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€ 406

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€ 644

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€ 691

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€ 415
Beste tijd om de massa te ontvluchten met een gemiddelde daling in prijs van 16%.
Populairste tijd om te vliegen met een gemiddelde toename in prijs van 24%.
Vlucht van Amsterdam Schiphol naar Bogota El Dorado
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  • Op zoek naar een goedkope vlucht? 25% van onze gebruikers heeft vluchten voor deze route gevonden voor € 415 of minder voor een enkele reis en voor € 691 of minder voor een retour.
  • De goedkoopste vlucht vanaf Amsterdam naar Bogota werd gemiddeld 76 dagen voor vertrek gevonden.
  • Boek minstens 5 weken voor vertrek als je een ticket voor minder dan de gemiddelde prijs wilt boeken.
  • Het hoogseizoen is in november, december en januari. De goedkoopste vliegmaand is april.
  • Een ochtendvlucht is gemiddeld* 52% goedkoper dan een avondvlucht.
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Air FranceGemiddelde score op basis van 4368 beoordelingen
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Service on board

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Service on board

Nadelen: "J’ai eu à payer un bagage supplémentaire sur internet à 160 euros. Mon compte a été débité et à l’aéroport de Dakar les agents au comptoir me disent qu’ils ne retrouvaient pas le payement du troisième bagage. J’ai été obligé de repayer le bagage comptant à 190€"
Nadelen: "Flight was delayed for 4+ hours"
Nadelen: "I not get to go my flight, I couldn't get reimbursement"
Voordelen: "The seat was very comfortable."
Nadelen: "My boyfriend and I were required to gate check our carry-on luggage which required us to go through customs in Paris to get to our bag and re-enter security for our connecting international flight. I am unsure why this was the case as other passengers brought the same size luggage. Very upsetting."
Voordelen: "Seats are comfortable on Business Class. Service is good"
Nadelen: "Constant delays specially from CDG! Poor cabin service specially on this flight."
Nadelen: "They made me check my carryon rolly which is allowed on every other plane in the world, which meant going all the way back into a chaos of hundreds of people to check in. Because I had a connecting flight to New York in London, the check in caused many problems...and everything inside soaking wet"
Nadelen: "This was one of the worst flights I’ve been on. Both planes were downright filthy. The flight from Dallas to Barcelona had several broken toilets. Flight from Paris to Barcelona boarded and once everyone was on board, they told us that we would be sitting there for 2 hours before leaving."
Nadelen: "Geen wifi voor 9 uur"
Voordelen: "Friendly crew"
Voordelen: "Staff were friendly and seats in business were super comfortable."
Nadelen: "Plane is old and entertainment facilities are no longer appropriate"
Voordelen: "Food and drinks very good"
Nadelen: "In economy class the movies unable to listen to with ear buds. Bring my own next time."
Nadelen: "Surprised one flight that from what it looked to be, once flight took off a older couple came out of the cockpit are and took a seat in business class. I thought I had seen someone in civilian clothes setting in a area right behind the pilots chair. They did return to cockpit area near end of flight"
Voordelen: "The crew was pleasant and boarding efficient I lucked out with first class"
Nadelen: "Poor service. Terrible food. Aging aircraft. Terrible in-flight entertainment system. Really not good AirFrance."
Voordelen: "Air France has the best crews! They really go the extra mile."
Nadelen: "My skis were lost on the way to Riga and had to be delivered 2 days later to Vilnius. That said, the situation was handled very professionally."
Nadelen: "There was no entertainment and there was a lot of annoyed passengers and flight attendants"
Voordelen: "Staff and services all very good definitely"
Nadelen: "Everything was brilliant"
Voordelen: "I did like Flying with Delta and Air France but not with Ukrainian airlines (when booking , it should tell you what airlines will be used , to make a better selection )"
Nadelen: "When I purchased my flight ticket , I purchased with a checked bag (23 kg /50 #) how ever ( who will fly to Ukraine with a 10kg suitcase) I booked for a KLM flight , they used (partener airlines ) when I arrived to LA I flew with Delta , they checked my Suitcase at no cost all the way to my final destinations , that was expected ! When I was going to return , they made me payed 120 dollars ( in Kiev , Ukraine (UIA) , I was very disappointed and I really will love an explanation about all this !"
Voordelen: "Extremely hot the plane"
Voordelen: "The staff were very helpful and professional. The air hostesses regularly checked if I was ok and showed concern when I wasn’t. They made what seemed a bad situation seem bearable."
