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€ 248

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€ 580

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€ 508

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€ 613
Beste tijd om de massa te ontvluchten met een gemiddelde daling in prijs van 22%.
Populairste tijd om te vliegen met een gemiddelde toename in prijs van 28%.
Vlucht van Amsterdam Schiphol naar Intle Miami
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  • Op zoek naar een goedkope vlucht? 25% van onze gebruikers heeft vluchten voor deze route gevonden voor € 613 of minder voor een enkele reis en voor € 508 of minder voor een retour.
  • De goedkoopste vlucht vanaf Amsterdam naar Miami werd gemiddeld 33 dagen voor vertrek gevonden.
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  • Het hoogseizoen is in juni, juli en augustus. De goedkoopste vliegmaand is november.
  • Een ochtendvlucht is gemiddeld* 6% goedkoper dan een avondvlucht.
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American AirlinesGemiddelde score op basis van 48764 beoordelingen
Vliegmaatschappij beoordeling
Nadelen: "the pilot gave us a hard landing in Jamaica"
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Nadelen: "the pilot gave us a hard landing in Jamaica"
Voordelen: "Uneventful"
Nadelen: "On time departure"
Nadelen: "excellent"
Voordelen: "No traffic to LGA. No security lines. First in line to take off."
Nadelen: "Snack options are very poor."
Nadelen: "They take my hand luggage in there are lost I don’t know what to do now"
Voordelen: "The crew was nice, although they were not able to relocate me."
Nadelen: "The space was too crowded. Not much leg room and its such a long flight to have so little space. My flight was also delayed."
Voordelen: "I was able to sleep comfortably, even in the middle seat."
Nadelen: "Not been in a middle seat"
Voordelen: "Great crew, very attentive."
Voordelen: "Скорость"
Nadelen: "Сиденья хуйня"
Voordelen: "Seat was good."
Nadelen: "Paid extra for free booze, but they didn’t serve booze, except to first class of course. Saying the flight was so quick, they weren’t even getting it out."
Voordelen: "Crew bemoeide zich op deze korte vlucht met niemand. Bracht wat te drinken rond. Verder niet."
Voordelen: "Good, cheap flight that gets the job done. No issues boarding, seats were fine. Cannot comment on most things as I fell asleep almost immediately."
Nadelen: "Would've been nice to have had an eye mask / blankets on a red eye flight..."
Nadelen: "Plane was old and dirty, would not recommend."
Voordelen: "My overall experience was good, but the ticket said one gate, and I boarded through different one. But I guess that's the airports fault."
Nadelen: "Everything was good."
Voordelen: "The only good thing on that plane was the crew. We where grounded in board for three hours because of a water leak in the kitchen... My seat had a hole were the ashtray used to be filled with garbage, the tray was filthy when I pulled it open, the overhead light didn't work"
Voordelen: "ontime easy boarding comfortable and quiet"
Nadelen: "no gluten/dairy free items"
Voordelen: "None"
Nadelen: "Too much delay"
Voordelen: "The plane has no individual entertainment option. The common screen has NBC on American which has a few shows to watch."
Nadelen: "The only option for individual entertainment is to have another mobile device. The common screen worked but the headphone jack did not so I could not hear any of the entertainment offered."
Voordelen: "We arrived 40min earlier than expected"
Voordelen: "Great service and on time flight. Got a good comfortable seat with nice leg room."
Voordelen: "Offered a seat in the exit row at the gate. Accepted it, of course. Duh."
Nadelen: "Boarding was very slow with so many passengers wanting to carry on all their earthly belongings. I was unaffected as I had checked my bag at the gate, but for some there was no room at all. Some early boarders were allowed to exceed the one-bag in the overhead rules."
Nadelen: "Tecnical problems dellay no good american arlines i dont recomended"
Voordelen: "De stewardessen in t vliegtuig waren erg aardig en hulpvaardig"
Nadelen: "Nieuwe regels waarbij je je koffertje onder je stoel moet plaatsen of extra moet betalen om hem in de ruimte boven je hoofd te mogen plaatsen. Er is wel 5x gevraagd of ik wel zeker wist dat die van mij onder mijn stoel paste!!"
Voordelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "We arrived 2 1/2 hr before boarding and arrived at the gate 6 minutes before AA was announcing it would close the gate. Desk was clearly understaffed."
Voordelen: "The people I spoke to on the customer service line and then especially at the service desk in Miami were able to help me get a sooner flight so I didn’t have to be driving home until the wee morning. I am VERY grateful to them and American Airlines policies which empower its employees to assist its customers."
Nadelen: "I have to say, I’m a medium sized 6 foot guy, but I felt very uncomfortable in the seat with another 6 foot man to my right. I felt like I couldn’t use rest my shoulder, since he was using the armrest. i know this is a calculated decision made by very high ups, but the seats just need more comfort. I was even in an exit row, which has more legroom in comparison, but the actual seat was almost painful."
Voordelen: "Hostesses were great. And pilot landed safely"
Nadelen: "Stayed too long on the jet way. No available gate"
Voordelen: "On time and pleasant staff"
Nadelen: "Na"
Nadelen: "Flight was about 1.5 hours late on departure, and on arrival in Miami had to wait for a gate for 25 minutes."
Voordelen: "Crew was nice and friendly. Pilots flew great. We arrived a few mins early as well."
Nadelen: "On the way to Denver from Miami we were on a nice new AA plane with TV entertainment, movies, power, and comfortable seats. On the way from Denver to Miami we were on an old plane with no entertainment and old uncomfortable seats. If this is going to be the case, charge me less up front as well. My daughter had a terrible time for a 4 hour flight."
Voordelen: "Largely unremarkable flight out of LIM."
