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Vlucht van Amsterdam Schiphol naar Sydney Kingsford Smith
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Top 5 airlines voor vluchten naar Sydney Kingsford Smith

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Korean AirGemiddelde score op basis van 5040 beoordelingen
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It was ok, very crowded. That's a long flight Tobe so tightly together. Video was not up to par either, poor quality equipment.

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It was ok, very crowded. That's a long flight Tobe so tightly together. Video was not up to par either, poor quality equipment.

Flying business cannot quench your thirst. Not even a glass(in this case a paper cup) of water is onboard. I wonder if the COVID virus can survive in the longer legs.

Nadelen: "Food"
Voordelen: "Crew was grest and helpful"
Nadelen: "Seats on 777 are not padded very well for a 14 hour flight"
Voordelen: "Food and professionalism, were excellent, had a good stress free experience."
Nadelen: "Had issues with unusual plane noise."
Voordelen: "The crew was on it when it came to responding to the call button."
Voordelen: "extremely friendly and helpful staff, the ability to choose from three options, the included hotel stay between flights, modern planes,"
Nadelen: "none of the film choices really appealed to me, but I am picky!"
Nadelen: "The seat needs more support very uncomfortable"
Voordelen: "Creew, food , prompt service"
Nadelen: "More frequent stops for water or drinks or at least larger cups. ."
Voordelen: "Yes, we were unexpected and surprised being upgrade to premier class"
Nadelen: "no complaints. very appreciated our upgrade, since we went to Prague for mother-in-law's funeral, we were absolutely exhausted.This up grade made an excellence different to us. Thanks very much."
Voordelen: "Great service"
Nadelen: "Hope I can change seat when I check in even though I choose to enter other skyteam number than sky pass."
Voordelen: "Services"
Nadelen: "No, all good"
Voordelen: "Flight attendants were the friendliest and most patient I have ever experienced. Great customer service!!!"
Nadelen: "Seats of any airplane could use improvement on comfort. But comfort was good."
Voordelen: "Legroom was generous, crew were attentive and polite, although alcohol availability was stingy."
Nadelen: "Food quality was poor bordering on tasteless, more importantly service of lukewarm egg meals is guaranteed to earn an "Air Typhoid" award, and is inexcusable."
Nadelen: "The seat were not very comfortable."
Voordelen: "My flight was postponed or delayed as the airline like to call it until the next day due to Narita International Airport closing after 11pm! First of all I didn’t realize major international airports closes especially with a airplane still on the runway! After our flight was “delayed” Korean Airlines scrambled to get us into hotels. This process was very poorly organization and many of us non Japanese speakers were left very confused because they kept forgetting to interpret what they said into English. I had to keep reminding them. We had to stay in long lines throughout the process which took up at least 3hrs. On top of that we waited at least 45 minutes the day after to get our new boarding passes! I was so over my trip to Japan by then and very disappointed with how Korean airlines handled the situation. I will most likely not take Korean airlines again and it will be a long time until I take another trip to Japan."
Nadelen: "Their food"
Voordelen: "The best flight I took this trip - clean, courteous, on time. I wish they flew in continental US :))"
Voordelen: "best airline ever"
Voordelen: "Very professional crew good service"
Nadelen: "Nothing really pilot couldn't understand him but does it really matter unless is an emergency"
Nadelen: "Everything was going well until our bags didn’t show up at our final destination. Big no-no. Just ruined the otherwise pleasant experience"
Voordelen: "Everything"
Nadelen: "I'm stuck in Korea on Christmas Day instead of being in the Philippines. The Korean Air staff didn't speak English very well and it took an hour to figure out what was happening. I had to pay for my own hotel on top of my resort that I'm paying for in the Philippines and the next flight isn't until 9 pm Christmas day. Worst airline I have ever had to deal with. On top of my five days off this year and two were wasted on traveling. Big waste of time and money. Will probably not use your website or the airline again."
Nadelen: "Seat was not comfortable."
Voordelen: "The crew are very good."
Nadelen: "Entertainment musically restricted."
Voordelen: "acomodations was awesome!!!"
Nadelen: "temperature was not consitent"
Voordelen: "Plane was clean, staff very friendly"
Nadelen: "Entertainment not provide despite international flight of 4 hours. Excessive extra luggage free compare to Singapore airlines and Sri Lanka air. Food was meh"
Voordelen: "The staff is friendly and helpful"
Nadelen: "There wasnt anything i didnt like for this flight"
Voordelen: "On time, clean, friendly, comfortable, helpful."
Nadelen: "I would like to have a vegetarion menu option"
Voordelen: "All. The best airline."
Voordelen: "Excellent service"
Nadelen: "45"
Voordelen: "A lot of staff, with personal service (even if you come and request a soft drink, they will bring it to your seat). Good entertainment."
Nadelen: "Seats were very uncomfortable, unsuitable for a 12 hour flight."
Voordelen: "Landed safe"
Nadelen: "2 hours on tarmac waiting....terrible. Didn't eat the food"
Voordelen: "I liked the fewer seats. Ready to get out of."
Nadelen: "Constant turbulence made going to the bathroom troublesome"
Voordelen: "Korean Air hosted us on four separate flights to SE Asia, a trip from which we have just returned. Of all of the airlines that we have used over the decades, Korean Air rates at the very top. We have no complaints, only a sense of what a first-class operation it was for us."
Voordelen: "I liked just about everything about this flight. From the food to the service to the movie selection, flying with them was great!"
Nadelen: "Nothing! Great flight."