Nadelen: "The food was not very nice and the option I wanted had run out. The entertainment was faulty and had to be reset several times. The comfort was below standard and needs to be improved."
Voordelen: "Good selection of movies"
Voordelen: "Onboard crew was friendly. Dinner was good"
Nadelen: "Cabin was very cold. Not enough legroom compared to orher international carriers. Male flight attendant kept bumping into my husband sitting in aisle seat so he unable to get any sleep. We tried upgrading to business but Delta said we had to contact Air France in Detroit. When thrre, the gentleman on ground crew was actually rude when I asked about it. He could have just politely told me there was nothing available. Not looking forward to my return flight"
Voordelen: "From the boarding, to the friendly hostesses to the food and the business class seat, I was impressed all the way. My first time to fly Air France business to the US and it was great. I recommend it!"
Nadelen: "I just expected better toilet bag for business but what was given out was just basic."
Nadelen: "Leg space."
Voordelen: "If the flight would have leave in time we would receive our luggage in time"
Voordelen: "Personnel"
Nadelen: "Nothing"
Voordelen: "Faster"
Nadelen: "Waited a while before take off."
Nadelen: "Vlucht door vertraging van uit lax gemist op een paar minuten"
Nadelen: "Couldn't make the aweful experience!"
Voordelen: "Great hospitality. Champagne as apero, cognac as digestif. Excellent on board entertainment. Comfy pillow and blanket."
Nadelen: "Plane was canceled at the last minute with a transfer desk literally assaulted by 100s of people. Only 3 persons on the desk. No lane for sky priority. Queued for nearly two hours before some airport employee gave us instructions to travel by train without any other information or tickets etc. Had to buy my ticket. Couldn’t recuperate my suitcase. Had to wait for it the next day for three hours. Up to this hour I don’t know how I am going to be reimbursed (train and plane)."
Voordelen: "Free snack and drinks. Good service."
Voordelen: "Very poor sound quality on the earphones. Made it very difficult to watch a movie and almost impossible to listen to music."
Voordelen: "Nothing special"
Nadelen: "They start serving late the apperitif before taking off and take it back right after."
Voordelen: "The crew, the service, the food and beverages"
Nadelen: "The 3 hours delay"
Voordelen: "Smoothness of flight and service"
Nadelen: "In a french airline, chinese-cuisine meal was more attractive than western. Unbelievable! Entertainment: films were either too old, or too uninteresting"
Voordelen: "Boarding & crew (inc ground staff & check-in) all good."
Nadelen: "Food not great - not all menu options available. Limited choice of drinks. Very small, low-resolution, seat-back screens with a luggish & outdated interface. Limited choice of movies."
Voordelen: "Whenever I travel air France I get a reminder of what customer service looks like on a flight. Incredible crew, great experience"
Voordelen: "It es a good flight back"
Nadelen: "Items missing on duty free purchases"
Voordelen: "Punctueel"
Nadelen: "Geen ontbijt of iets dergelijks, dit ondanks vroege vlucht."
Voordelen: "Normale vluchtte t"
Nadelen: "Te last vetrokken"
Voordelen: "Friendly onboard staff"
Nadelen: "Treated like cattle while boarding unless your preferred member. Average food quality."
Nadelen: "Disappointed to get delayed due to control tower issues at CdG. Landed more than 30 mins late in London"
Voordelen: "Always like Air France. They are in tune with keeping the traveler updated."
Nadelen: "Walked all over the terminal looking for signage for Croatia Airlines. Information services sent me to the right location, but it was marked Air France. I asked serval Air France employees for Croatia Air. None new that Air France was the CA carrier. Finally found one who bothered to look it up on her computer and low and behold, AF was the carrier!"
Voordelen: "You can't go wrong with delta when it comes to customer satisfation. It's the primary reason I'm okay with paying extra money for delta flights"
Voordelen: "We were on a 9 hour flight which is pretty exhausting on its own. However, Air France provided you with a pillow and blanket, as well as headphones, so that you can make the best of the long trip."
Nadelen: "The chairs, for whatever reason, after just not that comfortable. Too squishy and they make noise when you adjust your position. I fidget a lot on flights so I felt like I was making a lot of noise. Also the plane didn't have cold air, do you get toasty pretty quick."
Nadelen: "I think I caught a stomach bug on one of the 3 legs of this route. More likely on last 2, i.e. Mumbai to RDU, as I fell sick almost 10-12 hrs after my last flight meal."
Voordelen: "The food was good."
Nadelen: "I feel comfortable flying when I can see out the window so don't force me to close my window shade.The flight attendants kept forcing me to close my shade. Also new planes would be nice. Sick of flying on outdated technology."