Nadelen: "B767-300 used for LIM-MIA was exceptionally old with overhead monitors for inflight entertainment. Headphones not given until 20+ minutes into the only movie (the rest of the programming was stupid TV shows/profiles)."
Voordelen: "Boarding was efficient"
Nadelen: "There was NO ROOM for my legs when the man in front of me reclined his seat. I could not work on my laptop because it was such a ridiculously tight fit. I am 5'9" tall, and i have never been so cramped on an airplane."
Voordelen: "Almost everything. Only the food was lacking. I like their new planes. The outlet at the seat in coach. The magazine options at the seat as well. I did not look at the entertainment so I will not rate that. The crew was professional."
Nadelen: "Just the food options. Ginger snaps was what was served for food and a beverage. I suppose this is what obtains on most airlines these days but can't I hope for something more like maybe a sandwich? AA has the opportunity to set themselves apart in this area."
Voordelen: "Dat er qua breedte aardig wat ruimte was"
Nadelen: "Dat de gordel eigenlijk net te krap was"
Voordelen: "The cabin was beautiful, the crew was SO friendly and very helpful in every way. The best Flight Attendants!!!! This was the best flight I've had in 30 yrs. I can't say enough great things about this leg of our trip. Food was good for airline food.....I just spent 9 days in Italy eating the best, so hard to compare with! I'm a retired Flight Attendant."
Voordelen: "The onboard entertainment has definitely improved. Nice to see how organize is the boarding process when compare to other local airlines."
Nadelen: "I was seating in the front of the plane were the seating should be better. The seat reclined minimum. Also, had the had luck to travel next to an amazing mother who was traveling with two small kinds and a dog. Brave woman but nasty flight for me. Need to improve the meals on the international flights. Too mediocre."
Voordelen: "Arrived 30 minutes early"
Nadelen: "We had to wait 40 minutes in the runway before parking at the gate."
Voordelen: "Good food"
Nadelen: "Online check in for one of our two passengers was impossible. Simply never worked. At airport check in desk, manual data entry errors during airport check in caused issues during customs at the end of the flight. Also we were not seated together initially even tho reservations were made months in advance. Airline online check in was pushing us to pay extra for seats together."
Voordelen: "Lots of movie options."
Nadelen: "I didn't like anything else about the flight. My seat was broken and the seats are incredibly cramped! Absolutely no leg room whatsoever. I am 6 feet tall which is an average male height so I can't imagine how anyone taller fits in those seats."
Voordelen: "Getting to my seat was overall the best experience. Out side of the finally walking onto the plane and sitting down, over an hour late, it was less than mediocre."
Nadelen: "If the plane was on time and didn't run an hour and 20 Ish minutes late, it would have been fine, except for the blinking over head reading light that would flash in my face every 20/30 seconds that could not be turned off being due to, as the flight attendant said, "they all do that"."
Voordelen: "Arrived early and flight wasn't packed."
Voordelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "Food is horrible Change seats without notice"
Voordelen: "The Crew was nice ."
Nadelen: "They displayed for three hours something on TV, but the entire plane had no sound. When asked the crew will tell you to listen on channel 13 or 14. I told them there was no sound. I was sitting in First Class and went to check with a friend that was way back in Economy, same thing. So i told the that to the crewmember who just told me, sorry nothing I can do about. Which I can understand. What I don't understand is why they continued displaying a mute TV set for three hours. Why not just shut it off? BTW, my daughter flew from LA to Boston that same day and exactly the same thing happened on her plane."
Nadelen: "Too many delays Seats too cramped Too much crowding at boarding ...need a single file roped off lines for boarding passengers by group numbers so there would be less shoving, K coming people down, and stepping on feet."
Voordelen: "On the 2nd flight it must've been a new airplane because this was the first time my knees weren't jammed into the seat in front of me flying coach. Most comfortable flight I've been on in a decade."
Voordelen: "We were greeted by an AA employee after our connecting flight arrived and escorted through the various security steps to the departure gate. The vegetarian meal was very good."
Nadelen: "Leg room in coach is grossly inadequate. The entertainment system has poor controls and had to be rebooted."
Voordelen: "The flight was cancelled. There was not pilot"
Voordelen: "Movie was free to watch and seat had usb to charge my phone."
Nadelen: "Paid extra for priority boarding, that was a mistake. We got boarding group one but by the time all the families with kids, first class, and frequent flyers went ahead of us they called all remaining groups together. Forget about overhead space left over, we had to gate check carry on. Seats were very uncomfortable, no room under the seat because of a big metal box for power outlets. No leg room, sat shoulders and thighs touching with neighbors. No meal service, just drinks and pretzels, luckily we picked up something to go changing planes in Dallas. Never again!"
Voordelen: "Kind and attentive crew"
Nadelen: "Was a bit delayed"
Voordelen: "Flight was fine"
Nadelen: "Gate in Miami wasn't ready and we sat for 45 minutes until they opened a gate for us to deplane. Ridiculous."
Voordelen: "the plane is big and confortable"
Voordelen: "Crew was great; super easy boarding process; flawless take off and landing."
Nadelen: "N/A"
Voordelen: "It was absolutely on time. Great!"
Nadelen: "The meal is always too spicy and for more south Asian style. I prefer more European meal."
Voordelen: "Service and food"
Nadelen: "Understand sometimes out of airlines control but reduce delays"
Nadelen: "The 60 euro bagage fee for just checking 1 bag was excessive. There was no obvious way to pay on line or with the app"
Voordelen: "crew vriendelijk"
Nadelen: "Geen entertainment en slecht voedsel"
Nadelen: "Seats and entertainment"
Voordelen: "Friendly crew"
Nadelen: "NA"
Voordelen: "Left on time and arrived early"
Voordelen: "Quick flight."
Voordelen: "Crew was amazing"
Voordelen: "No drinks or snacks for econome class. Its just a 1 hour flight, KLM Does serve on 1 hour flights."