Voordelen: "Staff is so friendly. Amazing legroom in economy, comfy seats. The food was great. They even offered packets with tooth brush and tooth paste. The plane's cleanliness is also stellar. I took a 14.5 hour flight that felt like a 5 hour flight. Korean Air's attention to detail sets the bar for all airlines"
Nadelen: "Nothing negative what so ever."
Voordelen: "I really liked how Korean Air had the next flights gate information on my boarding passes."
Voordelen: "Polite and courteous crew. Good movies on the flight back."
Nadelen: "I think the announcements were too long and took up about the first 15 minutes of the kept turning your movie off. Should be a way to override that from your seat."
Voordelen: "I like all the email reminders and alerts"
Voordelen: "Great service and decent food, clean new plane!"
Voordelen: "Everything was perfect!"
Voordelen: "Everything was perfect perfect service excellent food the best I ever flown so far"
Voordelen: "I liked everything from leg room, comfortable, good food to really great service and the on time/off departure."
Nadelen: "Nothing that I can think off."
Voordelen: "Friendly staff"
Nadelen: "Foo"
Voordelen: "I fly a lot of Asian airlines. This was my first time with KE. Overall, I'd say the food was OK, and I'm not particularly choosy. But the flight from Seoul to JFK was just beef and seafood and a Korean Rice Bowl. Pretty limited. If you're a veggie, I'd suggest putting in for a veggie meal."
Voordelen: "KA broke handle in my luggage and it was difficult to make them pay back some reasonable amount of money for that (my suitcase was just one year old) but at the end they did a lot. Love their metal cutlery instead of plastic ones. It's not only better to eat with them but also better for environment."
Nadelen: "Could have had more options in terms of movies on the flight, such as more South Asian and more Western movie options. They also had a limited drink selection, and the wine was not that great."
Voordelen: "Great value plus layover hotel bonus"
Nadelen: "It was all good"
Voordelen: "This flight and seat was definitely more comfortable than going to HongKong- space was ver cramped before."
Nadelen: "Vegetarian meals can be better, breakfast eggs get over cooked and rice also."
Nadelen: "We requested wheelchair assistance for my grandmother (3 days before the flight), but at the departing airport, the person with the wheelchair left early and we had to walk her on to the plane. When we arrived at Hong Kong, there was no wheelchair on the bridge, and after disembarking and being told to wait, it took 30 minutes for them to bring one. The ground staff kept trying to convince us to just walk which seemed very unprofessional."
Voordelen: "The crew went above and beyond the meet my needs. I requested the Cathay draft beer Betsy which wasn't loaded, unfortunately, but the crew managed to find one in economy."
Nadelen: "It was annoying the entertainment content on the A350 and 777-300ER were slightly different. I was watching a show but could not finish it."
Voordelen: "Seat worked as designed Got some sleep Crew was helpful"
Nadelen: "Better selection of movies; too much violence, foul language, sex and nudity - a better reflection of the food life."
Nadelen: "One of the lady flight attendant in the economy class seemed to be not in a good mood and was quite rude."
Nadelen: "Quality of Indian food"
Voordelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "Seating at the gate is strange. They just have people line up in any order and board them in that order. People run to form the line. Totally ridiculous. Food was awful. I have no idea what to even call the items they served. Audio jack was literally being held together with tape! Loose connection."
Voordelen: "The dinner was one of the top two I've ever had on a plane and I've flown business class around the world."
Nadelen: "I just don't fit comfortably into the pods and for a 14 hour flight that's a pain in the neck or lower. The seatbelts must be adjustable to allow a pod user to roll on his side."
Voordelen: "The staff is very customer friendly. One of the best. I"
Nadelen: "In general the toilets are clean but for this trip they weren’t very neat."
Voordelen: "Entertainment"
Nadelen: "The accommodation/attendance from the flight crews. They looked like they have just been deployed from training."
Voordelen: "Friendly crew. Nice plane."
Nadelen: "Can’t think of any complaints."
Voordelen: "They serve Baileys. I had a treble and then slept for 8 hours."
Nadelen: "I was served by the sassiest member of cabin crew. I think he thinks he’s doing us a favour by giving us such luxuries as water and food"
Nadelen: "flight delayed as always"
Voordelen: "The crew was average. Few of them were hospitable and friendly."
Nadelen: "After allowing first and business class passengers if boarding is done from the tail end that makes things easier and less messy or chaotic. Many airlines does that way and it seems very much civilized approach."
Voordelen: "Delayed. Late notification of delay. No text notification of delay."
Voordelen: "Boarding quick n fast"
Nadelen: "Seats uncomfortable, leg n body, space too small n my left seat is a big sizes man , right seat is a very fat man , I can’t even move . my seat don’t have headset n request one , but until reached Hong Kong I still didn’t get it n I m in plane for 4hrs doing nothing, no games no songs n no shows. Thank for your concern . Really appreciate."
Voordelen: "pilot’s operation of the plane is very good"
Nadelen: "there’s not enough snacks/food"
Voordelen: "Excellent service from the crew members and quality meals + snacks."
Voordelen: "The vegetarian food was excellent every time."
Nadelen: "I could. It select a seat ahead of the flight. I got stuck in the middle of a row. I see the same for my return flight. I do not understand why I cannot preselect a seat."
Voordelen: "Cup noodles and snacks available throughout the flight."
Nadelen: "Chicken curry ran out by the time I got served. I don’t really eat beef so I chose pasta, but the pasta was not substantial because it was just pasta noodles and sauce- no veges or anything with it. So I ate some cup noodles but that’s also more carbs. So no protein was available for my diet."