No service. People don’t speak English … the seats are so close from each orthers : no place for my legs and I 1.75m…

My original flight had been canceled and they got me on a better flight with a shorter layover. I spoke to Roger on the customer service line and he was wonderful.

Was excellent

Nadelen: "My checked bag did not make it to London, and it’s really affected my short stay which requires a lot of traveling around England."
Voordelen: "Flight was on time."
Nadelen: "When I bought the ticket, checked bags were included in the price. When I got to the counter, they said no and I paid $80, which was more than the flight for two cost. When I tried to use my frequent flyer account to pay for the bags, they said I couldn’t, although I had over $200 in credit. Very bad service! Very bad!"
Nadelen: "Better seats, better food"
Voordelen: "The crew was amazing"
Nadelen: "Still waiting for luggage 2 hours after flight arrived."
Nadelen: "USB outlet not working seat 21D"
Voordelen: "Good seat"
Nadelen: "Check in counter service is the worst I’ve ever experienced. On board, not all menus were available so I ended up eating the leftovers..."
Nadelen: "Todo estuvo excelente!!!"
Voordelen: "Crew vriendelijk"
Nadelen: "Te weinig beenruimte, handbagage moest toch in het ruim, lang wachten op koffers heenreis"
Voordelen: "Seats we re super comfortable, better than BA or Swiss for example. Food and drink excellent, gain better than Swiss or Ba, not to say US carriers who are on a league of their own (worse). Flight arrived early."
Nadelen: "A bit more space for placing magazines etc would be welcome"
Voordelen: "On time, clean airplane, smooth, good flight overall"
Nadelen: "No entertainment or food on board. Not even drinking water"
Voordelen: "La puntualidad de los vuelos"
Nadelen: "Compre mis tickets por iberia y me mandaron a AA sin derecho a maletas ni poder elegir mis seats"
Voordelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "Delayed flight from Milan to Barcelona caused us to miss the connecting flight and we were stuck in Spain for the night. Will not get back to US for another 2 days."
Voordelen: "The lunch in the flight back. The service was good."
Nadelen: "The spaces between seats and the bathrooms. It should be a person checking if it look okay after 2 hours flying."
Nadelen: "We didn’t go"
Nadelen: "This is my second time flying with this airline and it’s 40 mins late leaving again! Poor reliability and flying at night with my young son. I did not want to arrive an additional 45mins later in a city that can be dangerous"
Voordelen: "Seats were comfortable, pleasant staff, good ent. good wifi and none of that loud chit chat through the flight like tha American companies."
Nadelen: "The only thing I was a bit disappointed was with the meal. I don’t eat red meat and requested it theough the website, but nithing special was arranged and I ended up eating pasta. Pasta is fine and I love it, but people that don’t eat meat need to have vegetables added to their meals, or at least an egg. And for breakfast the only option was a ham and cheese sandwich, so I didn’t eat."
Nadelen: "Absurd weinig beenruimte. Alleen geschikt voor mensen kleiner dan 1.50m. Je kunt het best de hele vlucht op het toilet gaan zitten. Dit was één keer, maar nooooit weer!!! Sterk af te raden!!"
Nadelen: "Belachelijk weinig beenruimte, waardoor ik niet eens recht in m’n stoel kon zitten!"
Nadelen: "The line to check bags was way too long. No kiosks and only one person working the desk and way too slow."
Voordelen: "Flight left on time"
Nadelen: "Very tight seats. I’m not that tall and my knees were hitting the seat in front"
Nadelen: "Krew. Comfort srat . Space."
Nadelen: "they book flight connections too close in madrid, resulting in big hassles, especially if passport control is also involved"
Voordelen: "NOTHING, now waiting in airport for four hours."
Nadelen: "55-minute connection across terminals - five of us missed this flight. Iberia didnt even offer a voucher for breakfast. Makes this an overnight nightmare"
Voordelen: "Seats were too crowded. No leg room."
Voordelen: "Food was good Entertainment system is very good. Good selection of movies with good sound Crew does a fine job"