Nadelen: "See above."
Nadelen: "Daylight savings. Wrong time. Missed flight. $450 to rebook new one-way. What a nightmare!"
Voordelen: "Beenruimte"
Nadelen: "Te laat vertrokken en om vliegveld cirkelen omdat City vol was."
Voordelen: "service was good"
Nadelen: "seats are too congested"
Voordelen: "Niets"
Nadelen: "Grote vertraging, geen uitleg, geen gratis versnapering om het goed temaken"
Voordelen: "Flight was very brief so not much to evaluate"
Nadelen: "."
Voordelen: "Food"
Nadelen: "There was a problem with the plane but there was time to make up the lost time however it seemed no one was in charge. We were not even told of the problem until the flight was already 30 min late. Then there did not seem to be a plan to fix things. The flight was 1 hour and 15 min late meaning we miss our great connection."
Voordelen: "Short flight OK."
Voordelen: "Clean aircraft, pleasant cabin crew."
Nadelen: "Flight was delayed. They were aware that many of us had a connecting flight with not much time to get through passport control and to the gate. The crew should have let us off the plane first... we were sitting near the rear and only just made our flight"
Nadelen: "Missed my connection to Amsterdam in London because flight was delayed in New York. Flight from Amsterdam cancelled the night prior to departure. Rebooked on a flight that was highly inconvenient. No compensation from BA for stress, inconvenience and wasted time."
Voordelen: "Dinner Lunch Snacks Tea"
Nadelen: "Everything was good"
Voordelen: "Nothing, nothing. At all."
Nadelen: "After hours at the gate, the flight was finally deemed cancelled. I missed my layover and was forced to stay over night at a airport hotel. I had paid a change fee to come home specifically for that day which I lost, not to mention 9 hours in the airport... the flights for the following day were totally downgraded from my original booking. Was so upset I could have cried...."
Voordelen: "Doordat wij op het bovendeks zaten konden we meteen boarden. Vriendelijke purser die overal de tijd voor nam."
Nadelen: "Doordat 3 mensen zich niet gemeld hadden, zaten er 4 koffers te veel aan boord. Ga maar met de hand zoeken met 15 Afrikaanse mensen in een A389."
Voordelen: "They gave you anything u needed"
Nadelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "Delays and overbooked flights"
Voordelen: "Crew were nice and helpful"
Nadelen: "delay in London"
Voordelen: "Crew and aircraft are fantastic. ."
Nadelen: "Entertainment system"
Nadelen: "The boarding process could be better"
Nadelen: "Boarding was not well organized"
Voordelen: "Food was actually quite good"
Nadelen: "Issues with online purchase of extra baggage"
Nadelen: "The male crew in the bag is not try to help people put on the carry on language to the top of cabin. He stood there and look at us. When I directed to him and asked for help, he just stood there for few sec. and decieded to help me but with an attitude. Same as the other lady need their help to put the backpack in, both male crests stood there and wasn't planning to help, and the passenger stood up and assisted her."
Voordelen: "Everything"
Voordelen: "the staff was nice"
Voordelen: "Nice clean new plane. Courteous cabin personnel"
Nadelen: "Nothing served, not even water or tea, unless you pay for it. No entertainment."
Voordelen: "Everyone was accommodating. They gave my son a coloring book to keep him busy."
Nadelen: "there was a slight problem with the food. there was a large percentage of the flight that was Israeli and therefore respects basic Jewish tradition of not mixing meat with milk. One of the meals was pasta with sauce (which was supposed to be the least popular meal) and a meal with chicken and rice. the rice had cheese in it, a large percentage of the people on the flight were unable to eat it. Only after finding out about the cheese did I understand why no one took te chicken dish."
Nadelen: "90 minutes delay for a 1 hour flight. They blamed the weather but no other flights were delayed except this one. Also, I purchased a seat with no checked baggage allowance and was NOT aware of this when I booked. Will not be flying British Airways again."
Voordelen: "The crew was very sweet. The flight was super short so it was comfortable enough for the short flight."
Nadelen: "The flight was delayed by an hour and a half. I had a 40 min delay with Alaska airlines 2 weeks ago and the min I arrived at my destination I had a text apologising for the delay. Along with a link to $100 credit with the airline. This is what real customer service is about. Not just empty apologies."
Voordelen: "The crew was excellent and attentive and I was mostly comfortable."
Nadelen: "I bought a return ticket for my daughter to fly to Amsterdam for the summer. I was allowed to purchase this flight from Kayak and BA from ATL to LON to AMS. Departure was for the end of May to the end of August. When we were checking in the attendant told us that the ticket was no good and we had to purchase another ticket because the travel was over 90 days. At no time did BA or Kayak let us know this information but had no problem selling us this ticket. We were literally extorted for another $1000.00 so she could depart. Shameful! Will not be using your site or BA ever again."
Voordelen: "Nothing, I never had the opportunity to board"
Nadelen: "We had a quick trip planned to the go to London traveling from Amsterdam with British Airways. We were able to check in without a problem, but getting through airport security took a substantial amount of time, which caused sever delays getting to the gate. Once at the gate, we were told that we could no longer board the plane as the gate had already closed. Even more shocking, the service people told use that our entire itinerary (AKA our return flight) was cancelled as a result of this. You can imagine our frustration as we had tickets in hand looking at the door to the plane that we would have been allowed to walk through had security taken 5 minutes less. In the states, if airport security is holding you from missing your flight, this is communicated with the airline and proper arrangements are made. Unfortunately, this was not the case, forcing us to buy a new (last minute) ticket and losing a lot of money."
Voordelen: "It was a short trip and the crew was good about making it as quick as possible (for boarding, debriefing, etc)."
Nadelen: "It was a short trip but they didn't have any sort of drink service. No entertainment either but that's expected for an hour long flight."