Nadelen: "i had a surfboard bag that weighed 11lbs and my daughter had a surfboard bag that weighed 21 lbs and we are being charged $200 each both ways for a total charge of $800 round trip. This is an outragous fee for surfboard and other airlines specificly Alaskian Air, Quanties, and Virgin Australia have been letting us travel with surfboard bags for free that weight 3 times that much. I will never take Cathay Pacific again as we paid more for these flights because we had heard they do not charge for surfboard and they have great service. I had a total of $1200 fspending money for food and transportation for my trip to Bali. That leaves me with $400. Never again will I travel with Cathay Pacific and I will be spreading the word through social Media! Not a Happy Customer!!!"
Voordelen: "Food"
Nadelen: "After my flight from Nanjing was delayed the next two flights to Sydney been overbooked and I was put on a flight to Melbourne to then go from there to Sydney. No Lounge access possible and no food vaucher offered. I had to ask to even get a small food vaucher. Bad!"
Voordelen: "Service was great and friendly and attentive"
Nadelen: "Setting chart was not accurate. It showed a space between my seat and next to me and there was no space between."
Voordelen: "The service and flight were great"
Nadelen: "The food was bland and it had no flavor. I got food poisoning from what they called a low lactose meal. I am a Chef myself and I feel like part of the overall experience is being fed but I didn’t have a great experience with that. I dread the flight home."
Voordelen: "Entertainment"
Voordelen: "The crew was polite, caring and friendly towards passengers. I had a pleasant time during the long flight. The food options were good."
Nadelen: "Cup noodles were not really a good snack idea given the fact that we were sitting in a closed environment. The smell was too much for such a long flight..."
Voordelen: "Service"
Nadelen: "Old aircraft"
Voordelen: "Great customer service. Very attentive"
Nadelen: "Lack of room"
Nadelen: "it waa just too an old plane. too noisy. dusty. even air preasure was not controlled good enough"
Voordelen: "Big thanks to the ground and flight crew of Cathat Paciic Cx 899!!! My parents flew Dec 3rd from EWR and they had an amazing experience! My dad has to be on a wheelchair and needs assistance and Cathay made sure my parents were well-assisted and comfy on the entire flight. They went above and beyond expectations!!!"
Voordelen: "Spaciousness of the plane Flight Crew Cleanliness of the plane Inflight entertainment"
Nadelen: "Food Luggage space of cabin not enough Promptness of plane ,our plane was late Manila airport terminal 3 no air-conditioning while waiting Boarding was disorganized last seat should board first no announcement from crew and no implementation of plan. Need constant communication from staff for better boarding experience."
Nadelen: "No in-flight WiFi was disappointing."
Voordelen: "Excellent crew and nothing to complain apart from the economy seats being a bit stiff."
Voordelen: "No issues."
Nadelen: "No complaints."
Voordelen: "Two security checks, one at the door of the plane where they take bottles of water that have been purchased after passengers have passed through immigration and security make boarding very slow. There is no priority for Premium. The staff are efficient but service is basic. No sign of staff except when they are serving food. Seats are fine for a day flight. The food is very ordinary and some dishes were not available."
Nadelen: "Not a lot of choice in entertainment. Some programs have been on there for years. Premium economy is not worth the extra money."
Voordelen: "Arrived 40 minutes ahead of scheduled arrival time. Food and drinks on board were above expectation compared to other airlines like KLM, China Southern. Cathay delivered a smooth and great service throughout this trip as per usual."
Nadelen: "In Canton (Guangzhou) aangekomen was er een zeer lamé wachttijd bij de douane van ongeveer anderhalve uur voordat ik aan de beurt was. Dit heeft verder niets met Cathay te maken maar wel met de vluchthaven."
Voordelen: "Vriendelijkheid en flexibiliteit personeel, goeie app van Cathay en keurige aansluiting op vervolgvluxht."
Voordelen: "Staff were friendly and helpful"
Nadelen: "The food was atrocious and this was business class. The toilet lights were so dimmed all the time you couldn't see what was going on. Last year we flew business class Cathay pacific from Hong Kong to Melbourne and loved it. This year we decided to fly from Melbourne to Dusseldorf and then from Frankfurt to Melbourne with this airline. Won't be doing that again. Why pay business class fares to be disapointed"
Nadelen: "We were late leaving HK but that is all. Minor in overall scheme of the journey."
Voordelen: "Service was stellar!"
Nadelen: "Food was ok and was served very late"
Voordelen: "Great seat size loads of leg space and lovely flight attendants"
Nadelen: "None"
Voordelen: "Via scherm goede vlucht info. Waar je je bevond op de wereld in mooie animatie. Camera's naar voren en op de staart. Prachtig."
Voordelen: "Veel ruimte, fijne zit, goede info waar je hè op welk moment bevind. Veel films te kijken."
Nadelen: "Niets"
Voordelen: "I travel Canada-Australia a lot. Best trip so far."
Nadelen: "Leg room us bad especilly when the one in front of you recline the seat"
Voordelen: "The extra space was nice, but expected as I paid for it."
Nadelen: "My wife's and my seats were sticky and difficult to recline. my headphone socket had lose fitting and neither the airline supplied headphone nor my Bose QC headphone were able to work constantly. The service from the two hosts was poor with very little to no engagement or pleasantries. I compare this with Premium Economy class flights with other airlines I have flown and I will elect not to fly Cathy Pacific again. I also found the food and the service below average. No option for wine on this flight, just red or white."