Nadelen: "I am an American who flew roundtrip Chicago - Madrid. We (family of 3) still haven't received our lost luggage from 2 weeks ago. When we checked in at Madrid, one staff told us to ask about the luggage downstairs at the luggage retrieval, which we are not allowed into. I came back and another staff woman told us to immediately go through immigration, because it takes so long to get through. Since our luggage appears to be lost for good, we will never take Iberia again. Madrid airport is a nightmare! We arrived at Madrid airport 2 hr 20 min. before our flight. Because the distance from the check-in counter to the plane is unbelievably far, and we all have to wait in very long lines, and then take multiple trains, escalators, and finally a bus, and U.S. passengers have their passports checked twice in long lines, we got on to the plane barely in time, on "last call" 30 min. before it took off. We will never fly through Madrid again! On any other trip from Spain overseas, we will choose some other city in Spain to leave from."
Voordelen: "Excellent meal in premium economy. As good as business class on other airlines"
Nadelen: "Boarding process is excrutiating"
Voordelen: "This was a long international flight so we got dinner, snack, and breakfast included. Food was decent, service fine, and entertainment selection was good. Also, since it was not a full flight, there was extra room and therefore a comfortable flight."
Voordelen: "Food, comfort, crew stand out. Check in very quick and efficient. Everyone helpful."
Nadelen: "Unable to get to connecting flight in time available - this itinerary should not be sold. wasted 4 hours in Madrid and my ride in Jerez wasted time also. Many people from my flight and others were in the same position."
Nadelen: "We paid $30 each way for extra legroom, but our seats did not provide it, and there were no empty seats available in the appropriate rows to correct the error. As happened before the airline pleaded a "change of aircraft" with no extra legroom seats. We were somewhat accommodated by being re-seated in the middle section with an empty seat between us, but this was not what we preferred or needed."
Voordelen: "Iberia"
Nadelen: "No help from kayak vayama to get additional baggage, seats"
Voordelen: "crew was awesome"
Nadelen: "how long and unorganized both checking in and boarding"
Voordelen: "I did a up grade To bisnees an it was very disapointed"
Voordelen: "The friendly, professional and always willing to help and device staff. The tasty food and snacks. There was always a member of the staff visible so it was easy to get water during the 10 hour flight. Or you can go and see them into their resting area and they were willing to help."
Nadelen: "I tried to paid for an upgrade but the ground staff wasn't very accommodating, she just said no."
Voordelen: "Thanks to British Airways . I lost one bag .. But they sent it to my home Outstanding service and quality performance Thanks for all"
Nadelen: "Notthing"
Voordelen: "The crew was great."
Nadelen: "Very unpleasant seating. For some reason, the armrests do not raise all the way, making it impossible to get comfortable and cuddle with your spouse."
Voordelen: "Plane and crew"
Nadelen: "Good flight"
Voordelen: "Lots of space"
Nadelen: "Left late, lack of coordination"
Nadelen: "the flight over LAX to Madrid was horrible. An old plane, both my husband and I had broken seats, no screens, and no charging capability. The flight from MAD to LAX was much better with a newer plan. I would however, not fly with Iberia again, because the out bound flight was so awaful. So average rating is okay."
Voordelen: "The crew members where very helpful throughout the flight with whatever I needed."
Nadelen: "The fact that everything costed more money."
Nadelen: "Late departure."
Nadelen: "Seats do not recline. Not even water was offered."
Voordelen: "747 has smaller cabins so even economy doesn't feel like cattle class."
Nadelen: "Standard food choices poor, chicken ran out after 5 rows. Mushroom risotto unrecognizable. Worth paying for an upgraded meal. Drinks service woeful, only 1 or 2 at seat services on 9.5 hour flight."
Voordelen: "Excellent flight. Iberia had outstanding service"
Voordelen: "Got to my destination safe and sound"
Nadelen: "Staff has bad attitude. Food was cold. Entertainment was awful."