Voordelen: "There seemed to be more leg room then other international flights. They fed us 2 meals and a snack and kept bringing around juice and water."
Voordelen: "Even flight was delayed, all was well with excellent service."
Nadelen: "The only issue I had was having to check my bag. I didn't feel it was necessary."
Voordelen: "The long walk in the airport to get to dinner next flight it's too long"
Voordelen: "Liked that we were on time and boarding was organized. The food was excellent considering it was cabin food. Like the fact the crew kept asking if we wanted water, juice through out the flight. They were very attentive and quite nice."
Nadelen: "Seats are too close together and there is not much leg room or elbow room. Not too many movie choices as the majority we saw on the flight to London. We experienced turbulence during the flight and there was no communication from the pilot found that a bit odd. Just to set everyone's mind at ease I expected something to be said from the cockpit."
Voordelen: "Quick and a clean aircraft"
Nadelen: "Nothing special to say"
Voordelen: "I didn't pay to reserve a seat ahead of time, and was a little apprehensive. I checked in about 23 hours before the flight and was assigned an aisle seat with no problems."
Nadelen: "Once we boarded the plane, we spent about a half hour on the ground before take off. This isn't reassuring when you have a connecting flight."

Late check in

The plane from Toronto to LA had barely space enough for my knees..I am 5.2 not as large as a lot of people..could barely make it to the bathroom..I need to loose 30pds to fit in those seats

The entire flight was amazing and crew were so awesome. Will fly again with Air Canada …!

Nadelen: "It was a 767 what was a good surprise at first but very old. Food was not worth eating, crew was fine. The seats like the airplane, old."
Nadelen: "Screen is slow and outdated. Easy upgrade from one class to another."
Voordelen: "Boarding and experience at terminal was good and smooth for the poor weather outside"
Nadelen: "Plane cleaning and confort, old plane and somewhat mean crew director."
Voordelen: "Nice flight, staff"
Nadelen: "Seats are so hard on the but that it's hurts to the bones for a few days...!! I travel a lot, and this is the only airline/aircraft that this occured. Also even checking in online, and gaving your boarding, they managed to get us to go to the counter to tag our carry ons..."
Voordelen: "The crew, the smooth safe flight, the cleanliness"
Nadelen: "The flight was delayed!! Very inconvenient."
Voordelen: "Smooth flight no issues."
Nadelen: "Be prepared to pay for food. You do get offeted water or coffee or soft drink. No offer for a refill. No snacks."
Voordelen: "Well, it did leave on time."
Nadelen: "I knew the seat pitch in economy was tight, but nothing prepared me for how truly abysmal it is. I’m 6’1”. My knees were jammed into the seat pocket. The fun continued when the passenger in front of me reclined their seat. I had to angle both my knees to the side. Without a doubt the most uncomfortable flight I’ve ever done. On a side note, AC switched equipment on this flight several times. Each time the ‘system’ would split up our seats. I had to call in five separate times to pick new seats. Also, at the gate they were asking passengers to voluntarily check in carry-on as there may not be enough room on the aircraft. First time I’ve ever heard that."
Nadelen: "Lost luggage!"
Voordelen: "considering all the delays, both in delay in leaving Amsterdam and holding pattern due to thunderstorms in Toronto all went well in a very long day."
Voordelen: "Niets"
Nadelen: "Oncomfortabele stoelen, Inflight entertainment werkte slecht"
Voordelen: "Great airline for food and service."
Nadelen: "For couples traveling in business Air Canada's seating is designed to de-couple by placing barriers between seats . They need to try Emerites to check out how a pod should work Entertainment is limited"
Nadelen: "They lost our luggage not only on the way to our destination but also on the way home both times in Toronto"
Nadelen: "The flight was delayed for almost 1hr after everyone got on board to wait for a few passengers who were on their way to the airport. It's unbelievable."
Voordelen: "Quick boarding, service was excellent and quick."
Nadelen: "Don't like the Eouge entertainment system. Fortunately there was iPad a price."
Voordelen: "No screen creates a longer feeling flight."
Nadelen: "No good food."
Voordelen: "Flight was on time, crew courteous."
Voordelen: "It was not a completely full flight. The Boarding process was done by mainline Air Canada employees and it was perfectly good and the flight left on time. The aircraft's interior was not clean. The carpet the seats and the tray tables all dirty and discussing. The seats are undiscribly substandard and uncomfortable. The bilingual announcement was done incoherintkyin both languages absolutely not professional Crew was nice except an Asian/Canadian flight attendent. It's a less than adequate experience even for a officially second tier airline. Why does Canada put out an embarrassing product like this airline ? Shame on them !"
Voordelen: "Friendliness of stewardship."
Nadelen: "In flight entertainment didn't work in laptop and steward was not familiar enough with the app to troubleshoot the problem. Limited variety of entertainment. Bumpy flight even at landing. The airplane was making weird noises since the engine started. Food variety is also limited and very expensive for what you get"
Voordelen: "There was nothing to like about that flight."
Nadelen: "Even though I was at the airport on time , checked in and waiting to board; at the last minute I was told that the plane has left and the sooner I could fly would be the next day; without providing hotel arrangement nor meals and or at least money for taxi. Air Canada management personel has not been cordial to me and to the other travelers."
Voordelen: "I didn't go. They wouldn't allow me to make a change in my ticket so I flew a different airline. I will never fly with them again."
Voordelen: "I didn't like anything about the flight except that it was a smooth one."
Nadelen: "I didn't like that it was delayed by four hours. The food was bad."