Voordelen: "I liked the smothered flight and the management of time that the crew implemented"
Nadelen: "The food was almost not edible . I would feel guilty feeding it to my dog"
Voordelen: "Had 4 pairs of eye glasses taken from my golf bag. ! prescribtion, i pair reading and 2 pairs of sunglasses. bag was left open and contents spilled into the golf carry bag. Why did this happen and who did it??"
Nadelen: "With COVID 19 middle seats were taken and vans from flight to gate was packed. No consideration beside having us wear mask"
Voordelen: "Vietnam airlines stands out in SE Asian carriers. Great service and planes leaving and arriving on time."
Nadelen: "Keep up great service standards"
Voordelen: "seat uncomfortable, food wasn't good"
Nadelen: "armrest seats should moveable for a child can lay down during 11hrs45' fly. Terrible experience! My seat number was 53A,B, and C wasn't moveable, boeing 777"
Voordelen: "The crew was great."
Nadelen: "But the aircraft is not well maintained inside. Sticky substance on armrest and tray; Seat-back pocket torn and everything inside filthy. Magazine pages stuck together due to spilled sugary beverages."
Nadelen: "It’s satisfying everytime I fly with VietnamAirlines. Except that a kid behind me kicked my seat nonstop. Literally, nonstop!"
Voordelen: "crew were friendly and professional, food was not too bad for aeroplane food."
Nadelen: "In-flight entertainment"
Nadelen: "Very little. Just a great flight ."
Nadelen: "Got me there, no worries."
Nadelen: "More chairs at boarding gate in Bangkok, please"
Nadelen: "The whole online experience dealing with the airline is poor. I attempted to upgrade repeatedly online however the website would not recognise my ticket. This is the same with my repeated attempts at online checkin. I attempted to address the issues with airline ground staffhowever the weren’t inte"
Nadelen: "Was denied entrance fir my wife to the lounge even having two passes both in my name. Was given one in Da Nang however lounge not open at 4:30 AM. My wife was traveling economy I was in business. Nasty reception at the Vietnam Air lounge in Hanoi. The other lounge great not affiliated with Vietnam."
Voordelen: "Only 15 minutes late, could have been worse"
Nadelen: "I had to use a belt extension, which did not work. I tried to attract the attention of the crew, but did not succeed."
Nadelen: "Choice of movies was not that good. I had severe diarrhea the next day after the flight and I put it down to the aircraft food."
Voordelen: "Nuce crew and gentleness"
Nadelen: "Entertainment but we know it’s a plane restriction"
Voordelen: "Entertainment was ok"
Nadelen: "I was harassed by the crew members, starring at my passport and taking pictures of them, and doing more question than a migration officer. I’m leaving in Japan, and my Honduras passport do not requires a visa to enter to Japan and they were keeping taking picture to my whole passport. Shame on them."
Nadelen: "Leg room is short, seats are average. Fine for a short flight."
Nadelen: "Reservation online"
Voordelen: "Great service"
Nadelen: "Nothing"
Voordelen: "Don't expect to be ontime, or have announcements when there is a gate change. Airport employees are more annoyed that you are visiting then what you would expect. Air doesn't run on the plane until your 10k up. HOWEVER, we got there safely and my bag showed up so all in all its fine."
Voordelen: "The plane was new and the food was fresh."
Nadelen: "Last minute wanted to check our luggage as the plane was boarding and almost caused us to miss our flight. Flight crew unhelpful and not friendly"
Voordelen: "Good service and good beverages on the flight. VN Airlines is always my preferred carrier to/from Vietnam."
Voordelen: "The team in international flight are less stress. More smiling and more organized"
Nadelen: "No entertainment for 1.30h flight"
Nadelen: "Chaoticboarding"
Voordelen: "It got me to my destination"
Nadelen: "Late and not even a Vietnam Airlines plane, the plane was an Cambodia Angkor Air plane...not what I payed for."
Nadelen: "With premium empty why they don't offer bid upgrade like other airlines"
Voordelen: "Comfortable, good food, good drinks , on time"
Nadelen: "Edited movies and the headsets were uncomfortable but you couldn't use your own because the left and right we're separated jacks"
Voordelen: "The schedule on time"
Nadelen: "Clean, organized and friendly service. The headsets are not well taken care of. I had to exchange twice due to the broken items."
Voordelen: "Tube entry into aircraft rather than bus"
Voordelen: "Overall"
Nadelen: "We could not check in on line . Why? This reason made us have to waited in the long line"
Voordelen: "the legroom, the seat, the footrest, the armrests - 2 each! Very comfortable, slept well."
Nadelen: "Crying babies, but the Bose QC35 noise cancelling headphones took care of that!"
Voordelen: "Extra leg room in the emergency row. Plane was not packed with people so easy on and off. This was a flight from HCMC to Hong Kong And we were then going to get our bags in HKG and recheck them to SFO. BUT since Vietnam air and Cathay are connected we were able to check our bags all the way to SFO!!'"
Nadelen: "Food was average"
Voordelen: "Good weather and a quick smooth flight"
Nadelen: "They kept shutting the lights off. The plane was very hot when we first boarded. In the air the air conditioner slowly began to cool off the plane."
Voordelen: "Unexpected charge of $450 to transfer planes in Vietnam. Worst purchase ever."
Nadelen: "They charged for overweight luggage; Vietnam was the only country to do this."
Nadelen: "The flight was 3 hours late leaving Luang Prabang. When we finally boarded and arrived in Siem Reap, we found out they had left everyone's luggage in Luang Prabang, and it wouldn't arrive in Siem Reap until 24 hours later. Horrible! Worst part, we were told by the airline's team in Siem Reap that this is a common occurrence on that flight! Will never fly Vietnam Airlines again."