What could have been better? The seats and food service

Voordelen: "Plane was nice and the crew was good, except that the flight left almost an hour late without enough announcements as to what was going on and when we might be leaving."
Nadelen: "More communications when the flight has been delayed and sitting there."
Nadelen: "Not AirEuropa’s fault but they left before we arrived in Zurich because Delta flight 66 was so late that our 3-hour layover became the AirEuropa flight left before the Delta flight arrived and deplaned."
Voordelen: "Yes"
Nadelen: "Bathroom smells very bad My three seats where very dirty and had brown yucky stuff One had a sticky gum on it The cleaning crew should have noticed it"
Voordelen: "The crew were very friendly."
Nadelen: "The terminal was old and no pre check at security. Also very limited options in that terminal once through security."
Voordelen: "."
Nadelen: "."
Voordelen: "2 per row so no middle seats"
Nadelen: "charged me 2x what they would have online for a checked bag 60 euros which i thought was egregious. they were late & no beverages"
Voordelen: "All"
Nadelen: "No"
Nadelen: "The charge for baggage but when i bought the ticket i received that the baggage was included"
Nadelen: "The food it wasnt good"
Nadelen: "Food"
Voordelen: "Comfortable seats from the good old days on board B 737"
Nadelen: "Delayed first leg, missed connection 3 hours delayed AND they lost my baggage"
Nadelen: "It is an airline that deceives you"
Nadelen: "It is an airline that deceives you"
Nadelen: "The boarding is very bad, you can not board 400 people in 15 minutes, the result will be, you will arrive one hour late! Also, Why the crew wear gloves when pick up left overs but not when serving the food? Really the crew training, it is very poor to sat the least. Arlindo."
Nadelen: "El tiempo de espera se retrasó demasiado tiempo"
Nadelen: "They didn’t even give water without charging for it. Water is a basic need The hidden baggage fees. I was informed at checkin that I wasn’t allowed a checked bag from Amsterdam via Madrid to Miami. It is the first time I have ever flown internationally where you don’t get 1 bag at least to check in. The. The fee was €150 one way to check a bag. I feel that the airport should have disclosed more clearly that the fair did not include luggage. I can understand for some short haul flights people can choose to take luggage but international long haul is just heap and dishonest"
Voordelen: "Cheap prices"
Nadelen: "Air Europa is is budget airline, and things you expect to not always work. I could not check online, because the web site did not work. When checking in at the airport, I paid extra for exit and bulkhead row seats for my family, after which the agent told me that the seas were in different parts of the airplane. The agent was not willing to refund the money I paid and give us ordinary seats. Apparently, with Air Europa, money goes only one way. Still, cheap, so may be attractive."
Nadelen: "Uncomfortable chairs. Long lines because I couldnt do online booking"
Voordelen: "The fly attendant was very nice and helped"
Nadelen: "The worst experience ever, they charge $190 extras"
Voordelen: "I was astonished to see a passenger putting nail polish on during the flight and no flight attendant did anything about the awful smell. Additionally, upon landing it is customary for passengers to unbuckle their seatbelts while taxi-not to the gate and standing up before the seatbelt sign has been turned off. The passengers have no regard for safety or rules."
Voordelen: "From the checking to the security check point to the new plains, spacious bathroom, outstanding service in the air. It was nice to travel comfortable with space between seats and for the first time I ate my food in an airplane!"
Nadelen: "I can't think of anything.."
Nadelen: "I booked a Delta flight and got an Air Europa flight. The flight was two hours late. The plane was really old and and had no screens, USB chargers, super tight space and things kept breaking. I’ll never book a flight that is operated by Air Europa."