Voordelen: "Food was fair, and the pilot was great, all the rest was very bad"
Nadelen: "-The seat was super uncomfortable (I paid for a bulkhead seat, I had a regular seat. I'm tall, I didn't fit in the seat) -The flight attendant was rude, not nice, she crashed with the cart like 3 times, and she did not even apologize for hitting me. -We had a 4 hours delay at Montreal because of the weather, the one of AA wasn't delayed. -The entertainment was movies from 10+ years. -You have to pay for everything, so when you buy a ticket for ex. 250$, you have to pay for the seat, even if is not a bulkhead seat, or the first suitcase."
Voordelen: "Great crew and helpers on the ground too! Loved the entertainment too! :)"
Voordelen: "Flight attendants were nice."
Nadelen: "In all my years of flying, I've never felt so cramped in a seat- almost to the point of claustrophobic"
Voordelen: "Great crew and on schedule."
Nadelen: "One of the better flights I have taken no complaints."
Nadelen: "An international flight, yet no food, and had to purchase beverages and ear buds."
Nadelen: "The lavatory sink was clogged. The audio to movies was inaudible, as though the picture was streaming and the audio was lost. The crew offered little assistance to a clearly frail elderly passenger who had a very difficult time rising from her seat and using the lavatory."
Voordelen: "food was fairly good. crew very nice."
Nadelen: "The selection of movies was poor. not enough current releases. would have liked to have an alcoholic drink for free. (one would be nice)"
Nadelen: "Flight delayed 2 1/2 hours, plane A/C not working. Waited for another plane. They tried to fix the first plane but they just delayed getting another plane."
Nadelen: "flight was booked as Lufthansa, but Lufthansa would not allow seat selection and air Canada would not recognize Lufthansa booking code, so we were stuck in middle seats for 8 hr & 5 hr flights on third section we in in very back of plane even though there were better seats available"
Voordelen: "The Crew was the best people ever"
Nadelen: "Not about the flight but about the Kayak service, I bought the ensurance but it didnt let me change my flight anyway"
Nadelen: "The flight was delayed by 2 hours. After boarding, it was another hour before the flight took off. I was seated next to a family with 2 cranky children. I chose this flight just because it was supposed to arrive in Miami at a decent time. Ended up sleep deprived at work the next day."
Voordelen: "At least it was fast.."
Nadelen: "No space, no tv, no food, no music, no blanket, no water, nothing. Pack everything you need or bring your credit card"
Voordelen: "The food was really good. I was kind of shocked but each meal or snack I had was delicious and I especially liked that I could pre order special food according to my diet. The staff was friendly and the entertainment was good."
Nadelen: "the music channels were lame. I was bummed we did not have wifi in the plane and so I couldn't listen to good music the whole flight"
Nadelen: "Flight got cancelled then accommodations were extremely unorganized."
Nadelen: "After boarding the flight, having to sit and wait long in the plane....flight delay before take off. no meal without having to pay for it offered only a small cup of juice/tea/coffee to sip on. Not even a light snack or a can of juice is too much to ask for, considering the cost and comfort cut backs to fly with Air Canada"
Voordelen: "Seat, pillow and blanket were clean. Flight arrived on time, luggage was intact and there were no issues boarding or de-boarding."
Nadelen: "Booked 4 months in advance - flew solo. Only window seat left was at the very back, near where the crew prepared everything. The entire flight was spent listening to them prepare meals, discuss their trip itinerary, shifts and how Air Canada treats them, as employees, so poorly. The crew were very short with most passengers and it seemed over staffed."
Voordelen: "quick enough flight"
Nadelen: "no in-flight entertainment, not power outlets, lack of leg room"
Nadelen: "Air Canada lost my luggage, customer service was very vague and unhelpful, did not get my bag back for almost a week."
Nadelen: "Flight was delayed more than 2 hours, seats very tight"
Voordelen: "I liked nothing, the flight was delayed 3 1/2 hours and was notified when I arrived 2 hrs before flight . The Airlines were not helpful at all. Then when I got to my seat on this late 3 1/2 hour delay my seat was broken and uncomfortable for the rest of the flight which was three hours."
Nadelen: "Did not enjoy the flight or your flight attendants They were rude and did not satisfy me as a customer at all Would not recommend Air Canada rouge to anyone and will avoid booking with Air Canada again"
Voordelen: "Not much. Pilots did a good job and stewards on flight were pleasant."
Nadelen: "The process of going through Customs in Canada stinks! We were herded like cattle in one line, all these people from many flights. Process long and tedious and then people with later flights being processed before others nearly caused us to miss our flight. After nearly 9 hours on previous flight! Not good and then not even a decent snack. I am thankful that the crew waited for us but I didn't know this until I tried to find my gate which had been changed and heard the final boarding call. Also my traveling friends and I were separated and they almost left without me. Awful situation!! Also crew on ground couldn't or wouldn't explain what was going on so kept in the dark until you actually got to next step. Would have been nice to explain what was going on!"
Nadelen: "The flight attendants weren't very kind. I needed some help to set my carry on luggage in the upper compartment and the male flight attendant just stranded there seeing me struggle."
Nadelen: "Ran out of salmon for meal"
Voordelen: "Friendly and professional staff"
Nadelen: "Entertainment system is crappy and looks like it's from the 1990's. It needs a serious overhaul. I reserved windows seats and showed up to check and had been placed in the middle."
Voordelen: "boarding was quick, organized."
Nadelen: "my in-seat personal tv was broken. If there hadn't been other empty seats, I would have had to sit with no IFE the whole flight."
Voordelen: "The crew was friendly and multi-lingual. The food was fine and beverages were frequently offered. I live in Michigan, but flights from Windsor (via Toronto) to Europe are much less expensive, so well worth the drive over the border."
Nadelen: "This airline only allows for one free checked bag when flying internationally. The checked bag size is stringent (but at least travelers are notified about that several times when booking and paying on line. The movie options are limited, but still enough variety to find something to watch."

