "Flight on time . Food was great Movies were nice"
Nadelen: "None"
Nadelen: "AC not working Flight attendant not smiling Bad seats Worst flight I ever been to"
Voordelen: "I was relieved that there was a bit of onboard entertainment after my first flight and abysmal layover in Jeddah."
Nadelen: "Overcrowded plane and filthy toilets."
Voordelen: "Timing and respect"
Nadelen: "Toilets on the flight are dirty"
Voordelen: "I like the way they treat their customers in every way possible. Very clean seats, inside the plane and every where in plane."
Nadelen: "Na"
Voordelen: "National company"
Nadelen: "Crew. Service. Entertainment system. No headphones. Poor food. Delay in taking of."
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Veiligheidsmaatregelen voor vliegmaatschappijen die van Amsterdam naar Jakarta vliegen

Vliegmaatschappijen die van Amsterdam naar Jakarta vliegen hebben aanvullende veiligheidsmaatregelen en een aangepast beleid ingevoerd om reizigers beter te kunnen voorzien. Het beleid verschilt per vliegmaatschappij.

Extra hygiënemaatregelen

Dagelijkse schoonmaak en installatie van HEPA-filters in de cabine op vluchten van Amsterdam naar Jakarta

Verplichte mondkapjes

Mondkapjes zijn aan boord verplicht. Deze worden verstrekt op vluchten van Amsterdam naar Jakarta

Zitplaatsen met sociale afstand

Middelste zitplaats niet beschikbaar op vluchten van Amsterdam naar Jakarta

Test voorafgaand aan vlucht

Testen op antistoffen en testen bij symptomen voor vluchten van Amsterdam naar Jakarta

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Amsterdam - Jakarta


Amsterdam (AMS)Nederland


Jakarta (CGK)Indonesië

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