Nadelen: "I missed my connection because of the insane delay on the first flight."
Voordelen: "Left on time, arrived early, and the price is good."
Nadelen: "The food is not very good, the attention is not very good, the luggage arrived late, it just wasn't like other times I have travel with you."
Voordelen: "Hello Dear, I am writing this message while God only knows how deeply hurt and feels descriminated I am.. Please listen carefully to my below story that happened while my flight from Milan - Madrid ___ Madrid - Miami. I traveled on October, 16th from Miami - Madrid and while checking in to this flight, the gentleman on Air Europa check in desk , required me to pay for my luggage and my iternary already stated that my ticket allowes me to have one bag in cargo and one carry on baggage on board. After I met with the station supervisor and showing the receipt, she understood my rights and proceeded professionally checking me in and I made my flight perfectly all the way to Malpensa, Milan.. On October, 23rd, I was about to make my flight back from Malpensa, Milan - Barajas, Madrid to connect from Madrid to Miami as scheduled.. I proceeded in Malpensa ,Milan Airport to check in area number 5 on terminal 2, where Air Europa flight# UX 1066 is stationed to check in the PAX on this flight. Politely I asked the lady if it's possible to be seated by any emergency exits as I am ex - commerical 1st officer for almost 8 years and I will be able to assist in case of emergency, as I am familiar with evacation procedures.. she informed me that I have to pay for this service.. i totally understood and I didn't comment, while the lady reaction and the way she answered me, was really disrespectful.. Then she asked me to pay €150 for my luggage and I explained the same that happened in Miami airport.. but this time I was deeply disrespected by telling me YOU GO TO TICKETING OFFICE OR YOU WILL NOT TRAVEL...i asked the lady to speak to the supervisor.. the supervisor came after awhile and she was very kind, polite and helpful.. but she kept insisting that I have to pay for my luggage, even I showed her the flight iternirary staying that ONE LUGGAGE IS ALLOWED ON BOARD - 1ST BAG IS FREE - 2ND BAG COST $100... and I had only one bag... Then she saw the receipt and while reading it, another lady from the check in station needed the supervisor help, so she left and I found myself speaking to no one, except the lady who is in charge of my checking in process. Then I told her that it's not fair to pay for something that I already paid for. No one in life can imagine how rude, impolite and discriminating she was.. specially speaking to her colleague in Italian carrying a conversation that I can't understand at all.. but I was able only to understand one thing she mentioned many times while angry... ( La Arabo ).... Yes I am Arabic person from Egypt that love the world from east to west, South to north... and I am living in The United States Of America with a beautiful family that have friends from different cultures, religions and races... But I felt really discriminated at this point when she mentioned ( La Arabo ) many times.... Then she looked at me saying OK AIR SIR ARE YOU GOING TO PAY FOR YOUR BAG OR YOU ARE OK TO MISS YOUR FLIGHT ?"
Nadelen: "I honestly told her (( SHUU )) because yes, I was feeling very disrespected and discriminated.. so it's fair enough to tell her (( SHUUU )) as I was looking at someone who is still discriminating people in 2017..Then I told her where to pay ? She directed me to the TICKETING office.. I went there and was really very sad.. not for paying, for how come someone can treat a customer like that... or even a human..then when the gentleman asked me for the credit card, I dropped it on his table.. Yes I know that I did it not in a nice way.. but then i apologized to the gentleman..  