DO NOT FLY WITH THIS AIRLINE! To start with, we were charged an extra $100 for our carry-on baggage apparently being overweight. This was not something we were told about prior to flying or we would have packed differently. During our layover in Portugal, we were delayed. Once they started to board, we got on the bus and drove out to the plane. Upon arriving at the plane, there were already two other busses there that had not even offloaded yet since they were apparently still servicing the plane. We had to stand in a crowded bus for about 45 minutes packed in like sardines. So much for social distancing and covid concerns! The plane itself was uncomfortable and the service terrible. I have flown across the Atlantic many many times on other airlines and have always received amazing service. This was not the case with TAP. Other than a small glass of water, we were only served drinks one time. There were no refills or additional service, which for a 9-hour flight is unheard of. I hated every minute of my time with TAP and will never fly with them again even if someone offered me a free ticket.

Voordelen: "Crew was great and very friendly, and helpful. Was in Business class so not much to complain about, although the headphones were not working properly."
Nadelen: "The boarding area in Lisbon is very congested and disorganized."
Voordelen: "All was well from checking in to baggage claim."
Nadelen: "A delay of about 20 mins"
Nadelen: "The boarding process was awful! The airport itself is difficult to maneuver in. No information provided regarding the flight. Airport security and police very very rude!"
Voordelen: "Great Crew nice plane"
Nadelen: "Uncomfortable seats, not enough space for carry on, due to luggage cost is way overpriced, as well as seats too expensive"
Voordelen: "The crew"
Nadelen: "Be on time and that they dont loose my bags! Wait for and extra 2 hours in the arrival airport because of the lost"
Nadelen: "We were just surprised by the charges for our checked bags. Thought we had it all covered, but no!"
Voordelen: "the crew was very helpful and friendly"
Nadelen: "The Lisbon airport could have more places with working electrical plugs or USB ports in order to charge devices while waiting for your flight."
Nadelen: "Plane was full thus carry on roller bags had to be checked- big security concern re theft"
Voordelen: "all staf in airport pleasant and quickly to across other place to connect"
Nadelen: "a lot of people they pass by preference, and late for star Alliance"
Voordelen: "There was a major problem with my booking and I went through almost 2 hours or stress thinking I would not be let on the flight. This has never happened with Kayak. But it was really bad. TAP insisted they could not book me on as Azores Airlines from Pinta Delgado to Toronto was not booked for me. I had to call bothe airlines. With no help from the desk. I finally got both to confirm and at the last minute was allowed on the flight. I chose this route to have a nice couple of days in Portugal and I will have. But the flight start was really upsetting."
Nadelen: "I like Kayak. But am very concerned about booking through in the future with this treatment."
Nadelen: "Switched planes both ways, changed my paid for seating. No notifications. Excess luggage charges. Would never recommend this airline."
Voordelen: "O"
Voordelen: "Frendly"
Nadelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "No cnn or fox news in English"
Voordelen: "The staff"
Nadelen: "Late takeoff. Late arrival. Had to run thru the terminal to catch the next leg. Lost luggage."
Voordelen: "We had comfort seats and I liked that because of the space you have, 2 simple meals and they served water in between the meals I will fly TAP again"
Nadelen: "Entertainment is okay, poor sound, and the quality of the screen was so so,"
Voordelen: "Nice and clean aircraft, snack on the way to Lisbon"
Nadelen: "Cramped seats (very),"
Voordelen: "Nothing"
Nadelen: "I paid for the upgrade to business class and is like wasting money, the seat on business class was not working good"
Nadelen: "Inbound flight - flight got canceled from Budapest - after calling the airline and waiting in the line the 2 first lady I was talking to put me on hold and never got back to me, the 3rd lady had no idea why the flight got canceled except it was for emergency. She said next flight would be 2 days later - after calling the insurance I booked for the flight, they didn't want to reimburse for the interruption because the airline could not explain why it got canceled and i should prove that the flight was canceled - after being 6h on the phone with airline and insurance and waiting line had to hang of without solution. I had to purchase a new ticket from another airline to be able to fly on the same day back to Miami. - after arriving at the airport next morning for the other flight it turns out that Tap Portugal booked me to British Airways but they have not send me a notification email about it, so if I do not ask at the counter for Tap Portugal for the paperwork for the insurance I would never find out that i got a new flight and i would have miss it and the insurance would have never pay for it. With the new ticket i had to purchase, my travel with Tap Portugal cost me on the end around $3000, and I do not have that much money for a ticket at all, now I have a financial trouble. Thanks, never again."
Voordelen: "Food was good."
Nadelen: "Flight was delayed"
Voordelen: "Modern airplane"
Nadelen: "1h late. Non reclining seats."
Nadelen: "The worst airline"
Voordelen: "Very good staff"
Nadelen: "They ran out of my food choice after the 2nd row of business business class. Their video is 20 years out of date, and for business class a disgrace"
Voordelen: "The actual flying of the plane, take off and landing was really smooth! Well done to the flight crew! We were pleasantly surprised to be served 2 full tasty meals on our long flights as well."
Nadelen: "Tv/movie options were not as good compared to our previous flight to Lisbon. We used the economy option which required us to pay for a seat upgrade in order to be able to hear each other. I will use this airline again if I have to but it isn’t my first choice."
Voordelen: "Food"
Nadelen: "Uncomfortable seats, too stiff."
Voordelen: "Very smooth"
Voordelen: "Great friendly service. Very clean and organized crew. Nice plane, great flight crew. Comfortable seats. Free ear pieces and drinks for international flights"
Voordelen: "The flight was direct to Lisbon"
Nadelen: "TAP a total disappointment. The biggest surprise of which you guys at Kayak are somewhat responsible is the ridiculous fees of $90 dollar per bag checked in. Obviously the face value of the ticket is cheaper but in practice I had to pay 360 dollars to check in my bags going and coming."