Voordelen: "Overall my experience was good. Pros: seat are comfortable. The jet seemed more spacious than ANA airlines. Cons: workers know little English compared to ANA from checking in to the flight attendants. I think this was the most disappointing because the language barrier was frustrating when needing help going the right direction and having questions about checking in. The food was OK. The fruit tasted rotten and the food didn't seem as fresh either. The customer service was also mediocre. When I was on ANA airlines all the staff were very helpful and they seemed statisfied with their jobs. When I travel to ASIA again I will try and avoid Vietnam airlines."
Nadelen: "See above"
Voordelen: "Ground and air staff were pleasant and helpful"
Voordelen: "The Boeing 787 9"
Nadelen: "The food"
Voordelen: "The flight had many open seats, the crew helped to board passengers efficiently, the food was plentiful and they even offered wine on a 3 hour flight. It was delightful."
Nadelen: "There weren't individual entertainment systems."
Voordelen: "Pre dinner drinks came with first course; hot tea came with wine and main course - staff were trying but clearly need better training in restaurant service and dining practices All the lights went on for breakfast but then, after clearing away, only an hour out from a mid morning landing lighting returned to night time!"
Voordelen: "Happy to use this airline everytime I'm in Vietnam or Laos. Very comfortable flight with good room."
Nadelen: "Nothing to dislike about this flight"
Nadelen: "$70USD fee for flights under 2 hours if you pay at the airport! Call their customer service and reserve a checked bag by phone a head of time!"
Voordelen: "They fed us dinner and kept the lights dimmed most of the time. Good selection of movies too, which was important bc I couldn't sleep."
Nadelen: "Not a ton of room (esp legroom) in economy, making it tough to get comfy/sleep. They occasionally randomly turned the cabin lights back on which was a bit annoying."
Voordelen: "Ease of travel was fantastic"
Voordelen: "The staff were very nice."
Nadelen: "I would like a few more western choices of food in the business lounge"
Nadelen: "Our flight was scheduled for 3:30. At about 3:15pm they announced the flight was canceled due to a mystery mechanical issue and they re booked everyone on to the 6:10pm flight, which miraculously had enough empty seats to accommodate everyone. The 6:10 flight left about 15 minutes late, and still had plenty of empty seats."
Nadelen: "I am average height for a male and my femur bone was the exact length between seats - my knees were jammed against the seat in front of me. Not a comfortable flight but at least it was short."
Voordelen: "Notifying customers of why flight was holding for over an hour in the air (due to heavy rain)."
Nadelen: "No food or drink offered during holding period..this more than doubled the flight time and was quite frustrating."

Like: seats and room, I’m 6ft 3in, 250lbs In flight entertainment Improvement: Care and maintenance of the seats: we had throw-up or something on our seats/trays that weren’t cleaned before we boarded In flight entertainment, either have monitors built into the seats or provide AA Wi-Fi while boarding or if there is a delay and passengers are on the plane

I was getting in the back of the plane flying coach on a long flight in a brand new plane. The crew was in synch! A Professional, Efficient & Hard working kind group! It’s been a very long while since I’ve enjoyed a flight anywhere! Thank you AA203!

Plane was early to Philadelphia, but could not un board due to customs not opening until 12 noon.

There was no pilot for our flight so we had to wait 2 hrs on the plane for them to reassign a couple of pilots to get us home.

Nadelen: "they keep using a very old 767: no personal entertainment screen, no USB outlet and absolutely freezing temperature. Most of the people put on their heavy coats."
Voordelen: "Crew was amazing, we were well-fed and service was great!"
Nadelen: "Captions for the hearing impaired, but not possible unless there are individual TV's. I understand that this was an older plane--a "classic." Hoping that entertainment will become more accessible in newer planes"
Nadelen: "Less passengers or bigger plane means more room. Everything was perfect except for being uncomfortably cramped."
Voordelen: "My wife and I chose premium economy for the long flight from L.A. to Sydney. I believe it was well worth paying for the differential level of service."
Voordelen: "The crew was nice. The food was pretty good. They were generous with the wine pours. The movie selection was good."
Nadelen: "The legroom wasn't great on the flight from Amsterdam to Dallas. My plane from Dallas to Chicago actually had better legroom, which is ironic considering it was a much shorter flight. I would prefer more legroom on the longer trans-Atlantic flight. My baggage in Chicago was delayed over an hour."
Voordelen: "Crew bemoeide zich op deze korte vlucht met niemand. Bracht wat te drinken rond. Verder niet."
Voordelen: "Super-friendly, easy-to-understand crew"
Nadelen: "Too short of a flight for WiFi or snacks"
Voordelen: "Good plane with excellent crew."
Nadelen: "Bulkhead seat in Main Cabin Extra was a nightmare. One has to be in cirque du soleil to navigate through breakfast in the extra small tray."
Voordelen: "Well the food was very good. Which i didn't expect how good it was. And the crew were nice people."
Nadelen: "well we were delayed twice. One in Schiphol and the other in Philly. Wasted my time and everyone elses."
Voordelen: "The scheduled te"
Nadelen: "Old plane entertainment was not working properly for a 8+ hr flight? WiFi wouldn’t connect. Dingy interior."
Voordelen: "American did the right thing and turned around our flight when a passenger became ill. Despite leaving very late, the pilot was able to make up time to Philadelphia so we were able to make our connection."