and you can ask him that I told him that you have nothing to do with this..  and I should apologize.. he gave me the receipt that I still have it that prove paying €150 for my luggage.. I went through security and then proceeded to my gate with a huge feeling of happiness that I will see my family in the U.S soon after a long trip.. The craziest thing even happened while I was proceeding to the boarding gate, the lady took my boarding pass and informed me that I am not allowed to board the airplane for security reasons..What???? Why??? What did I do??? No one talk to me... The lady who was checking me in earlier was turning her face and smiling.... can you imagine?????? Can you imagine the abuse????? Then I told her what did I do ??? I am not a bad person to not be allowed to board the airplane... I don't carry a gun or anything that threatening the safety on the aircraft..  and you know What??  I started to cry while I feel that I am deeply discriminated.... they told me that the captain has the rights to refuse you being on board... Again, as an EX Commercial Pilot, I know very well that for security and safety reasons for the aircraft, the PIC has the authority not to accept a passenger on board, in case that this pax is threatening the airplane verbally, visually, mentally and physically by showing any extreme illness symptoms that would put the life of passengers on board in danger.... DO I AM ONE OF ALL THIS?????? I am someone who is never being in a police department for any criminal purposes and never threatened any human being life... so why I am not allowed to board the aircraft and go back home to see my family and go to my work that I gain my salary from, to pay my taxes to the country that I am resident in, The United States Of America.. And if you are planning to decline my boarding process, why would you let me pay €150 for the luggage???? Isn't it really unfair???? We all work hard to afford our living... so why to do this for me whime I am leaving my family in America to travel for business to afford living for my family.... it's not fair by any meaning or language...."
Nadelen: "bagageafhandelijk verschrijkkelijk. Koffers kwijt en volgens de balie gebeurt dat om de haverklap in mallorca"
Voordelen: "None"
Voordelen: "Overall the flight was fine."
Nadelen: "My connection in Madrid was bad. I arrived at gate E82 and had to get to A8. Terminals are laid out sequentially and it was quite a walk, with a passport check before the B terminal. Even with an hour and a half layover I had no time to spare going straight there."
Voordelen: "nothing"
Nadelen: "1.5 hrs delay in arrival. there were 9 people at the departure gate. The plane was at the gate two hours before departure; but the flight is delayed due to 'late arrival' of the equipment??? Air bus 330, circa 1970. toilets were worn out; tv screens were flickering (can't even see what's on the screen on the walls), wifi cutting in and out, meal was poor; main dish, bread and desert, that's it. In Madrid, after the flight from Zurich landing in terminal E, it was a 45 min walk to terminal A, international terminal. No bus, no assistance, no one to ask how to get there if one is in a hurry. no info desks to be found anywhere. I can't even imagine for a disabled person. THe airport crew with a cart would not give a ride to an old lady with cain. Wow. It is the worst airport anywhere I have flown out of. The check in process was less than good or efficient. I would not fly this airline nor connect through Madrid."
Nadelen: "More than 4 hours delay and nobody was able to tell us anything, nobody was updated in the gate, terrible information and service, Internet service was terrible, the only quick procedure was to charge my credit card, after this terrible reception"
Voordelen: "Nothing."
Nadelen: "I bought 2 tickets at the same time for me and my wife and the sat us separately 10 rows apart from each other. Its stupid they dont let you choose your own seats. Also paying for the bag was another long process and had to go to 3 sepparate counters because Air Europa required a different procedure. Pilots necer announced upcomig turbulence and the landing was horrible. Old and uncomfortable seatbelts. Ive been on 3 flights this week and this was by far the worst. Wont be flying Air Europa in the future."