Voordelen: "Food"
Nadelen: "Late flight connection"
Nadelen: "Flight was delighted and service staff was slow"
Nadelen: "When I booked the ticker online I was informed that I can take up to 23kg luggage, but when I checked in, I had to pay over $120 per person for luggage...I was very disappointed with th ideas treatment"
Voordelen: "Best flight I have ever taken. Hands down"
Nadelen: "1. Food. I think that sandwich and juice are not enough for 3 hours flight that costs 130 euros. 2. Departure time. The flight was delayed for more than 1 hours. When we arrived at Schiphol it was night already and trains to towns around were super rare. So we came in home at 3 a.m. instead of the planned 1 a.m."
Voordelen: "The fact that children were served first."
Nadelen: "N/A"
Voordelen: "Nothing so far since I'm not in Miami yet but in.. Newark."
Nadelen: "Delay, horrible reschedule, missed flight due to a lack of time between departure and arrival, no communication, poor solutions, I had to pay for a hotel and food on my own. Goodbye TAP."
Voordelen: "Crew waa super attentive & friendly"
Nadelen: "Entertainment was lacking Movies were on only certain times You were not able to pause or stop Audio was bad"
Voordelen: "No delays"
Nadelen: "The sit are very uncomfortable, no leg room. The audio was not working, no entertainment. The flight attendant gave us a card to call customer service, to provide for improvement on these flight."
Voordelen: "The staff and no delays. Checking in , great customer services and she was vey efficient."
Nadelen: "The uncomfortable seats ."
Nadelen: "Passenger attention not he best"
Voordelen: "They fed us and provided good entertainment. Seats have plenty of room and are comfortable."
Voordelen: "The seats were pretty comfortable and the crew was excellent."
Nadelen: "There was no entertainment and the food wasn't good."
Nadelen: "The flight was 45 min late and nobody seemed to bother about it"
Voordelen: "Smooth landing"
Nadelen: "A few bumpy moments in the air!"
Voordelen: "TAP and the personnel from TAP were fantastic."
Nadelen: "The Dutch/KLM gate agents were horrible. I was treated rudely and unprofessionally."
Voordelen: "Exceptional service and professionalism of crew. Food was delicious...Aircraft was clean. Left on time...landed half hour early. It was a perfect flight."
Nadelen: "My husbands snoring. LOL."
Voordelen: "Quick boarding. Crew is great."
Nadelen: "Schiphol delays everyone's life."
Voordelen: "Both meals very nice. Crew members pleasant"
Nadelen: "Food served a bit late"
Voordelen: "Great crew and seat"
Nadelen: "Could have offered more included meals and drinks"
Nadelen: "DELAY"
Voordelen: "Ok"
Nadelen: "Is ok"
Nadelen: "The seats was no to comfortable for the price . They charge for the luggage and any company for traveling internationally does for almost one luggage"
Nadelen: "The boarding gate was very far, and I had to walk all the way."
Voordelen: "."
Nadelen: "."
Nadelen: "There were no healthy options available to eat on this flight."
Nadelen: "The charge for baggage but when i bought the ticket i received that the baggage was included"
Nadelen: "didn't like the food at all!"
Nadelen: "Kayak listing did not specify that luggage was not included in quoted price and had to pay $150 for each piece of luggage per leg."
Voordelen: "Nice Flight, and Service"
Nadelen: "Food can be better and the AC was not so cold."
Voordelen: "The plane was very empty so i was able to spread"
Nadelen: "Food was bad for a 9 hr Flight"
Nadelen: "The airline is not honest at booking saying how much the luggage costs. It is insane what they charge and they do not disclose the exact amount. Food is mediocre for a 9 hrs flight. Will not consider flying with them again and will comment to friends."
Voordelen: "Entertainment was great. Paying for internet is annoying, but there were so many free movies and tv shows that I didn't miss it."
Nadelen: "It was seriously hot on this flight. I am very cold most of the time and I was sweating during parts of the flight. My husband is always warm and he was miserable all flight. Had to press the call button three times to get a glass of water when I was feeling ill. Bathrooms ran out of toilet paper and took awhile to get more. Couldn't sleep because of the temperature. Flight felt like it took double the time because it was so hot. Took forever to board and left way late, arrived late. Our flight over to Madrid was great, but this flight back was awful."
Voordelen: "The fly attendant was very nice and helped"
Nadelen: "The worst experience ever, they charge $190 extras"
Nadelen: "My fare did not include a checked bag. I find it hard to believe that anyone would take an intercontinental flight without checking a bag. The fee to check a bag at the airport is $150. This sounds like something a shady company would pull off. Was very disappointed, not what I expected from Air Europa"
Voordelen: "clean plane food and drinks comfortable seats"
Nadelen: "warm and you can't adjust personal vents the internet and on flight entertainment kept going offline. the monitors were reset 3 times and nothing got better."
Voordelen: "Very helpful crew. Courtious"
Nadelen: "Food could be better in flight."
Voordelen: "Check in at airport staff Alba was very nice and helpful. Airplane crew was friendly but some of the air hostesses push their way through the pushing customers"
Nadelen: "Needed my family to be together at flight. Customer service was useless and did not help to resolve the problem. It was only resolve at last minute at the airport check in. Jose the supervisor at sift 10!am was like a robot about the allocation sitting. Did not understand personal circumstances to have a family flying together on a 9 house flight. Customer service is generally useless and a very unpleasant experience, the new seat charges and the inflexibility is making me wonder if I will choose air Europa again for my flights from the US. Flight was also delay due to some lugage delays. Pretty messy experience overall."
Voordelen: "Muy buen servicio"
Nadelen: "I missed my connection because of the insane delay on the first flight."
Voordelen: "The 787 was the only good thing."
Nadelen: "Everything else sucked."