Nadelen: "Recovery of this unplanned event was poor at best. Had to leave for the airport at 6 am only to then wait for 6 hours before we could board. to make matters worse, American then scheduled wake up time for all of the passengers for 4:40 am. I don't take that long to get ready. They did not do a very good job communicating to us on how they were going to recover from this unplanned event."
Voordelen: "Great movies and food"
Nadelen: "Being delayed"
Voordelen: "De stewardessen in t vliegtuig waren erg aardig en hulpvaardig"
Nadelen: "Nieuwe regels waarbij je je koffertje onder je stoel moet plaatsen of extra moet betalen om hem in de ruimte boven je hoofd te mogen plaatsen. Er is wel 5x gevraagd of ik wel zeker wist dat die van mij onder mijn stoel paste!!"
Voordelen: "Operated by American Airlines and the crew was polite and attentive."
Nadelen: "Economy Class is a Beat Down, but what are you going to do?"
Voordelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "We arrived 2 1/2 hr before boarding and arrived at the gate 6 minutes before AA was announcing it would close the gate. Desk was clearly understaffed."
Voordelen: "friendly crew, great service"
Nadelen: "Sitting next to emergency exit door with a peep hole for light. Also next to toilette so everyone had to pass us. No overhead above us so our medical and personal items were stowed in 3 places initially."
Nadelen: "The changed of flight from.BA To American airlines."
Voordelen: "The in flight staff was very friendly"
Nadelen: "Our 2nd flight was changed by the airline, causing us to have a 6 hour layover in Philadelphia instead of a 2 hour layover. Then when we ask about changing to a different flight they told us that the original flight we were supposed to be on (that we booked over 8 months ago) was completely full so that’s why we were moved, and there were no other flights available to switch to. So we accepted that. But when we printed our boarding passes, we saw that our seats were now separate from each other, and they were both middle seats! I don’t understand how booking my tickets so far in advance still resulted in these issues. We were finally able to get an aisle and window seat (not near each other) but both flights had poor to little entertainment, which I wouldn’t have expected on such long flights with American Airlines. Really was letdown. :("
Voordelen: "Price and service"
Nadelen: "Outdated airplanes"
Voordelen: "The premium economy service was well worth the extra money. The crew was attentive but not annoying on an overnight service. The food was much better than other long haul internationals. And we arrived rested ready to see the city"
Nadelen: "Again boarding was just a mush of people. American keeps revising the boarding process but does little to make it actually efficient and orderly. The grouping should have made things better but gate agents don’t consistently reinforce the policy so passengers are all lax."
Voordelen: "The airplane is new"
Nadelen: "The crew was terrible, so rude, really I don’t understand why there are like that. Is like asking a favor for everything . The seat are to short of space and uncorfortable"
Voordelen: "I enjoyed the crew members, they were very nice and smiled despite it being so early. I also enjoyed that they mentioned about the free movie watching option if you have the AA app."
Nadelen: "I didn't like that they didn't offer any snacks such as pretzels or cookies. Other than that, it was a very comfortable flight."
Nadelen: "Everything was ok"
Nadelen: "We arrived in Amsterdam at 9am, after traveling two hours to get there. We found out right away that there was a delay and chances of missing the connecting flight from Philadelphia to Orlando were great. We requested a different booking to insure travel to Orlando, which was denied. So the connecting flight was missed and after hours arrived in Orlando at midnight. Missed my ride and all car rentals were booked. All this caused a lot of anxiety and unnecessary stress. Very disappointing. And to add to it, the flight itself was horrible and there was no entertainment available for the entire flight."
Voordelen: "Rarely do I find the airline food excellent, or even good. But the Pasta dish on the Amsterdam-to-Philly flight that is what I experienced, absolutely delicious."
Voordelen: "Dat er qua breedte aardig wat ruimte was"
Nadelen: "Dat de gordel eigenlijk net te krap was"
Nadelen: "Complementary reservation 24 hrs before flight. B-757 was smallest airplain I ever fly over atlantic."
Nadelen: "First flight got cancelled without explanation. Then I couldn't get a follow up direct flight so I had to wait 2 days. Then when I finally flew there you lost my suitcase and I had to wait for that for 2 days!!! I'll never fly Iberia again!! You didn't even try to make up for it. And the guy at the counter was straight up rude."
Voordelen: "nothing"
Nadelen: "no personal tv in each seat in the international route"
Nadelen: "Their customer service was no help and didn't know why. So o scrambled to buy a last minute ticket home from the Netherlands."
Voordelen: "It was quick and easy."
Voordelen: "Ss"
Nadelen: "Sd"
Voordelen: "This wasn't a British Airlines flight! We ended up being on a crappy, ancient American Airlines flight instead of the BA flight we had booked. It is very duplicitous to purchase a ticket for an airline with a great reputation and end up on a genuinely lousy flight on a totally different airline (especially one like American, that I would never book!)."
Nadelen: "Older American Airlines plane had the old monitors showing cabin the same movies. Difficult to see and hurt my neck. You don't expect this on overseas flights."
Voordelen: "it was all very easy and good."
Voordelen: "Wonderful flight, kind helpful staff and a very comfortable beautiful new aircraft. I look forward to flying Quantas again."
Nadelen: "Unexpected layover in maine. Worst and oldest planes I have ever flown in. Absolutely no entertainment options or Internet from Amsterdam to san francisco!"
Voordelen: "Spacious seats, excellent service and the food was great for an aeroplane meal. Lots of bathrooms and I was always able to access food and water."