Voordelen: "The flight was very affordable and AE offered direct flights both ways (from Miami/Madrid & Madrid/NY)"
Nadelen: "The food wasn't great. And the flight attendance could've been more outgoing and friendly."
Voordelen: "Lunch (TLV - MAD) was excellent Breakfast (MAD - TLV) was horrible! Plane was clean and new."
Nadelen: "Space between seats is minimal. Over 1.80 m' may suffer."
Voordelen: "Great plain, new comfortable clean, crew was fantastic, helpful and friendly"
Nadelen: "Food was good but could be fresher"
Voordelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "Damaged my bag on departure Waited 2 hours for my checked in bag to come out on arrival"
Voordelen: "Food"
Nadelen: "Flight was delayed"
Voordelen: "- I like the economic price. - I like that I was flying in economic class and I was allow to carry two luggages. That makes the difference with any other airline."
Nadelen: "Space between seats very uncomfortable. Planes very old."
Voordelen: "No frills easy to board. Flight left on time and arrived 15 minutes early."
Nadelen: "Very cramped seats for an average size person. When person in front pushed his seat back the seat was almost touching my face. Way too close."
Voordelen: "Our connecting flight was changed for us."
Nadelen: "The unplanned extra stop delayed us by 6 hours."
Voordelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "Late every where , Never gonna book them again Late 3 hours .... disaster"
Nadelen: "Delayed 1 hour 40 min. No communication from airline regarding new departing time or gate. Boarding was a free for all"
Voordelen: "That I arrived safely. That it was cheap. Being fed twice in a short amount of time was a surprise."
Nadelen: "Plane left much later than it should have. Cramped, uncomfortable seats that barely had much padding. The worst part were the other passengers—about 30 or more kids (late teens or early twenties) who talked loudly throughout the entire redeye flight. Sleeping was impossible. They were never asked by the staff to quiet down."
Voordelen: "The food and the attention inside of the airplane."
Nadelen: "The Boarding was horrible. I arrive at Madrid on Gate D-48 and I have to walk 30 minutes in order to in order to arrive to gate A-2. Once I arrive there, for my surprise the authority installed a temporary check point on such gate that I have to be inspected with my wife by the port authority. This was something that we don't expected and it was not well organized."
Voordelen: "Blanket and pillow meal ok staff friendly and attentive"
Nadelen: "No boarding call headphones sold crush to get on flight"
Voordelen: "Slept almost the entire flight over, from the middle seat."
Nadelen: "Only a 10kg weight limit, not described well during the ticket purchasing process."
Voordelen: "It was a regular airplane."
Nadelen: "I didn't like how there was no space for such a long flight. I also didn't like how long it took to receive my bag in Madrid (almost 45mins)"
Nadelen: "Gate Agents did not indicate reason for almost 2 hour delay. It was for security purposes and nobody told us anything."
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Veiligheidsmaatregelen voor vliegmaatschappijen die vanuit Amsterdam naar Bogota vliegen

Vliegmaatschappijen die vanuit Amsterdam naar Bogota vliegen hebben aanvullende veiligheidsmaatregelen en een aangepast beleid ingevoerd om reizigers beter te kunnen voorzien. Het beleid verschilt per vliegmaatschappij.

Extra hygiënemaatregelen

Dagelijkse schoonmaak en installatie van HEPA-filters in de cabine op vluchten vanuit Amsterdam naar Bogota

Verplichte mondkapjes

Mondkapjes zijn aan boord verplicht. Deze worden verstrekt op vluchten vanuit Amsterdam naar Bogota

Zitplaatsen met sociale afstand

Middelste zitplaats niet beschikbaar op vluchten vanuit Amsterdam naar Bogota

Test voorafgaand aan vlucht

Testen op antistoffen en testen bij symptomen voor vluchten vanuit Amsterdam naar Bogota

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