Voordelen: "Vuelo de la excelencia"
Voordelen: "Imagine that I lost my flight and I had to rebook another flight that departed from Milan - Copenhagen and from Copenhagen - Miami... I paid $1,200 to get this flight... plus I lost my flight that they didn't want me to board in... plus imagine, the €150 for my luggage that they dropped it for me by the baggage claim in Malpensa airport, after I was rejected to board the aircraft... Believe me that I am not much concern about the loss of money that happened to me in this situation, as I am more concern about IS BEING AN ARABIC MUSLIM PERSON, was the reason to lose my flight??? Really guys??? Why really??? I am not a terrorist... I love everyone and I expect people to respect me for who I am, not for where I am coming keep repeating same word (  Arabo Arabo ) ???..... I just need fair judgemental... I've been flying with Air Europa many times and love the company but now I will remain in shock the rest of my life with this experience, to be discriminated in that level from different representatives of this company in Malpensa, Milan... I felt that I need to speak and seek fair judgemental... may I really get an answer?? My name is Abdelrahman Morsy Flight# UX 1066 Confirmation# 073-807-352 Departure: Malpensa (MXP) Arrival: Barajas (MAD) Time: Thu Oct 26 2017 10:45 am CEST - Thu Oct 26 2017 1:05 pm CEST I will remain waiting for fair answer.... and if I am bad person as the lady called me, I will walk away with respect... Thank you.. Abdelrahman Morsy. An Arabic, Egyptian and Muslim HUMAN who loves everyone.. and will never hate anyone.. No To Racism...."
Voordelen: "Luggage space, seats, food,mast orderly boarding."
Nadelen: "Wifi awful. Requested refund. Crew never answered calls. One particularly rude, spilled water on my wife and just moved on."
Nadelen: "bagageafhandelijk verschrijkkelijk. Koffers kwijt en volgens de balie gebeurt dat om de haverklap in mallorca"
Voordelen: "None"
Voordelen: "The plains are very wide inside. Don't make you fell so close in. Need more variety of movies and games. But it was acceptable . The food was good."
Nadelen: "Ran out of toilet paper"
Voordelen: "Friendly staff. Good proportion of quality-price for the airfare. Pleasant ride on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner, with features like the electronic dimmers on the windows."
Nadelen: "One hour into flight, the entertainment system shut down. The flight attendants tried their best to revive it, and managed to do so after 3 or 4 hours. All passengers applauded."
Nadelen: "More than 4 hours delay and nobody was able to tell us anything, nobody was updated in the gate, terrible information and service, Internet service was terrible, the only quick procedure was to charge my credit card, after this terrible reception"
Voordelen: "The plane was a newer 787 Dreamliner. The interior was clean, the flight crew friendly and professional. The meals were a notch above average for airplane food. That means a lot when it is a nine and one half hour flight. A free glass of wine served with the meal was a nice bonus. Boarding and disembarking was as it is with all airlines, but the staff were very helpful. Each seat had it's own entertainment screen with games, music, movies and TV shows in many languages."
Nadelen: "I have no complaints. I would definitely fly Air Europa again if it is the 787, and a long flight."
Nadelen: "Excellent plane. Good food."
Voordelen: "I like in general"
Nadelen: "For the next time I need more space for my chair, because my legs suffer for this."
Nadelen: "All atención on board was pretty nice !"
Voordelen: "Modern airoplane"
Voordelen: "New clean TV"
Nadelen: "Entertainment good on my short flight I was wathing a show and an advertisement about EA came on and lasted way too long and I could not move back to my show at wull."
Voordelen: "Modern airplane and service."
Nadelen: "Fee for Wifi and TV show options somewhat limited."
Voordelen: "Brand new plane"
Nadelen: "Food can be better"
Nadelen: "Bad food"
Voordelen: "It is always a pleasure to flight in Air Europe. How can I get discounts on Air Europe, I am travelling many times a year to Spain or Rumania. I also like to know if you have facilities to bring my baby dog (7 months) from Rumania. thank you Delia"
Voordelen: "Plane was comfortable and brand new . Crew was very helpful"
Voordelen: "The movies and some of the crew members werenice"
Voordelen: "I was not able to connect because of what happened earlier. I did get on Virgin Atlantic and got fantastic service there. Virgin Atlantic is great!"
Voordelen: "New airplane 787 Dreamliner was great!"
Voordelen: "The price of the flight."
Nadelen: "The flight crew did not offer enough water:"
Voordelen: "The option to listen to music/watch movies/play games/charge your electronic devices (via USB cord). Don't forget your headphones!!! It'll cost you 3 Euros on-board."
Nadelen: "On this trip, I had to travel on four Air Europa planes; none of which were ever on time. Delays! Delays!! And more Delays!!! Be sure to apply for vegetarian options if you don't eat meat/pork 24 hours in advanced. You'll be left without even a snack to purchase and starving. -An exhausted and hungry passenger"
Voordelen: "I arrived."
Nadelen: "The flight was 1 1/2 hours late. Large person in the seat in front of me and when she reclined I couldn't cross my legs. And I am only 5'2", I can't imagine a tall person coping. Not very clean aircraft (fork and wrappers from earlier flight lay at my feet). Cheap fair, but you get what you pay for. We did not receive the upgraded seats on any flight we booked. Poor customer service."
Voordelen: "Plane was new and everything worked. TVs were nice and the automatic adjustable window tint was a nice touch. Food was pretty good and movie selection was also nice."
Nadelen: "Cannot control the temperature as they have no adjustable air vents above you - so it got pretty hot during one portion of our flight. Also our flight took off over an hour late and the communication as to what was happening was not the best."

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Amsterdam - Miami


Amsterdam (AMS)Nederland


Miami (MIA)De Verenigde Staten

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Miami - Amsterdam

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