Nadelen: "They still use the dual port for headphones for the entertainment system so you are unable to use your own headphones. I didn't watch anything because of this."
Voordelen: "The movies and free liquor!"
Nadelen: "The time it took"
Nadelen: "There was no Entertainment. No Screens. Nothing. Except one small tv on the alley. I can so no entertainment for so ever"
Nadelen: "The in-flight entertainment was out, and the a/c was barely working-not good for a four hour flight. Instead of addressing the issues the flight crew was more interested in chatting with each other. No pre-flight drink service in first class, they rarely even passed through the canin."
Voordelen: "only the low fare; which wasn't worth the experience we endured. i do not plan to use them again!"
Nadelen: "that was much too long a flight to be to be put through such an inferior"
Voordelen: "The airline was excellent, I am over being cramped in these planes for long flights. Unfortunately living in Australia makes us have to do the long flights."
Nadelen: "When you are travelling on long flights travelling all night, people in front have seat reclined right back and it is so hard to get out when you need to go to toilet."
Nadelen: "Flight was late, no info why, when landed in DCA NO GATE AVAILABLE - and that is past 10 PM."
Voordelen: "No much"
Nadelen: "There was no tvs- extremely old plane. Which makes for a very long 9hr flight. No wifi and no outlets to charge devices. Had to go to back of plane and ask for water and come- staff didn't come round regularly enough offering beverages."
Voordelen: "The seats were fine and the plane was in good shape."
Nadelen: "The food is mediocre - everything has meat in it and they use tons of plastic. Also, the plane was late getting to the gate. This wouldn’t have been an issue had the pilot not decided to off board and then re onboard cargo (the commercial stuff they get paid to carry). This took about 20 minutes and then after the winds changed, he decided he could load more passengers. So despite having the doors locked and getting ready to leave the gate, they opened the doors up again and boarded more people for the next 40 minutes. So they chose to make a delayed flight even more delayed (on Christmas Eve). So we inevitably missed our connection in sydney and had to pay a change fee since it’s a different airline. Thanks for the Christmas gift United - you always know how to disappoint your passengers."
Voordelen: "The flight was on time!"
Nadelen: "Boarding and deplaning always takes a long time."
Nadelen: "Length"
Nadelen: "United is awesome."
Voordelen: "Not too late. Older 767-400 planes are not comfortable but are reliable."
Nadelen: "Amsterdam airport Schiphol is among the very worst in Europe. I will never fly thru Amsterdam again. Truly miserable experience despite being a Business class traveler. The United crew was mediocre at best. Food was not good. Disappointing."
Nadelen: "flight was late close to 4 hrs"
Voordelen: "Very kind and professional cabin crew."
Voordelen: "Very well-run flight. Crew was on top of everything. Very cheery."
Nadelen: "Boarding could have been better. If you have 5 groups you should have 5 lines — not 2. Also the terminal in Holland was extraordinarily cold."
Nadelen: "Seats are uncomfortable and absolutely no shoulder room when squashed in the middle seat"
Voordelen: "Great crew! My husband had a cold, so he wore a mask. One flight attendant was so helpful, bringing him hot tea and lots of liquids."
Nadelen: "I'd love to know how to request a gluten free meal before a flight."
Voordelen: "Great. I had no issues with boarding."
Nadelen: "My baggage was lost."
Voordelen: "The thought of getting out.Bad day for United Airlines."
Voordelen: "SFO-SYD was great. My luggage was left behind in SYD when I landed QZN!!! Not amused!"
Nadelen: "Them losing my luggage!"
Voordelen: "The availability of media to watch on the long overseas flight was helpful to avoid boredom."
Nadelen: "Flight attendants passed out headsets to hear the media, my set was missing one of the foam ear pads. When I called it to the attention of a flight attendant, she took my set and did not return with one, causing me to search out my telephone headset."
Voordelen: "New Polaris Business"
Nadelen: "Cabin crew"
Voordelen: "For the most part the staff made an attempt to help me get onto a flight. I think."
Nadelen: "I had to go on my trip a few days later due to a work conflict. I never changed my itinerary because I didn’t think it mattered. I bought a new one way ticket on a different airline and went to get on my return flight that I had paid for and was still receiving emails about. I got to the airport to check in for my return flight and it had been canceled because I didn’t get on the first leg. I was never notified and they couldn’t get me on the flight I wanted because it was leaving in less than hour(which is a stupid rule). And to get me on a flight the next day would cost $2500. No thanks. And before anyone tells me that it’s in the fine print that they cancel a flight if you don’t show up, save it. We all know people don’t read all that. Be a human being. So if your plans change, make sure you officially change your plans, because they may go above, but probably not beyond. Oh and it took quite a long time for them to figure out what happened. If they had realized and I didn’t spend so much time on the phone with customer service, I might’ve been outside the hour window requirement."
Nadelen: "Bijzonder onvriendelijk personeel. Stuiterende landing."
Voordelen: "Good food seats lay flat to sleep on business clas"
Voordelen: "Having an aisle seat."
Nadelen: "Being bussed a long way out to the airplane made us depart late. Very inefficient handling by the staff. They should have started earlier. This has never happened to me before on United. What has happened?"
Voordelen: "Trying to get all of our seats (3) together"
Nadelen: "Nothing"
Voordelen: "The staff were super attentive, they kept walking down the aisle with cups of water and interacted with the passengers throughout the flight. The crew seemed to work very well together, I could sense a great harmony between them that really put all of us passengers at ease. I am quick to complain about US carriers and have had some awful experiences flying US airline companies, so feel the need to really compliment this crew. If other United flights are like this, I will definitely fly them again."
Nadelen: "Meals served was not so good"
Nadelen: "Everything was fine"
Voordelen: "the plane got me to chicago in one piece"
Nadelen: "United switched the aircraft shortly before takeoff and reassigned me to an uncomfortable aisle seat in the last row of the middle section of the plane. The seats were dingy, the back-of-seat TV monitors were grainy and of poor quality, the headphone jack for audio was old and not fully functioning."
Nadelen: "I was unable to go on the flight because of the extraordinarily high cost of changing a last name from a maiden name to a married name. I was so disappointed by the service."
Voordelen: "Good price."
Nadelen: "It took you 4 days for you to get back to me with the confirmation number after I had requested it via e-mail. Also, you should note Lufthansa-issued documents never commence with "220-" and then the subsequent numbers. Lufthansa tickets are always issued with "2220-" at the beginning and then the subsequent numbers. You need to update your computers otherwise with the original Lufthansa-issued ticket number you provide at time of booking, the booking will not show up in Lufthansa systems."
Nadelen: "Lufthansa was not good at all and different from what I have seen some years ago, it is going down"
Voordelen: "Good leg room."
Nadelen: "Food"
Voordelen: "On a recent trip it was very good to be in the new dreamliner and with staff that were enthusiastic and being able to deliver a good product, food and comfort wise was a big bonus. Thank you"
Nadelen: "Sat by emergency exit and it was very cold"
Voordelen: "We vertrokken ruim voor schema"
Nadelen: "Niets"
Voordelen: "Arrived 1 hour early!!"
Nadelen: "no complaints"
Voordelen: "Nice crew"
Nadelen: "Smallest in-seat TV I've had in 10 years. Audio for movies was blurred between 2 different movies on different channels, making it impossible to watch a movie on this long haul flight."
Voordelen: "Prima vlucht van Honolulu naar LA in moderne Boeing 737-900 van alle gemakken voorzien."
Voordelen: "How empty the plane was so multiple seats for just myself. Also staff was great, very polite and helpful."
Nadelen: "Nothing."
Nadelen: "Plane was dirty. Giveaway was the bathrooms when we had just boarded. One of the stewards had an attitude. Entertainment system stopped many times. United did offer a "recompense. " However, my touch monitor was not responsive; so was for the person who sat behind me as he kept poking my headrest. Boarding line did not move for a long time."
Nadelen: "Entertainment Did not work properly."
Voordelen: "Crew and staff were very friendly, helpful and wonderful experience with them. I appreciate the flight leaving and arriving close to scheduled time."
Nadelen: "No USB charge connectors/power outlets (integral these days on a long international flight). The quality of in seat tv screen is mediocre - best to watch on your own device (but then you need the USB connection that is missing on this flight). The wifi kept on dropping in the plane (both ways). The food is not as good as served on other airlines and they ran out of dishes both ways and we did not have choices and had to eat what was available (which was not good either). Should indicate on seat selection when making purchase if there will be items below seat such as metal boxes that will limit legroom more than for other seats. I was placed at such a seat both ways, and had no legroom for over 8 hrs each way. :/"
Voordelen: "Initially, the price"
Nadelen: "Had to change outbound flight which Lufthansa said I could not do through them and instead had to do via the travel agency. The agency contradicted that, saying that the airline could have done it. The agency took 24 hours to change my flight after me calling them every 2 hours. Ultimately I was rebooted for 2 days later with various bits of inconsistent info along the way. What a circus that was. Worst part was the departure time of the return flight. Lufthansa and United (codeshared) showed 10am as the time on some screens but 11am on another. I still never understood the actual schedule."
Voordelen: "The flight crew was phenomenal!"
Voordelen: "I like the crew. They were very friendly and great."
Nadelen: "The entertainment was terrible. On the way to Amsterdam, it was an old TV that had a few channels that looped the same thing over and over again. On the way back to Washington, DC, the TV didn't work."
Voordelen: "Eventually they moved us through realizing they were going to have an empty plane if they didn't"
Nadelen: "Terrible check in. Thought I reserved a seat on Lufthansa only to find out that United changed it."
Voordelen: "The crew was very attentive and the service was above and beyond. Boarding was timely. The entertainment choices were top notch and as it was an overnight flight, the care taken to be respectful of sleeping passengers was great."
Voordelen: "The first leg of this flight was excellent. Good crew, excellent service, great entertainment centers, comfortable seating, enough room in aisle to allow movement. The second leg of our journey ( From D.C. to Seattle) was another story."
Voordelen: "the United app that let me watch movies from my own device. The flight attendant gave me an extra blanket."
Nadelen: "the plane was very old and didn't have the entertainment options that newer planes have. The screen was so small and nearly impossible to see when the person in front of me reclined. The toilets weren't very clean. The food was very mediocre. I have a dairy intolerance, and both options contained dairy products. There was no lactose free or diabetic special meal option. There was an hour and a half delay to repair something on the plane when we made an emergency medical landing in Boston. I didn't mind the landing; I minded the excessive delay and wonder what would have happened if we didn't stop in Boston? What would have happened to the plan?"
Voordelen: "The flight landed early."
Nadelen: "United Priority Gold Status were placed in Group 2 boarding?!"
Voordelen: "The fact that we had two checked bags at no cost as well as the communication of the airline crew and also the choice of entertainment which even included HBO and Showtime."
Voordelen: "The crew were very friendly and helpful!"
Nadelen: "It took WAY too long to check bags."

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